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So you've finished Final Fantasy VII Remake, you've completed the story and are now hitting refresh on your google search of "When does Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 come out?" Just because the story is over doesn't mean that there isn't more to complete in the game. After completing the game, there is still plenty of content to mop up from your first playthrough as well as more added. In this piece we'll go over what you can do not only with the newly unlocked Hard Mode but with additional endgame content.

After completing the game and watching the credits, you'll load to your Main Menu where the game will explain some of the new features available to you. The first thing you should make sure you do from this screen though is to save. If you go to the Title Screen or turn your PS4 off now the game won't remember that you finished it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter Select is a Time Warp

The first new feature is a Chapter Select mode. You can access this by going to the Main Menu and selecting System > Chapter Select. While you'll be returning to previous points in the story, you get to keep all of the following:

  • Characters and their stats
  • Weapons
  • Materia
  • Collectibles such as Music CDs and Manuscripts
FFVII Remake Chapter Select Screen
Do I want to go back and get my one missing Music CD? Or head straight into trying Hard Mode?

While the characters' stats remain, you'll still only be able to use a character that was available in that Story chapter. If you're wanting to level up a specific character make sure you pick a chapter that they're in. When you replay the chapters, it will reset all quest and story data within that chapter and upon completion will update your previous version of completing that chapter. At any point, you can freely swap to a different chapter, but you will lose the "in progress" data from the chapter you were previously on.

The Chapter Select screen will also allow you to select between the previously accessible Command, Easy, and Normal game modes but also the new Hard Mode.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Hard Mode Isn't Just New Game+

While you see people online complaining whether Easy Mode is too easy or Normal Mode is too hard, everyone can take a step back and make way for the Hard Mode. This isn't just a step up in difficulty alone as new mechanics are introduced with it. While playing in Hard Mode:

  • You cannot use any items
  • Only HP, not HP and MP, are restored when sitting down at rest spots
FFVII Remake Hard Mode
Better be ready to use the MP Absorb as much as possible...

It isn't all doom and gloom though as there are certain Manuscripts that will only be available to you when completing the game on hard mode. This mode will really push players to set up their characters not only for good damage but they'll also need some creative ways to regain health and MP if Items are off the table. You might end up becoming a bit reliant on those revive earrings too...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Endgame Changes

There are a few across the board changes that also unlock after completing the game that will make going back and working on clearing all objectives easier. These changes are across the board, so don't think you have to be playing in Hard Mode to get the benefits of these.

  • EXP gain is now permanently doubled
  • AP gain is now permanently tripled
  • There are more Simulation Battles available to test your skills
  • You can skip the Bike Mini-Game when replaying that chapter

These bonuses are amazing, especially if you're leveling up Materia still for one of the Battle Intel from Chadley or want to get a character to level 50 for the Building Character Trophy. They should also stack with the EXP and AP boost Materia for even faster growth. If you missed any weapons along the journey, you can also take this time to go back and find them.

What is the first thing you plan to do when in the Final Fantasy VII Remake endgame?

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