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Like its predecessor and pretty much every title in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Rise has a huge focus on farming. If you’re planning on making any sort of progress, you’ll need to grab everything with even the faintest glow. The regions of Monster Hunter Rise have different layouts and goodies to grab while sharing some staples between them. Thankfully, gathering is not too tedious since you can grab many collectables by running near and pressing “Harvest”. Even ones that require you to stop and stare clean out the gathering spot after a short animation. However, there’s a lot to see with some materials being harder to snag than others, but have no fear! This guide will outline the main material-types, what they’re for and where to find them.

Monster Hunter Rise Gathering Guide - Getting Started

Monster Hunter Rise
Ore and More

The basis for all armor and weaponry in the Monster Hunter universe, ore is the building block of your arsenal. Ore is available in every region obtainable from Mining Outcrops that appear as small groups of crystals. They can come in one of two varieties, white and blue with the latter being less common. Mining at either one will always yield at least three pieces of ore, sometimes of varying types.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Malachite and Icium

Some of the rarer types of ore are Malachite and Icium which play bigger roles in more powerful gear. Icium is most commonly found in the Frost Islands at blue Mining Outcrops scattered around the region. Malachite, arguably rarer than Icium, is also only available at blue Mining Outcrops with higher drop rates in the Sandy Plains. You can also get it from mining off the back of the rocky beast, Basarios. Alternatively, there’s a chance to get them from kicking the endemic life Rock Lizards in their respective regions.

A Skele-TON of bones.
Bones to Pick

Monster Hunter Rise Gathering - Monster Bones

Another important component of a Hunter’s equipment is rotten monster remains or bones if you prefer. You would think that killing a monster would allow you to carve out its bones but they aren’t very common. Your best bet to increase your personal bone pile is to find wild bone piles and collect from them. Like mining, picking through the piles yields three types of bones of various kinds.

The most common are Monster Bones that come in Small (S), Medium (M) or Large (L). Then there’s also Twisted Remains followed by Dragonhusk Shards in terms of rarity. These and other types can be found in all the regions with the exception of Eroded Skeletons. These boney treasures only seem to appear in the bone piles around the Sandy Plains.

Spiribird on a Wirebug.
Bugs and Plants

Monster Hunter Rise Gathering - Plants and Insects

What is perhaps the foundation of every gatherer’s collection, insects and greenery are everywhere. The former comes in a variety of “insert word” plus “bugs” such as Bitterbug and Flashbug. The latter has far more variety with fruits, berries, nuts, flowers and more to harvest. Unlike mining and bone piling, grabbing bugs and plants tends to only yield one kind of material. They also make up the base components of most if not all of the items on your crafting list. While all the different bugs pretty much live in all the regions, plants are more temperamental.

Some types like mushrooms can grow anywhere, but plants like Fireherbs tend to grow in hot regions like Sandy Plains.

Pelted with pelts.
Carving Up

Monster Hunter Rise Gathering - Monster Materials

Last but not least, there are the materials you get from slicing up monsters for family dinner. The big ticket items are the goodies gotten from hunting or capturing larger beasts but don’t neglect the smaller ones. Aside from all the endemic life running and flying about, there are plenty of small monsters roaming the land. From the explosive Bombadgy to the deer-like Kelbi, small monsters yield unique materials. Mostly harmless, there’s sadly no way to capture these creatures nor can you guarantee certain drops. You just need to go out there and hope for the best.

Two of the more sought after carve materials are Warm Pelts and Big Fins. The pelts can be carved from Kelbi that are quite common yet most numerous in the Shrine Ruins. The fins can be obtained from the sand-swimming Delex leaping through the sands of the Sandy Plains.

However, this is a different story when it comes to carving up insects such as Bnahabras and Altaroths. These small monsters are quite delicate and most if not all weapons will explode them into pieces. Therefore, the best way to preserve these bugs for carving is to chip them dead with Poison Smoke Bombs and hope your buddies don’t destroy them. Alternatively, you can take them down with the kunai if you have the patience of a sloth at the post office.


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