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Arcade Paradise

The Action Paradise release date has finally been unveiled, and soon players will be able to run their own arcade empire with over 35 games.

Deliver Us the Moon Next-Gen Release Date delayed cover

The Deliver Us the Moon next-gen release date has been delayed to June 2022 and the first dev diary for the sequel Deliver Us Mars is out.


Angry Demon Studio and Wired Productions have announced the ultraviolent skate-slasher Gori: Cuddly Carnage, which will be available to try at PAX

Martha Is Dead Darkroom

In the end, Martha Is Dead conjures up an air of missed opportunity. The WWII backdrop is incredibly realized and the horror atmosphere initially

The Falconeer Guide Preview Image

The Falconeer is almost out, a new indie title releasing on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Windows Store.

The Falconeer Preview Image

The Falconeer is a game many have had their eyes on since its first announcement at last years XO19.

The Falconeer Key Art

Take the skies with a powerful Warbird with The Falconeer, an aerial combat action-RPG from developer Tomas Sala.

avicii invector

You will often hear the words "Twitch Prime" from your favorite streamer on the platform, and it is definitely worth it with the amount of games and

Deliver Us The Moon Those Who Remain cover

Deliver Us The Moon and Those Who Remain are facing delays in various areas thanks in part to the

AVICII Invector Review

A rhythm game lives and dies by one major factor: its soundtrack. Focusing entirely on one artist can be a smart move, but that artist needs the

The key art for AVICII Invector

AVICII Invector is a rhythm-action game designed to celebrate the music of the late Swedish DJ Avicii.

Colorful platforming action in AVICII Invector

Rhythm-action platformer AVICII Invector will come to PC and Xbox One in December, developer Hello There Games has announced.

Deliver Us The Moon Review

Earlier this year, I checked out Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna for

Deliver Us The Moon Game Page

Deliver Us The Moon is a game that, at first glance, looks like a walking simulator.

AVICII Invector a picture of AVICII

AVICII Invector is a 2017 rhythm game featuring the electronic dance music (or EDM) of the late DJ AVICII.