Palia Map and Locations Guide

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Palia Map and Locations Guide - Cover Image Map of Kilika Village and Surrounding Area at an Angle

In this Palia Map and Locations Guide, we'll show you the Maps for Kilima and Bahari Bay and highlight notable locations that you'll want to visit.

Palia is not just about hanging around your Housing Plot and working on your House -- sometimes, you'll want to get out in the world for a bit of Hunting or Fishing. In this guide, we'll highlight the notable locations you can visit on the map -- read on to see what's out there!

Palia Map | Kilima

Palia Map and Locations Guide - Kilima Map with House and Store Locations TechRaptor Watermark v2

Kilima is the very first region you'll be visiting in Palia -- in fact, you start here when you emerge from the Phoenix Statue! Most of the NPCs live here, and there are plenty of shops to check out and other fun things to explore. There are also a fair number of Chests to find, too!

Kilima Locations

Here are all of the notable locations within the Kilima region in Palia.


The Apothecary is where Chayne hangs out during the day. It currently has no gameplay function.

Bahari Bay

This path leads to Bahari Bay, the second zone in Palia.


The Blacksmith is where you can repair your Tools in exchange for Gold and purchase Ingots if you don't want to go Mining. Sifuu works here.

Chayne's House

This is where Chayne sleeps at night.

City Hall

City Hall is where Kenli and Kenyatta work during the day. It's also where you can purchase new Building pieces, Housing Plot expansions, and Crafting Licenses.

Crop Store

This is where you can buy Crops instead of getting them through Gardening. Certain Crops (such as Blueberries and Apples) are unavailable for purchase, though.

Dragon Shrine

This is where you can permanently increase your maximum Focus for 100 Renown. The amount you increase gets lower with each subsequent upgrade.

Einar's Cave

This is where Einar sleeps at night.

Elouisa's House

This is where Elouisa sleeps at night.

Family Farm

This is where Auni, Bardruu, Delaila, and Nai'o live and sleep at night.

Fisherman's Lagoon

This is where Einar spends the vast majority of his time Fishing. You can also find the Palian Onion Soup Cooking Recipe near here.

Furniture Store

This is where you can purchase Furniture, Furniture Modification Kits, and Resources such as Fabric and Leather. Tish works here during the day.

General Store

This is where you can purchase Seeds for Gardening and various Foraging items such as Sundrop Lilies and Spice Sprouts  Zeki works here during the day.

Hekla's Tent

This is where Hekla sleeps at night.

Housing Plot

This path leads to your own personal plot of land where you can Build a House and plant a Garden. You will also do all of your Crafting there.

Library Ruins

This location opens up when you unlock Jina's Level 3 Friendship Quest.

Mayor's Estate

This is where Kenli, Eshe, and Kenyatta sleep at night.

Night Sky Temple

This is where you will fulfill the various Bundles. You won't get access to this place until you've completed the Echoes of the Unknown quest.

Phoenix Falls

This is where you begin the game. It also leads to the Phoenix Shrine and other areas related to Jina's Quests.

Phoenix Shrine

This is where you can exchange 100 Renown for a permanent boost to your Focus bonus.

Remembrance Garden

This is Kilima Town's graveyard.

Sifuu's House

This is where Sifuu sleeps at night.


This is where you can access the premium cosmetics store in-game. Unfortunately, there are no non-premium cosmetics available, although you can access a Wardrobe to easily change your clothes.

Jin works here during the day and sleeps in his room upstairs at night.


The Tavern is where you can purchase Food. Reth works here during the day, and Ashara works here during the evening.

Reth lives in his storeroom in the basement, and Ashara has a room on the top floor.

The Sewers (Black Market)

The Sewers is a Black Market run by Zeki where you can purchase rare goods. You can access it at any time from the southern coast.

Tish's House

This is where Tish sleeps at night.

Zeki's House

This is where Zeki sleeps at night.

Palia Map | Bahari Bay

Palia Map and Locations Guide - Bahari Bay Map with House Locations TechRaptor Watermark v2

Bahari Bay is the second region of Palia. You can visit it at any time by heading through the eastern gate in Kilima. It's only home to a handful of Villagers; the really interesting stuff is the rare Mining Ores and the legendary Hunting game you can find such as the Azure Sernuk and Azure Chapaa.

Bahari Bay Locations

Here are all of the notable locations in Bahari Bay.

Hassian's Grove

This is where Hassian sleeps at night. He travels back and forth from here to Kilima Town, which is why he is difficult to find sometimes.

Hodari & Najuma's House

This is where Hodari and Najuma live. Najuma stays near here all day, but Hodari often walks to Kilima Town.


This is the path back to Kilima.

The Old Lighthouse

The Old Lighthouse is a mysterious structure with a climbing puzzle -- and some interesting loot.

Sunken City

There's not much of interest in Sunken City at this time as far as we can tell.

Tamala's House

This is where Tamala sleeps at night. Otherwise, she wanders throughout the woods south of her home.

Temple of the Flames

The Temple of the Flames is the second area where you'll unlock a Bundle Vault and the object of the quest "Plumehound Pilgrimage."

Windy Ruins

There's not much of interest in Windy Ruins as far as we can tell.

We're at the end of our Palia Map and Locations Guide, but there's plenty more to explore -- check out our other guides below!


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