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The time has finally come to leap into the fray for the sequel to popular medieval battle sim Chivalry. Fans will hope Chivalry 2 can provide more of the same uncompromising but nuanced combat that puts players into the shoes of a range of fearless combatants from the Middle Ages.

We already know a fair amount about the different classes you can choose from in Chivalry 2. There are four classes, each with dramatically different playstyles: Knight, Archer, Footman and Vanguard. As well as a different choice of weapons, each class has special abilities and three unique subclasses, allowing for a high level of customisation.

Unlocking new subclasses can take quite a while so we’ve summarised the main characteristics of each to help you make an informed choice about where to start.

Knight class screenshot from Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Knight

Health: 175
Movement Speed: 80
Stamina: 80

The Knight class has the highest health, making it a good choice for newer players who are still getting to grips with the punishing combat. Knights can wield heavy weapons or use shields, blocking large amounts of incoming damage in the process.

On the flip side, they have the slowest movement speed in the game. This means you’ll rely on blocking rather than outmanoeuvring enemy attacks. This will obviously mitigate damage taken but also charges the Knight’s subclass-dependent special ability at the same time.

Chivalry 2 Knight Subclasses

The Guardian is a shield-bearing subclass that can tank a lot of damage and heal nearby allies.

The Crusader is an offensively-oriented subclass that can wield two-handed weapons, throw axes and set the battlefield alight.

The Officer is a versatile subclass with beefy melee weapons, throwing knives and the ability to heal teammates.

Archer class screenshot from Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Archer

Health: 100
Movement Speed: 100
Stamina: 60

As the name suggests, the Archer class excels at long range combat. You’re not limited to bows, though: the Archer can also make use of other weapons such as javelins and throwing axes

With the lowest health in the game, this class struggles in hand-to-hand combat. You’ll need positional awareness to stay out of clobbering range. The Archer’s special skill is charged by landing headshots, so good aim is a must as well.

Like most games, Chivalry 2’s ‘sniper’ class is likely to be hotly contested. Not everyone on your team can be an Archer, so make sure you’re quick to click this class if you want to spend the match taking enemies down from afar.

Chivalry 2 Archer Subclasses

The Longbowman is, you guessed it, a longbow-wielding subclass with incredible range. The Longbowman is equipped with spike traps to ensure enemies don’t sneak up on them.

The Crossbowman is, again fairly obviously, a subclass equipped with a powerful crossbow. While his range doesn’t compare to a Longbowman, the Crossbowman is effective against Knights and can even place down a shield and heal allies with their banner.

The Skirmisher is the final Archer subclass, making use of javelins or throwing axes. This class is somewhat effective in hand-to-hand combat, meaning getting caught by a melee class isn’t quite as hopeless. The Skirmisher can restock their ammo with the ‘Quiver’ special ability.

Vanguard class screenshot from Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Vanguard

Health: 130
Movement Speed: 120
Stamina: 100

The Vanguard is the ultimate glass cannon class, offering huge damage potential in exchange for low health and non-existent damage mitigation. With the highest movement speed in the game, the Vanguard can swiftly flit across the battlefield, dispatching opponents with ease.

This class is probably best for those who are already confident in their skills on the battlefield, as the high risk/high reward play style will suit experienced players. The Vanguard’s special ability is charged by executing spring attack kills and they aren’t the easiest thing to pull off.

Chivalry 2 Vanguard Subclasses

The Raider is a unique subclass that can wield two primary weapons. They can also increase allies’ health regeneration by blowing their trumpet.

The Ambusher is an assassin subclass that makes use of lightning fast attacks to fell their opponents, with a damage multiplier when attacking from behind. The Ambusher resupplies their throwing knives with the ‘Quiver’ special ability.

The Devastator is a subclass that excels at all-out offense. They wield brutal, two-handed weapons without the usual movement penalty. They can also make use of throwing hammers and fire pots to deal heavy damage out of arm’s reach of their foes.

Footman class screenshot from Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Footman

Health: 150
Movement Speed: 100
Stamina: 80

The Footman is a jack-of-all-trades class that focuses on supporting teammates, charging their special ability by healing and reviving other players. They’ve got a decent health pool and middle-of-the-pack movement speed and stamina.

If you like charging in and dealing as much damage as possible, the Footman probably isn’t the class for you. The Footman relies on a defensive , considered play style that facilitates teammates to deal damage for you. Having said that, this class can wield particularly long two-handed weapons, such as polearms and spears, that can keep other melee classes at bay. They can also use traps and barricades to change the battlefield to their advantage. Good game sense and restraint is a must. 

Chivalry 2 Footman Subclasses

The Field Engineer is a utility subclass that heals themselves by healing allies. This subclass excels at placing traps and barricades, suiting those who value a tactical approach to combat. Their melee weapons are fairly limited, though.

The Poleman is a long-range melee subclass, wielding spears and pikes that can thrust at enemies from behind the first rank of fighters. This subclass can also heal allies and place spiked obstacles.

The Man-at-Arms is a defensive support subclass that emphasises manoeuvrability, with a shield and reduced dash cooldown at their disposal. Similar to the Guardian subclass but much more agile.

And that’s your lot! Chivalry 2 gives you plenty to choose from and lots to experiment with. We hope that’s given you some idea of where to start. Have fun on the battlefield and let us know how you get on! Check out guide for beginners for more information.

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