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Last Update: January 8, 2022


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Fellow hunters, Monster Hunter Rise is a bona fide smash hit and many of you are already making your way towards endgame content: the High Rank hunts. But how exactly does this change to High Rank change the overall feel of Monster Hunter, and what are the ways you can ease the transition to these tougher, more demanding missions? We have you covered in this short but sweet Monster Hunter Rise High Rank guide.

Monster Hunter Rise
Welcome to the real pain of Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Rise – How To Get High Rank

This was lightly mentioned in the Advanced Materials guide, but there are two ways to reach High Rank hunts in Monster Hunter Rise. The first is by reaching four-star, five-star, then six star hunts in the Village. Hitting these three milestones will unlock Special License quests. Clear all three of them and you'll unlock High Rank. Alternatively, just reach Hunter Rank 4 by completing quests in the Hub area. These quests are balanced with multiplayer in mind, so make sure you have some friends on hand to help. Furthermore, High-Rank hunts appear to be tied completely to the Hub, there are no single-player High Rank hunts available in Monster Hunter Rise as of writing. That may change with the planned April update, but for now you'll need to use the Hub for this content.


Monster Hunter Rise High Rank Unlocks

It unlocks a lot. It raises the level cap on your companions, as well as the ability to craft cosmetic armor decorations. Harder Rampage missions become available where you face off against Apex monsters, charged up tougher versions of monsters you've faced before. But best of all, you unlock High-Rank armor and weapon forging, allowing you to craft tougher and stronger gear to face these tougher challenges.

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Get ready to crave seeing this.

Monster Hunter Rise High Quality Pelt, Gracium Ore, Carbalite Ore – High Rank Gathering

High Quality Pelt. Commendations. Carbalite Ore. Gracium Ore. Chances are you've seen these materials mentioned while looking over how to craft armor and weapons, and have been cooking your noodle as to where to find them. Simply put, these items are in High Rank hunt areas. What about more specific monster parts like Rathian Rubies or Arzuros Pelt +? Once again, those items can only be carved in High Rank hunts.

The best way to get these items is simple: start farming all over again in High Rank hunts. That may sound generic and unhelpful, but it's a general rule of thumb to get into when you're playing. Everything you picked up before in the game was entirely tailored to low rank content, and upon hitting High Rank you have now broken through into what amounts to the game's true second half. With that transition comes brand new tiers of materials. Remember farming Warm Pelts from the local wildlife? Do it all again in High Rank to potentially get the High Quality Pelt.


Remember getting Machalite Ore, Icium Ore, Earth Crystals, and Ice Crystals in bunches while trying desperately to get a bit of Dragonite Ore and Firestone in low rank? Well, get ready to do all of it again for Carbalite Ore, Gracium Ore, Novacrystals, and praying to the gods of RNG for some elusive Fucium Ore and Firecell Stone in High Rank. Everything from the resource spots to the local wildlife all have fancier High Rank versions of the materials you've gotten before in droves, so start refilling that item box and step up to this new standard.

For those looking for more detail, our Advanced Monster Hunter Rise Gathering Guide has you covered.

Monster Hunter Rise Commendations

The only exception to these materials are Commendations. These are reserved for completing exceptionally challenging hunts and the more demanding Rampage missions. If the mission rewards Commendations, start grinding.


An Apex Arzuros roaring
Case in point, you'll be getting very familiar with this nightmare for the good stuff.

If you do need some help with farming, I have two crucial tips. The first is try to get gathering focused buffs from eating Bunny Dangos before every hunt. Getting something as simple as twice as much ore from gathering spots will help a bunch. The second is recruit a Palico on the hunt marked as a Gatherer, and level them up. This will make them gain perks like picking up items you've missed, and even being able to carve monsters during hunts to get some extra stuff.

Finally, if you recall in the Beginner's Guide that you shouldn't invest too much in upgrading any of your armor in low rank? Well now that you've hit High Rank armor, start upgrading the stuff that works for you. Every little boost to your defense counts now.


And that is it for our quick guide on reaching High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise!

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