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These Potion Permit guides will tell you what you need to know about this potion-crafting game, including how to make Potions, the best way to earn money, how to increase Friendship, and more!

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Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Train Station

Potion Permit Starter Guide

Potion Permit puts you firmly in the shoes of a Chemist, an alchemist who can mix plants, minerals, and bits of deadly creatures in a Cauldron to make wondrous Potions and various other curatives. You've only just arrived in a new town with your colleagues, and everyone is strangely suspicious of you -- let's dive in!

Meeting the People of Moonbury

Your adventure begins on a train to Moonbury. You get a nice enough welcome from the town's mayor and his wife, but everyone else seems somewhat less trusting of you. The reason for your visit will soon become clear, but first, you'll have to learn the ropes.

After the initial meeting in the bar, you'll head home and get some sleep. When you wake up in your disaster of a home, you'll encounter a box with some decorations for your room. You can leave these aside for now -- head towards the door and you'll find that you have a visitor -- the mayor and his assistant Xiao have come to see you.

Stepping Out

Following this quick conversation, you're sent outside of town to Meadow Range, the first area you can explore in the game. It is here you'll meet Forrest, one of the rangers who patrol the wilderness.

You may be tempted to explore the town. It's not a bad idea to activate the other two Fast Travel points west of your home, but don't waste too much time talking to anyone -- the people of Moonbury do not trust you, and you'll gradually learn that their low opinion of Chemists is justified.

Over at Meadow Range, Forrest tasks you with gathering the following materials:

  • 3 Basil
  • 3 Jasmine
  • 3 Daisy

Before you head into Meadow Range, activate the Fast Travel point that looks like a banner at the entrance of the Meadow Range.

Using Your Tools

You have a total of three Tools throughout the game: a Sickle, a Hammer, and an Axe. Here's what your Tools are used for:

  • Sickle - Cutting plants
  • Axe - Chopping down Trees
  • Hammer - Smashing rocks

These tools aren't just for gathering Materials -- they're also your only weapons for fighting the various Monsters than inhabit the wilderness. The Sickle is fast but does low damage, the Axe is moderately fast and does medium damage, and the Hammer is slow but does heavy damage. I personally prefer to use the Sickle most of the time for combat.

Gathering Materials

Meadow Range is filled with quite a few interesting creatures and plants. Your task is quite simple, but it also teaches you several important lessons.

First and foremost, there are only so many Materials and Monsters available each day. For example, there are 4 Daisies, 3 Lemon Balm, 4 Basil, and 4 Jasmine available in the starting area of Meadow Range. Once you've harvested those, you won't be able to get any more until tomorrow.

I cannot emphasize this enough -- it is a very, very good idea to always keep some Materials on hand at all times. To demonstrate why, I'm going to show you a late-game screenshot of the Clinic:

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Multiple Patients Late Game

Typically, you'll only have one patient every few days and you'll have to craft 1-4 Potions. Later in the game, however, you can have multiple patients in one day, each of whom will require 1-4 Potions. The first time this happens, you have a full house with six sick townspeople -- that's 6-24 Potions that you'll need to be able to craft in one day.

You can make up for any shortfalls by immediately heading out to the wilderness or buying supplies from the Ranger Station, but this is horribly inefficient. It is therefore good practice to maintain a stockpile of ingredients at all times; I recommend holding on to at least 10 of every Material at all times in case situations like this arise in the future.

For now, you should grab up every Material (and all of the Mushrooms) in the first bit of Meadow Range. You can also fight some Monsters, but take care not to die. If your health gets too low, you should retreat!

You should chop down some trees and kill some Green Blobs, too -- they'll provide you with additional ingredients that will make a future task much easier.

Here's what you should collect in total:

  • 3 Basil
  • 4 Jasmine
  • 4 Daisy
  • 3 Lemon Balm
  • 2 Bitter Sap (from chopping down small Trees)
  • 2 Sticky Jelly (from killing Green Blobs)

If you run low on Energy, you can eat Mushrooms for a small boost. You also have 3 Apple Juices that you can drink to restore a larger chunk of Energy. Don't worry about wasting these items -- focus on gaining the items in the above list.

Returning to Forrest and Meeting Xiao

Now that you have all of the Materials, Forrest will tell you to go to Town Hall and meet Xiao. If you were quick enough, you can do this in the same day. If you dawdled about in Meadow Range, you'll have to sleep and visit Town Hall the following day.

Xiao will introduce you to Runeheart, one of the two blacksmiths living in Moonbury. Runeheart has been hired to repair your Cauldron -- it's finally time to put your Potion-brewing skills to work.

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Xiao First Potions Neutralizing Herbal Balm and Wound Cleanser


Making Your First Potions

Xiao asks you to make two simple concoctions -- Neutralizing Herbal Balm and Wound Cleanser. You can see the most efficient recipes with the Materials you have available in the above image.

Potions are crafted by assembling tetrominoes in a unique shape. Each Material has its own shape and is classed in one of the four traditional elements -- Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Some potions can not be crafted with certain Elements -- yet another reason to always ensure that you have a wide variety of ingredients available at all times.

Furthermore, your Cauldron can only fit so many Materials in it. It is a good idea to use as few Materials as possible when making a potion.

Craft the two Potions in your Cauldron. By now, it's likely after 15:00, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to meet Xiao. Use any remaining Energy by going to Meadow Range and fighting monsters or busting up Rocks and Trees, then go to sleep. (You can go to sleep at any time, thankfully!)

More Gathering and Returning to Xiao

You'll wake up at the usual 06:00 the following day unless you've been knocked out or you stayed up too late. If you wake up late at 12:00 due to either of those reasons, immediately go to Town Hall and see Xiao. Otherwise, head outside and Fast Travel to Meadow Range.

