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Our Potion Permit Diagnosis Guide will tell you how the Diagnosis minigames work and what you need to do to beat them (and ultimately cure your patients).

How Potion Permit Diagnosis Works

Potion Permit Diagnosis involves playing a short minigame in order to figure out what's wrong with one of the patients in your Clinic. You'll occasionally have to do a Diagnosis for a quest, too.

Once a Diagnosis is completed, you'll be prompted to brew a specific Potion in order to treat the ailment in question. Treat all of the patient's ailments and they'll be cured! The patient will spend the rest of the day resting in the Clinic and they'll return to their normal schedule the following day.

Potion Permit Diagnosis Guide - Rue Sick in Bed

How to Play the Potion Permit Diagnosis Minigames

There are a total of three Potion Permit Diagnosis minigames: Rhythm, Memory, and Dodge. You'll get introduced to these minigames over the course of your story experience, starting with playing the Rhythm minigame to Diagnose your very first patient Rue.


Potion Permit Diagnosis Guide - Diagnosis Rhythm

  • Press the correct direction when it passes through the circle.

The Rhythm Diagnosis minigame requires you to correctly input several sets of arrows as they pass through a circle on the right side of the screen. Each set can range from 3-5 arrows depending on the complexity of the disease.

Get the green bar above the yellow line and you'll successfully Diagnose the patient. Missing an input or pressing the wrong button will reduce the green bar.


Potion Permit Diagnosis Guide - Diagnosis Memory

  • Press the correct sequence of directions.

The Memory Diagnosis minigame tasks you with remembering a short series of inputs and replicating them exactly. You'll have a total of 3-5 inputs to remember per sequence.

As with the Rhythm minigame, you have to fill up the green bar. This time, however, you can only mess up two times. Miss the sequence three times in one Diagnosis and you'll fail, forcing you to start over.


Potion Permit Diagnosis Guide - Diagnosis Dodge

  • Dodge the obstacles on the moving track.

The DodgeDiagnosis minigame is basically baby's first SHMUP. A series of obstacles will move from left to right on a three-lane track. You have to move the green cursor up or down to avoid them. More complex diseases will have denser obstacle fields.

As with the others, you'll successfully Diagnose the patient if you fill up the green bar.

We've reached the end of our Potion Permit Diagnosis Guide, but that's far from the end of our knowledge about this game -- you can learn more about it in our other guides below!

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