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The time has finally come to leap into the fray for the hotly anticipated medieval brawler Chivalry 2. This sequel to the popular 2012 battle sim, Chivalry, promises more of the same brutal combat and tactics-based gameplay. One of the key selling points is being able to fight together with friends but many users have experienced difficulty in getting into parties with other players.

Luckily, we've written a guide that'll have you hacking away with your friends by your side in no time. If you're just starting out, don't forget to check out our guide for some beginner tips, along with our overview on Chivalry 2's classes.

How To Invite Friends In Chivalry 2

Once you're in the main menu, look to the bottom left for a button that says "Invite party members" or to the bottom right where it says "Social". They both take you to the party menu where you can click on friends that are online and invite them on the right-hand side of the screen where it says "Invite to party".

If you don't see any people there, you may have to add friends through whatever platform you're playing on. This is less likely to be an issue on console but on PC you'll need to add your friends via the Epic Games Launcher if you haven't already. If you're experiencing any issues once you've tried the above, restart the game client before you try again.

Crossplay In Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 came with crossplay between all platforms at launch, but didn't originally include the ability to create parties across multiple platforms. Thankfully, this is now available as of the "Raiding Party Update" — albeit still in beta. When in the Social tab, you'll now have an invite code listed on the right. You can give this code to another player on a different platform, and enter their code via the "Add Friends" option. Once you've both added each other's codes, you'll be registered as friends and then be able to party up via the Social tab. It's worth noting that, in the cross party system's current beta form, adding cross platform friends can be somewhat buggy on PlayStation 4 and 5.


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