Chivalry 2 Midsommar Event Adds Brawling And New Items

Published: June 23, 2022 3:46 PM /


Chivalry 2 Midsommar Event

Weapons are important to the combat in Chivalry 2 but now it'll be hosting a more dynamic test of strength. This summer, the game will be hosting a special Midsommar Event for all players. Scattered across the in-game fields will be a variety of weapons and objects that can be used to fight. Starting on June 23rd, the event will begin across all platforms for people to participate.

The Chivalry 2 Midsommar Event

Torn Banner Studios, the team behind Chivalry 2, is teaming up with the publishers Tripwire Presents and Deep Silver to promote this summer event. This is an update since the game officially released earlier this month on June 12th. While the core game is based on combat skill and strategic movement, the Midsommar Event changes all that. Taking place in Aberfell, players will find themselves on large open plains with weapons and objects scattered all over. This is part of the new Brawl Mode which allows players to wield anything they can pick up as a weapon in this massive free-for-all. Should they fail to grab anything, they're encouraged to use their bare fists.


Along with brawling, the Midsommar Event adds a number of new items to the game. Related to the Brawl Mode, players can pick up a Midsommar Pole, a Wood Hammer, or a Flower Vase. New environmental objects include Mini-Catapults, Straw Figures, and Totem Poles. To go along with the season, players can also pick up and wear new Helmets like the Bear Mask and Flower Crown. Despite the theme revolving around brawling, Chivalry 2 has done its due diligence in trying to capture the aesthetic of the event that it's based on.

To better promote the Chivalry 2 Midsommar Event, the game is being offered at a 40 percent discount on both Steam and the PlayStation Store for the Standard and Special Editions. Whether its on PC or console, players will be able to join the Brawl servers on June 23rd.

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