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Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 14 Quest Guide

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After making it to Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy VII Remake players are given a message that there are Quests to be completed and that "You can't do these after entering a certain location." It's here players who are trying to complete every quest will be ready to dive once more into complete all of the chapter quests. Unlike previous chapters, the quests aren't available to view on your map or in your quest screen. For these nine missions you need to seek out how to start the mission, or you can just use our handy Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 14 Mission Guide.

The 9 quests in Chapter 14 are all required if you're trying to complete the Best In The Business Trophy for completing all quests in Final Fantasy VII Remake


While there are 9 different quests and unlike previous quests these can overlap. You can plan your route accordingly so that you get through all of these missions in the most efficient manner. In order to do that you'd complete them in the following steps. We are using Mission 23 as the basic structure of the quest because it is the longest and takes you to the most locations.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 14 Quest Guide - Best Order

  1. Begin in Sector 5 and complete the following quests
    • Quest 16: Missing Children - Start this quest
    • Quest 17: Chocobo Search - Start this quest
    • Quest 21: Secret Medicine - Start this quest and purchase the Moogle's Mortar from the Moogle Shop
    • Quest 23: Corneo's Secret Stash - Start this quest
  2. Start Heading Towards the Angel of the Slums hideout for Mission 23, along the way complete the following:
    • Quest 16: Missing Children - Head to the graveyard to complete this mission
    • Quest 17: Chocobo Search - Save Chocobo next to the one way door
  3. Head to the Sector 5 Church to meet Kyrie, along the way complete the following
    • Quest 17: Chocobo Search - Save Chocobo on the path to Church
    • Quest 21: Secret Medicine - Collect the medicinal herbs at the Church
    • Quest 22: Tomboy Bandit - Start this quest
  4. Travel by Chocobo to Wall Market to compete in the tournament fight for Kyrie, while in Wall Market complete the following
    • Quest 18: Malicious Goons - Start this quest
    • Quest 19: Wavering Heart - Start and Complete this quest
    • Quest 20: The Power of Music - Start and Complete this quest
  5. Travel by Chocobo back to the Church to inform Kyrie of your victory
  6. As you head south towards the Abandoned Tunnel complete the following
    • Quest 22: Tomboy Bandit - Complete this quest
    • Quest 23: Corneo's Secret Stash - Next to where you saved the first Chocobo is a special gate that you can now open for the first Corneo Stash
    • Quest 18: Malicious Goons - Complete this quest
  7. At the Abandoned Tunnel complete the following
    • Quest 23: Corneo's Secret Stash - When entering from the Sector 5 Slums turn left immediately for the second Corneo Stash
    • Quest 17: Chocobo Search - Find the final Chocobo as you continue through this path
  8. Travel to Evergreen Park either by Chocobo or through the Tunnel
    • Quest 24: Subterranean Menace - Start the quest
    • Continue with Chapter 14 to enter the sewer underneath Corneo's Mansion (If you have already completed this part of the chapter then return to the sewer)
      • Quest 23: Corneo's Secret Stash - Locate final stash
    • Return to Marle at Evergreen Park
      • Quest 23: Corneo's Secret Stash - Complete the Quest
    • Travel into the Underground Lab via Evergreen Park and defeat the Type-0 Behemoth
      • Quest 21: Secret Medicine - Defeating Type-0 Behemoth gives you final component
      • Quest 24: Subterranean Menace - Complete this quest



    Final Fantasy VII Chapter 14 Quest Guide - Every Chapter 14 Quest

    Here is the individual guides for each of the missions in Chapter 14, where you see a number marked is where each step correlates with the above efficiency guide.

    Quest 16: Missing Children
    Starting Location: Sector 5 Slums, outside the Children's Hideout Entrance

    (1) Standing outside the Children's Secret Hideout is the Leaf House teacher. She informs you that the children have gone missing again and asks that you find them.


    (2) Head towards the graveyard, you visited here for an earlier mission, once close you'll see an ethereal mist. Enter the graveyard and fight the enemies encountered within, all children will reappear.

    Return to the teacher to complete this quest.


    Quest 17: Chocobo Search
    Starting Location: Sector 5 Slums, leaving the North Gate

    (1) You can start this quest be leaving through the North Gate of Sector 5 slums, a Chocobo driver will stop you and explain that some of his Chocobo got spooked and they just need some food to return home.


    FFVII Remake Chocobo 1 and 3 Locations
    You can find Chocobo #1 in the circle on the left, and Chocobo #3 on the location on the right. Chocobo #2 is impossible to miss when heading to the Church

    Chocobo #1 - (2) Head to where you had to open the gate from the other side when first traveling from the Church down to Sector 5 Slums. As you head north through this alternate path you'll see the Chocobo nesting in cover. Approach it a Monster Variant will appear, after defeating the monster feed the Chocobo and it will return home.

    Chocobo #2 - (3) Heading towards the Church on the main road you'll see it nesting in your path. Feed the Chocobo and it will return home.

