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Intel removes ads from Gamasutra in wake of GamerGate

Gaming article by Andrew Otton on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 17:24

The technology giant, Intel, has recently said in an email to a concerned consumer that they will be removing their ads from the popular gaming website Gamasutra. After some controversial articles regarding GamerGate were posted on Gamasutra Intel has decided to pull their ads from the site.

The email from Intel specifically states that they decided to remove the ads due to the "recent controversial articles" published on Gamasutra regarding Gamergate. They also note:

Our ads were not a reflection of supporting certain article stances or shifts in editorial positioning. We have since decided to pull our current ad campaign off Gamasutra.
Intel is probably the most high profile company to come out and do this, which will be seen by many in the GamerGate community as a victory. Many sites rely on ad campaigns such as this one from Intel as a source of revenue so losing their support will most assuredly be noticed.

However, nowhere in this email does it say, or even imply, that Intel supports the GamerGate movement. Anyone who says so is reading more into the email than what is there. At most, this is Intel trying to stay out of the way as the controversy surrounding GamerGate seems to continue growing.

The most some can take away from this is that Intel sees this as a significant issue and controversy because they obviously looked into the issue before sending this email. Whether they agree with GamerGate or not is still up for debate, though Intel's likely best course of action is to remain neutral to not invoke the ire of any group interested in GamerGate.


The takeaway for many consumers: plenty of companies are willing to listen to your concerns and will act on them if they believe the concern to be relevant or critical enough. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion, at worst it gets ignored. At best, you can receive an email such as this that one consumer received. This is the way things change for what you see as a better future.

So, if you don't agree with GamerGate, speak up and speak up reasonably. If you do agree with GamerGate do the exact same thing. The person that wrote the email to Intel would not have received a response if it came in the form of a rant or other jumbled mess. Think carefully in what you believe and why you believe in it. Then, don't be afraid to speak it.


This has been confirmed by Gamasutra:



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