Monster Hunter Rise Advanced Gathering Guide

A hunter looking at the remains of a campsite


Monster Hunter Rise Advanced Gathering Guide

April 2, 2021

By: Tyler Chancey

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March 26, 2021
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Fellow hunters, if you've been following our guides on Monster Hunter Rise, there's a good chance you have some experience under your belt. You have some bread and butter weapon and armor sets, taken down some nasty beasts, and have gotten plenty of honey in your item box. Sidebar, you need more; you always need more. But your hunts are still going slow and you keep running out of supplies, or more accurately you want to speed things up and don't want to collect this stuff yourself every single time. Or perhaps there are specific items you need to reach the next level of your weapon's upgrade tree. Well, look no more because this guide is for you.

A hunter finding the remains of a camp
Whew, now to find the rest.

Monster Hunter Rise – Finding and Activating Subcamps

The first big quality of life improvement you'll want for your hunts are subcamps. There are usually two of these hidden in every one of Monster Hunter Rise's five distinct maps. Not only do they act as fast-travel points, but they're also additional base camps where you can stock up on items or even switch out weapons and armor. They're great for getting to certain monsters' stomping grounds quickly and for farming different areas for herbs, ores, and insects.

The hard part is finding these subcamps. Generally, subcamp locations are marked by burnt out fireplaces and are spread out throughout the world map at geographical areas of interest. Spots like the peak of a mountaintop or tucked away in a niche cavern. They seem innocuous at first, but anything helps when it comes to maps as complex as these. The good news is we've discovered most of these camps to help cut down on the busywork.

Shrine Ruins Subcamps


Sadly, my team and I only discovered one subcamp in this area, but it's a half decent one. The camp is at the top of a mountain northeast of area 10. Just head for the highest point of the lower half of the mountains between areas 10 and 12, you can't miss it.

Frost Islands Subcamps

The first subcamp you'll want to find is in a body of water just a little to the right of area 6, hidden away by some rock walls. As for the second subcamp, it's in an elevated area between areas 10 and 8. Look for a rock formation that looks like a backwards “C” and you should find the subcamp there.

The hunter finding a camp in the flooded forest
I don't want to mention how long it took to find this, just know that I saved you a headache.

Flooded Forest Subcamps

Once again, despite combing over this map several times and losing some sleep, I can only account for one subcamp here, and its location is a doozy. There's a large collection of trees and rocks southeast of area 11, it makes up part of the natural corridor connecting it to area 9. In that area is a growth of vines. Climb it and you'll make it inside a hollowed-out tree trunk with the camp inside.

Sandy Plains Subcamps


The subcamps in the Sandy Plains should stick out boldly enough. The first one is on a plateau north of area 2, surrounded by ancient ruins. Keep looking around, you can't miss it. As for the second subcamp, it is tucked away in a mountain near a small pond south of area 9.

Lava Caverns Subcamps

These might be the most complex subcamps to find since the Lava Caverns are the most layered and vertical of the bunch. The good news is both subcamps are on the ground floor, the trick will be getting to them. The easier of these two subcamps can be found between areas 6 and 7. If you look at the uppermost parts of the map and treat the numbers 6 and 7 as part of a giant “U” or “V” shape, the camp should be right at the lowest point of the curve.

The hunter at a camp near molten lava
Hey look, a hole.

As for the second subcamp, it's in an elevated area northeast of area 10. The long way to get through will be to climb the molten mountain face starting at area 12 then just climbing the incline, using the lava pouring from the scenery as a guardrail until you reach the camp. Alternatively, if you're in the map's lower area, there's an exhaust jet northeast of area 10 that will rocket you all the way to the top of the area and within line of sight of the camp. Either way, this one will take a while but be so worth it.


Finding these subcamps is just the start. Once you're done, return to Kamura Village and speak to the merchant. From here, he'll give you a side quest for each subcamp you've discovered. Complete it, and the subcamp will be built and ready for use. Generally speaking, these quests range between simple delivery quests, usually from farmable areas in those locations like Warm Pelts or Boatshells, or just killing some local monsters. Either way, these side quests shouldn't take up too much of your time.

The Hunter trading with a ship captain
Yes, gimme all the honey!

Monster Hunter Rise – The Argosy and Submarines


Next up is learning to use a staple of Monster Hunter's more savvy resource gatherer: The Argosy. If you head to the Buddy Plaza, you can speak to a woman near a giant ship, and she'll explain how it works. Basically, you can get special items from her in exchange for Kamura Points. These are generally convenience items like traps or poison smoke bombs. Get into the habit of checking in with her if the merchant doesn't have what you need.

