Chivalry 2 Cross-Play Open Beta Coming May 27th

Published: May 17, 2021 10:09 AM /


Two teams battling it out in Chivalry 2

The time of the Chivalry 2 open beta is almost upon us. Torn Banner and Tripwire's multiplayer medieval battler is entering its open beta stage on May 27th. It'll feature new content added since the closed beta and will support cross-platform play.

What's coming in the Chivalry 2 open beta?

The Chivalry 2 open beta will show off some of the first-person multiplayer slasher's content and improved combat engine. As well as the content in the closed beta - which included team objective maps, deathmatch gameplay, and more - you're also getting full character customization, 1v1 duel servers, and 64-player or 40-player servers too. You can check out a Chivalry 2 dev diary, which goes into some of the content you can expect from the open beta, right here.


A gruesome scene of decapitation in Chivalry 2
The Chivalry 2 open beta will feature plenty of brutal medieval combat.

Team objective maps you can check out include the once-peaceful village of Coxwell, the wooded area of Darkforest, and the Mason stronghold of Rudhelm, among others. There are also team deathmatch (or free-for-all) maps in the form of Wardenglade and the Tournament Grounds. You'll be able to take on all comers in the new free-for-all mode, which does away with teams and blows the "every man for himself" klaxon.

When and how can you play the Chivalry 2 open beta?

You'll be able to get your hands on the Chivalry 2 open beta for PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox devices on May 27th. If you're a PlayStation player, you'll be able to access the open beta for free, and you won't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to do so. Bad news for Xbox owners, though: if you're on Xbox, you will need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription if you want to try out the Chivalry 2 open beta. Them's the breaks, but hey - at least you can take it out on the PS5 players, right?

Chivalry 2 is coming to the aforementioned platforms on June 8th. It'll be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. You'll also be able to grab the open beta client for all platforms a day early on May 26th, so you can start pre-loading the game and getting ready to bash in some skulls with your halberd.


Are you looking forward to checking out the Chivalry 2 open beta? Let us know in the comments below!

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