    Chocobo #3 - (7) Halfway through the Abandoned Tunnel you'll find the Chocobo nesting. As you approach it a Monster Variant will appear, after defeating the monster feed the Chocobo and it will return home.

    Speak with Chocobo Sam to complete this quest.



    Quest 18: Malicious Goons
    Starting Location: Wall Market, outside Madame M.'s Massage Parlor

    (4) Speak with Madame M. outside her massage parlor. She'll inform you that Corneo's goons were looking for a man matching Barret's description and that they were heading to a flowery place to find him.

    (6) Head to the arena on the way towards Aerith's house, where you first fought Rude, and you'll fight a Tonberry there. Upon his defeat this quest will complete.


    Quest 19: Wavering Heart
    Starting Location: Wall Market, outside Honeybee Club

    (4) Speak with the bouncer outside the Honeybee Club and he'll inform you Andrea is at the gym working off some frustration. Head to the gym, where you previously compete in squatting competition, and you'll have a Pull-Up contest against him. Win the beginner difficulty and this quest will be completed.


    Quest 20: The Power of Music
    Starting Location: Wall Market, sidestreet next to the Jukebox on Map

    FFVII Remake Music CD Locations
    Circled are the locations of the three required CDs. The Quest begins at the Jukebox Icon.

    (4) Speak with Betty next to the Jukebox and she'll say she wants music to help people cheer up. You need to find three music discs for this to work

    Disc #1 "Good Night, Until Tomorrow" - Right next to where the quest begins enter the hotel and speak with the man in the corner. He will give you this music disc. 
    Note: You'll see the music ??? appear as you're walking down the alleyway to where Betty is

    Disc #2 "Stand Up" - Behind the Honeybee Inn speak with the girl and she will give you this music disc.

    Disc #3 "Fight On!" - Purchase this disc from the Colosseum Gift Shop

    Return to Betty and play the three tracks on the Juke Box to complete this quest
    Note: Each quest related track will have a quest marker on it.


    Quest 21: Secret Medicine
    Starting Location: Sector 5 Slums, Near Leaf House

    (1) Near the Leaf House talk to the Doctor down the road. He will tell you he needs to make more medicine and he knows Aerith knew how to make the good stuff. He requires the three components to make medicine.

    Component #1: Moogle's Mortar - (1) Travel to the Children's Hideout Moogle Shop and purchase it for 1 Moogle Medal

    Component #2: Medicinal Flower - (3) On the ground at the Sector 5 Church you'll see the quest icon to pick it up

    Component #3: Behemoth Horn - (9) After defeating the Behemoth in the Abandoned Lab you'll earn this item.
    Note: Before you start on Component #3 make sure you've spoken with Wymer for Quest 24

    Take all three components back to the Doctor and the quest will be completed.


    Quest 22: Tomboy Bandit
    Starting Location: Sector 5 Station

    (3) As you walk through the Sector 5 Station talk with Johnny and he will tell you a familiar-sounding girl has stolen his wallet from him

    (6) After completing the Colosseum fight for Kyrie you will get the wallet back which you can give to Johnny where you first encountered him. After handing him back his wallet this quest is now complete


    Quest 23: Corneo's Secret Stash
    Starting Location: Sector 5 Slums, leaving the north entrance

    (1) Outside the North Gate of the Sector 5 Slums you find the reporter still interested in the Angel of the Slums. According to him she got her hands on Corneo's Stash key and that it might be at her hidden Base.

    (2) At the Angel of the Slum's Secret Base you'll be told that Kyrie might know the location of the Key

    (3) Kyrie confirms that she has the key but requests Cloud fights for her in the Colosseum, as a reward she'll give Cloud the key (and Johnny's wallet)

    (4) Travel by Chocobo to Wall Market and compete in the Special Colosseum match defeating the Beastmaster again

    (5) Back at the Church inform Kyrie of your victory to obtain the key to Corneo's Secret Stash's

    FFVII Remake Corneo Stash Locations
    Here are the locations of all Stashs. To get to the location for #3 you need to complete the Sewer section of Chapter 14.

    Stash #1 - (6) Next to where you saved Chocobo #1 there is a small set of stairs leading up to a large gate. Travel here and use your new key to open it.

    Stash #2 - (7) When entering the Abandoned Tunnel from Sector 5 Slums turn left immediately and you'll see the Don's stash.

    Stash #3 - (9) During the course of Chapter 14 you'll head into the Sewers once again, past the locked gate you saw before, you'll encounter the final stash here. If you have already completed this part of Chapter 14 then you can return to the Sewers by stairs in the development area to the right of the Don's Castle.

    (10) After getting into all Stash's give the found items to Marle in Evergreen Park


    Quest 24: Subterranean Menace
    Starting Location: Sector 6 Slums, Evergreen Park

    (10) Travel to Evergreen Park and speak with Wymer. He tells you that there are rumors of more monsters inside the Abandoned Lab. Approach the tunnel Aerith showed out in the playground to enter the Abandoned Lab.

    (11) Defeat the Type-0 Behemoth in order to complete this quest.


    With that, you should now have all quests clear and you'll be ready to continue with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Storyline.

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