Then there are the submarines. First, you'll need to hire some additional Buddies since the submarines are piloted by palmutes and palicos. Don't worry too much about levels or roles for them, just hire a bunch. Next, you assign one of them to a submarine and they are sent off to explore and collect items. Return every three or four hunts and you can collect what they have found. You can request specific items for the submarine to search for, which will great if you're low on something in particular. These expeditions will also yield special rewards and materials like Dreamshells, in case you were scratching your head as to where to get those things.

Naturally, you'll want more submarines for more stuff, and there are ways to do that. Once you hit three-star hunts in the village, you can return to the Argosy and get a side quest. Complete it, and you'll get another submarine. It's a simple gathering quest, asking for Wislanterns and Boatshells. Don't panic if these resources don't seem familiar. These are account items you get from certain gathering spots, just a way to get Kamura Points. You get Wislanterns from shimmering red bushes in the shrine ruins and Boatshells from oyster beds in the Frost Islands. If you're having trouble spotting these areas, hold down “-” to go to your map, hit X, then stroll through items of interest. Hit A on the gathering spots mentioned and they'll show up on your map. Once you're done collecting, return to the Argosy and get your shiny new submarine.

Monster Hunter Rise
Well, now that that's done, time to grind through oyster beds.

As for the third submarine, you won't be able to unlock it until you hit High Rank. It's another gathering quest, but what you're after will be a pain in the neck. You need King Rhinos, which can be found in shimmering rhino spots in the Flooded Forest. Please note these things are rare so you'll be at it for a while. The second item is Desert Roses which bloom in the Sandy Plains. They seem to spawn more often during the day, but we don't have direct concrete evidence. Finally, there are Bismuth Prisms, which you can mine from Iridescent Ore spots in the Lava Caverns. Get all of those items and you'll have the third and final submarine.

My personal advice for items to get en masse from here are short but sweet. First and foremost is honey, you'll know why if you've read our beginner's guide. Another is Big Combustuna, which are fish packed with gunpowder. This is important since you can combine them with Barrel Bombs to make Mega Barrel Bombs; which are fantastic if you need to set some serious traps for high-end hunts. The last big item to keep in stock are Godbugs. They have a surprising range of uses despite being general pains to get in the field.

Monster Hunter Rise
Finally, now I can make that improved weapon I've been looking for!

Monster Hunter Rise – Fancy Ores, and Gargwa Eggs

The final part of this guide is to help cover the more esoteric and less intuitive way to get materials going into Monster Hunter Rise's mid to late game.

Dragonite Ore and Firestone can be mined from ore spots in the Lava Caverns. They are quite rare so get ready to bang your head against RNG. Golden Muck is an item dropped by Almudron during the hunt, similar to the Fertile Mud the Barroth slings around. As for the more highly coveted materials like Gracium and Carbalite ore, those items only available for mining in High-Rank hunts. Think of High Rank as the game's hard mode, similar to an instance in an MMO. You hit High-Rank once you've reached Hunter Rank 4 in Hub missions.

Then there is the egg collecting. Generally speaking, these quests aren't urgent so if you just want to increase your Hunter Rank, they can be safely ignored. But some unique weapon blueprints, Bunny Dango recipes, and even special monster hunts are locked behind doing some of these quests.

Simply put, collecting eggs is a tedious pain in the neck. You have to carry the egg by hand all the way back to an item box. If you run out of stamina, fall from a high place, or get hit by a wandering monster, the egg will break and you'll have to get a new one. You can't ride your palamute. Thankfully, you can use the wirebug to zip around and climb, cutting down on the travel time.

Monster Hunter Rise
Be vewwy quiet, I'm scaring gargwas.

Wyvern and Herbivore Eggs are easy enough to find. Both of them are marked by nests on the world's map and you can reliably make multiple trips. Fair warning, taking from a wyvern nest usually attracts mommy's attention so have an escape route ready. Pitfall traps and dung bombs are your friends.

Then there are Gargwa Eggs. On paper, these eggs are the easiest to find; you get them from Gargwas, the brightly colored dodo bird creatures in the Shrine Ruins map. But how you get the eggs is a bit counterintuitive. You have to sneak up behind a Gargwa, just tap B while standing still and you'll drop into a low crouch, then hit them in the back with your weapon while they're not looking. If you do this right, they'll yelp in surprise, drop an egg, then take off. From there, just get it to an item box.

And that will do it for the discerning Monster Hunter Rise player who wants to get the most out of their items and need that extra push into greatness. If you need help, feel free to consult our other guides and happy hunting.

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