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Chivalry 2 Guide - How To Play With Friends

June 9, 2021

By: Dylan Wilby


The time has finally come to leap into the fray for the hotly anticipated medieval brawler Chivalry 2. This sequel to the popular 2012 battle sim, Chivalry, promises more of the same brutal combat and tactics-based gameplay. One of the key selling points is being able to fight together with friends but many users have experienced difficulty in getting into parties with other players.

Luckily, we've written a guide that'll have you hacking away with your friends by your side in no time.


How To Invite Friends In Chivalry 2

Once you're in the main menu, look to the bottom left for a button that says 'Invite party members' or to the bottom right where it says 'Social'. They both take you to the party menu where you can click on friends that are online and invite them on the right-hand side of the screen where it says 'Invite to party'.

If you don't see any people there, you may have to add friends through whatever platform you're playing on. This is less likely to be an issue on console but on PC you'll need to add your friends via the Epic Games Launcher if you haven't already. If you're experiencing any issues once you've tried the above, restart the game client before you try again.


Crossplay In Chivalry 2

The game was widely advertised as featuring crossplay but unfortunately the game didn't launch with the ability to create parties across multiple platforms. The Chivalry 2 discord has the following statement:

"Cross-platform parties were not a planned feature for June 8 Launch. Our team has worked to pivot to review the possibility of providing the feature of cross-platform parties as quickly as possible. It will not be available at launch on June 8, but the team hopes to bring it online in an update once a development timeline is established."

However, a workaround is imminent, with a server browser, currently available on PC exclusively, coming to all platforms in the immediate future. This means that you and your friends can join the same server and fight on the same team. It's not quite the full crossplay experience but it'll be a start.


Let's hope Torn Banner studios implement full crossplay soon.


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