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Killing Floor 2 Halloween Update logo showing a man in a plague mask and a top hat with a scythe


The Killing Floor 2 Halloween 2022 update for this year is called Blood and Bonfires and it adds in a new map, mode, and new weapons to kill Zeds.

Maneater Steam and Nintendo Switch release date cover


The Maneater Steam and Nintendo Switch release arrives next week, and that's not all — it's also making its debut on Xbox Game Pass.

Maneater Review


When it comes to expressing ideas outside the norm, video games have a distinct disadvantage compared to movies, books, or other artistic mediums.

Maneater game page featured image

Game Page

I'm guessing this wasn't what Nelly Furtado had in mind... Remember Jaws? Remember Sharks? Well, Tripwire Interactive manages to put a character-

Maneater details cover.jpg


A bunch of new Maneater details have been revealed today by Tripwire Interactive, detailing the environments, enemies, and evolutions that players

Killing Floor Key Art


Killing Floor is a first-person shooter from Tripwire Interactive that pits teams of humans against hordes of mindless zombies and other monsters.