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Published: December 8, 2022 11:06 AM /


Chivalry 2 Winter War Update key art showing an angry king holding a sword.

Chivalry 2 has received yet another patch in its just-released Winter War update. It's one of many that have been released in the past year, which includes maps, new weapons, and a launch on Xbox Game Pass. The Winter War update adds a new campaign pass, a new team objective map, a new VIP, a new weapon in the Quarterstaff, and a winter event. There's also a free weekend starting today that will allow players from Steam, Epic Games Store, and PlayStation and Xbox to try out the game, which is great. We have a lot of things to go over, so let's take a stab at it, shall we?

To start, the newly introduced Campaign Pass will allow players to unlock free in-game rewards such as currency and new armory items. There's also a Winter War Premium Campaign Pass for premium awards like legendary skins, frostbite, and additional armor that can be acquired for 1,000 Crowns in-game. There are 60 tiers in total, and it should give players something to do as they're hacking each other to pieces in the cold.

Winter War update screenshot showing the king on one knee.
Turns out it isn't good to be the king.

The new Team Objective Map is called The Assault on Thayic Stronghold, and it finds the Agathians in a tricky situation against the Masons in the northern stronghold. The Agathians have been cornered, essentially, and you'll have to try and resist as best you can if you're an Agathian, or fight your way through the enemy artillery and kill King Argon II if you're a Mason. King Argon II is the newest VIP as well, which makes sense. The top player will be chosen to become the king and lead the Agathians to battle if the Masons capture the courtyard, so be sure to defend your king from all comers if you're not lucky enough to become King Argon.

You'll be able to defend your king with the quarterstaff, which should allow you to give no quarter, right? Well, it will give the opportunity to make short-ranged slashing attacks while also using slow mid-long stabs and overheads. There's also a unique special attack that will allow you to cleave through opponents while maintaining your stamina, which sounds useful.

Last but not least is the return of the Merry Chivmas Winter Event, which will have holiday-themed maps, presents that are weaponized, and more until January 5th. Be sure to have a jolly time; after all, 'tis the season.

Want to see Chivalry 2's Winter War update in action? Check out the trailer below!

For more information on future Chivalry 2 updates, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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