We're going to gather Materials as usual. This time, we want to specifically focus on getting three items in total:

  • 2 Sticky Jelly (from Green Blobs)
  • 1 Bear's Claw (from Honeypaw)

We'll need these for the next quest.

Once it gets close to 08:00, head over to Town Hall and give Xiao the two Potions you crafted yesterday. Then, return to Meadow Range and collect more Materials. Go to sleep when you're out of Energy.

Diagnosing and Curing Your First Patient

The following morning, you're met outside by Myer. His daughter Rue has been brought back to Moonbury and it's up to you to cure her.

First, you'll have to Diagnose Rue. Diagnosis is a two-part process -- first, you'll have to find the problem by moving your magnifying glass over the affected area. Once identified, you'll have to complete a minigame. Simply put, getting the green bar past the yellow line will get you a successful Diagnosis and you'll be able to determine a course of treatment.

In this case, you'll determine that you'll need to make Moonbrine:

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Crafting Moonbrine for Rue

This can be made with just 3 Materials: the exact items I told you to get the day before. Moonbrine is a "Quest Potion" -- it's not part of your normal repertoire for day-to-day healing. You will only ever make this once. You'll craft dozens of Quest Potions as you play through the game; generally speaking, you can expect them to be more challenging than anything you've brewed before.

Take the Moonbrine over to the Clinic and administer it to Rue. She'll be cured thanks to your skills. You'll go through another cutscene and then you'll be let loose upon the world to explore once more. Gather some more Materials in Meadow Range. Go to sleep once you've run out of Energy.

The Medical Association Returns

The next day, you'll find Xiao waiting for you outside of your home. He says that your colleagues from the Medical Association have returned and you've been summoned to the Town Hall.

At the Town Hall, the mayor will request that you stay in the town. You're then tasked with introducing yourself to 10 people.

A Somewhat Warmer Welcome

Once you're set loose again, speak to Myer. Then head downstairs and talk to Xiao. Exit Town Hall and head to the right -- you should be able to catch Yorn and Helene coming out of the Lazy Bowl Tavern. Then, head straight north before 08:00 and go to the Town Square to meet Kipps the cat.

After that, continuing heading north to the Farmhouse. At 8:00, everyone wakes up there -- you can get another four people (Garret, Mercy, Lucke, and Laura) if you're quick enough. Head west to the Church and you should be able to catch Sophellia, making 10 in total.

Head back to Town Hall as the quest requires and go upstairs to speak with Myer again.  He'll also reveal that Chemists have done some bad things in the past to the area, so you'll have a difficult time earning people's trust. He'll also give you the Approval Badge, a token that shows you've been accepted in the town. This also gives you the ability to open up the next area of the Map in Meadow Range.

Return to Meadow Range, gather Materials until your Energy is depleted, and go to sleep.

The Clinic, Restored

The next day, you'll find Myer and Reyner outside of your home. Reyner the Carpenter has repaired your Clinic.

Going forward, any patients who arrive at your Clinic will set off the siren and light. You also have a light on your UI at the top-right of the screen. If the light is clashing, you have an untreated patient in the Clinic.

You should always prioritize treating patients. If you fail, your Trust level will go down and you'll have to win back that Trust in the future. It's best to not let that happen and it's not terribly difficult to avoid as long as you're proactive about treating patients.

Gather Materials in the Meadow until your Energy runs out and go to sleep as usual.

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Making Do With Materials
You might have to make unusual combinations to complete a Potion if you don't have enough of the correct shapes.

Your First Real Patient

The next morning, the alarm will sound -- you have your first real patient!

As before, Diagnose your patient and brew the necessary Potions. If you've been slacking on gathering Materials, this is a solid wake-up call to try to gather some every day!

This time, you'll get some money and a new item - Moon Cloves. Moon Cloves can give you a massive boost to Friendship. Use them wisely -- you only get them by healing patients or by completing certain quests.

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - Starter Guide - Perilous Purple Pollution Pit

A Long Road Ahead

By now, you've got the basics down. There's a big world to explore out there in Moonbury and the surrounding wilderness, so get to it!

That's the end of our Starter Guide -- make sure to check out our other Potion Permit guides to learn more about the game!

Potion Permit Guides - Guide Hub - FAQ Completed Research

Potion Permit F.A.Q.

What is Potion Permit?

Potion Permit is a single-player action-adventure game where you explore the wilderness, gathering ingredients to make Potions for healing people.

Is Potion Permit Multiplayer?

No, Potion Permit is not multiplayer.

Is There Romance in Potion Permit?

Yes, there is romance in Potion Permit. There are a total of six romance options at launch.

How Do You Save the Game in Potion Permit?

You can save your game in Potion Permit by sleeping in your bed.

Where is the Potion Permit Save File?

The Potion Permit Save File is located in the Appdata LocalLow folder under "MasshiveMedia".

What Happens When You Run Out of Energy in Potion Permit?

If you run out of Energy in Potion Permit, you won't be able to swing your Tools. This means you won't be able to harvest Materials or attack Monsters.

How Do You Restore Energy in Potion Permit?

You can restore Energy in Potion Permit by eating Food, taking a bath at Willow Waters Bathhouse, or ending the day and sleeping.

What Happens if You Stay Up Too Late in Potion Permit?

If you stay up until 02:00 in Potion Permit, you'll immediately pass out and wake up at 12:00 the following day (instead of 6:00).

What Happens if You Die in Potion Permit?

Dying in Potion Permit causes you to pass out and wake up the following day at 12:00.


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