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Today is the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and while this PS5 edition has all kinds of polish and shine over the original (just look at that door!) it also brings with it the Episode Intermission. During this additional episode to the story players get to fill the shoes of Yuffie, a Wutai warrior who has made it to Midgar. Along the way you’ll encounter the Final Fantasy VII Happy Turtle sidequest, this guide will help you complete it.

How do I find the Happy Turtle Side Quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade?

While playing through the Episode Intergrade DLC chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake you’ll find yourself in Sector 7. For story reasons Yuffie will be just leaving the Avalance HQ for the first time and you should see a prompt on-screen heading a Happy Snapper Jungle.

Follow the tune and you’ll find the NPC Old Snapper. Talking with him you’ll learn that there are six flyers around Sector 7 and the surrounding Slums that you need to collect. Old Snapper will give you hints as to where you can find each of these flyers. You can use the image below to see all of their locations:


Final Fantasy VII R Intergrade Turtle Flyers All Locations


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Happy Snapper Flyer #1

Hint: Some kids hid one somewhere

This one is extremely close to the Old Snapper so is an easy one to pick up. Head south as soon as you’re done talking with the Old Snapper and walk into the small park. Go through the piles of cardboard boxes and you’ll find the flyer right there.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Happy Snapper Flyer #2

Hint: Floating through the air

From the previous flyer head East and then South again and you’ll head down a small alley. In the air you’ll spot a red balloon behind a chain fence, look to the right of it on the ground and you'll see a box you can hop over. Leap over and destroy the balloon, the flyer should fall near the feet of the children nearby. Hop back over the crate to pick it up.

FFVIIR Intergrade Turtle Flyers Fence

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Happy Snapper Flyer #3

Hint: Near Old Snapper’s friend’s apartment building

How to locate: The friend that Old Snapper is talking about here is none other than Cloud and Tifa. Head deeper into the slums until you find their apartment building and head up to the second floor. Here you’ll begin a stealth minigame to get around a dog. 

There will be circles that look like sleep bubbles coming out of the dog at the end of the balcony. Move up slowly when the dog is sleeping but be sure to hide behind cover if the dog begins to stir. The very end of the walkway has one last surprise for you as well as you’re able to bump into the mop and bucket so be sure to walk around that and stay clear. The flyer will be stuck to the top of the wall at the corner.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Happy Snapper Flyer #4

Hint: A cat took one

Head into the Sector 7 Slums and head towards the North-West area. Yuffie will spot a cat who has the flyer in its mouth, but the cat will disappear into a different area. Following it, you’ll now be in an area with a lot of cats and flyers.

If you wish to get the flyer immediately, head to the very back of the area and you’ll find the cat you’re after behind some crates and barrels at the back. There’s no penalty if you select the wrong cat though.

FFVIIR Intergrade Turtle Flyers Cat Location

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Happy Snapper Flyer #5

Hint: On the town bulletin board

This one is quite easy to find as it just requires you to go to the bulletin board. From where you found flyer #2 keep heading East until you get to the area that’s one before you’d arrive at the train station. Where there are a number of people congregated you’ll find the bulletin board. Walk up and find the interact prompt and you should be good to go.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Happy Snapper Flyer #6

Hint: Near the old Talagger factory

For this one, you’ll need to head into the Talagger Factory directly. Make your way through the factory until you get to the room on the far right. This is the room with only one entrance and exit so you’ll know when you’re there. Along the way, you’ll need to fight a number of enemies so be sure you’re ready for a battle. The enemies here are weak to ice attacks so be sure to take your time, especially if you only have Yuffie in your party, and work to stagger them.

After the enemies have been defeated there will be some item boxes for you to destroy and the flyer will be on the wall behind.

FFVIIR Intergrade Turtle Flyers

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Turtletastic Reward?

Once you’ve gotten all of the flyers return to Old Snapper outside the Avalance HQ bar. After handing over the flyers and talking with him you’ll be handed a Magnify Materia. Another added benefit of completing this quest is that you’ll earn the Turtletastic Trophy, one of the nine trophies that were added with Episode Intermission.

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