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Today Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 received a new update ahead of its PS5 launch on June 10th. Players who already have a physical or digital copy of Final Fantasy VII R for PS4 will be able to get the PlayStation 5 version of the game for no additional charge. If you want your saved data from your PS4 version to carry over though you need to go through this process.

While Square Enix has made the process as easy as possible, there are still some growing pains with the process the same as we’ve seen before for cross-gen titles like Avengers and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

You can view the following steps to see how to transfer your save.

  1. Make sure that Final Fantasy VII R (PS4) is downloaded/installed on either a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 that you own (You only need to download the first 14GB to get to the "Ready to Play" state for this to work)

    • If you download it to your PlayStation 5 make sure you’ve also transferred your saved data from your PS4 via USB transfer or local connection
  2. Open Final Fantasy VII R (PS4) on your machine and make sure it’s got the latest option

  3. Navigate to the “Upload Save Data” option on the main menu that has now appeared

  4. A list of your saved data will appear, you can select which one you wish to transfer to be Final Fantasy VII R (PS5) save data


Between how to upload your save file if you don't have your PlayStation 4 anymore, what happened to your summoning material DLC, and what transfers with your save data there's still a lot of questions in the air. We've collected a list of questions and their answers below that should hopefully clear up any part of this process.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Do I need my save data to be able to access the Intergrade chapter with Yuffie?

No, you can access all of the new Yuffie content immediately so you don’t need to worry about having a save file that shows you’ve completed the base game.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Transferring Save Data

What transfers with my saved data?

Obviously, your progress will transfer with your saved data but your trophies earned will also make their way over. The system even warns that you might “receive multiple obtainment notifications in quick succession.” If you’re a Trophy hunter who has already received the platinum then this might be a bit of fun.

One thing that does not carry over is any settings that you’ve moved away from the default position, you will have to correct these on your own.

Final Fantasy VII R Save Data


Is the save data transfer a one-time thing?

No, if you transfer multiple save files the gave will simply warn you that you might be overwriting the data that’s already been transferred. You can still finish your Hard Mode playthrough and transfer the save data over to earn the trophies on both lists.


Can I complete this save data transfer before Final Fantasy VII R for PS5 releases?

Yes, you can complete this process as early as today, and then wait for the PS5 version to release next week.


Do I still need my PS4 to be able to complete this process?

No, the entire process can be done on your PS5 you just need to make sure that you can get the PS4 version of the saved data on the new machine.


Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Disc, Digital, and PS+ Editions

What do I do if I have the physical Final Fantasy VII R PS4 disc, but a digital PS5?

In order to receive your free upgrade to Final Fantasy VII R for PS5, you’ll need to sign your account into a PS5 with a disc drive and then insert your Final Fantasy VII R PS4 disc to redeem the digital copy.


What do I do if I already sold my physical version of Final Fantasy VII R for PS4 in anticipation of the PS5 release?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to a PS4 copy of the game you won’t be able to upload your saves to transfer them to PS5 editions. You might want to seek out a friend who still owns it, or start Cloud’s journey fresh on the PS5.


Do I need to keep Final Fantasy VII R PS4 installed on my PS4/PS5?

No, after completing the save transfer process you can uninstall it from your machine. Then when Final Fantasy VII R for PS5 is released you can immediately pick up from where you left off.


FFVII R Transfer Process

Can I use my PlayStation Plus edition of Final Fantasy VII R for PS4 to upgrade to the PS5 edition?

No, only a paid copy of the game will allow you to get the free upgrade to the PS5 edition. You CAN however still use the PS+ PS4 edition to transfer your save data to be ready for the PS5 edition.

Do I get to keep my PS4 DLC items like the Chocobo Chick or Cactuar Materia when I upgrade to PS5?

This DLC, containing three summoning materia and five accessories, will release as a free DLC when Final Fantasy VII R releases for PS5 on June 10th.

Hopefully all of the above covered any questions you have about the upgrade process, if there's any others you might have feel free to drop them below. Final Fantasy VII R releases for the PlayStation 5 on June 10th.

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