Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Master Rank Exclusive Skill List

Last Update: July 4, 2022


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Master Rank Exclusive Skills

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds a ton of armor sets for hunters to craft, including many brand new sets not seen in the base game. Naturally, this also means that there are a number of additional armor skills that can be obtained. In our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Master Rank Exclusive Skill List, we'll detail every new armor skill that has been added, plus the gear you need to get them.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Master Rank Exclusive Skills - List

While we'll list all the ways to gain these new skills via armor or decorations, it's also worth noting that some of these can be gained at random by melding rarity 8-10 talismans.


Bladescale Hone - Bladescale Jewel 2 lv1

Evading attacks by dodge rolling gives a chance to restore sharpness, reload ammo on bowguns, or boost Close-range Coatings temporarily — Level 1: 50%, Level 2: 75%, Level 3: 100%

Blood Rite - Malzeno Chest and Waist


Convert part of damage dealt as health when hitting broken parts. Higher levels increase health regen, up to Level 3.

Bloodlust - Arc Head, Chest, and Legs

Become infected by the Frenzy virus during combat. While this causes your health to drop, your stats are increased, and red health can be restored by attacking monsters.


Attack and evasion are increased, with stamina usage decreasing. This, along with health regen when attacking, are boosted at higher levels, up to level 3.

Chain Crit - Archfiend Chest and Waist, Astalos Head, Chest, Hands


Gives temporary attack and elemental attack boosts after attacking. Hitting 5 times consecutively will give an additional stat boost. Skill levels only change the consecutive damage boost, up to level 3.

Charge Master - Jelly X Waist and Legs, Garangolm Head, Hands, and Legs

Increased elemental damage and status buildup when landing charged attacks. This effect increases per level, up to level 3.

Coalescence - Arc Head and Waist, Gore Magala Chest, Hands, and Waist

Gain enhanced attacks for a short time after recovering from blights and abnormal status effects.


Level 1: Attack +12, element attack +2, status buildup +5%.
Level 2: Attack +15, element attack +3, status buildup +10%.
Level 3: Attack +18, element attack +4, status buildup +15%.

Dereliction - Archfiend Hands and Legs

Summons Qurio that constantly drain your health. After enough HP has been drained, another Qurio will appear, with the effects of this skill boosting based on the number you have at a time. Using Switch Skill Swap will remove any Qurio on you, healing for a small amount.

While health is being drained, Blue Scroll will increase your status and element, while Red increases attack and stun. Higher levels boost this effect, up to level 3.

Foray - Espinas Chest, Hands, and Legs, Grand Mizuha Head and Waist

Attacking monsters that are poisoned, paralysed, or effected by an elemental blight increases attack power and affinity. Effect increases at higher levels, up to level 3.

Furious - Grand Divine Ire Head, Chest, and Legs

Build a new resource called Fury while fighting monsters with Red Scroll switch skills equipped, giving bonuses once maxed. In Red Scroll, this increases defence and resistances, while Blue Scroll removes stamina consumption temporarily. Higher levels increase the time this effect is active, up to level 3.

Grinder (S) - Centaur Chest, Hands, and Waist, Snowshear Head and Legs

Gain bonus damage after restoring a certain amount of tiers of sharpness. Level 1 requires 3 tiers of sharpness to be restored, while level 2 and 3 only require 2 tiers.

Mail of Hellfire - Sinister Grudge Chest, Hands, and Waist

Changes stats based on Switch Skill Swap Scroll being used. Red Scroll increases attack but lowers defense, while Blue Scroll increases element damage while lowering elemental resistance. Higher levels boosts both the positive and negative traits of this skill, up to level 3.

Quick Breath - Breath Jewel 3 lv1

Removes or slows the effects of certain statuses by performing a Switch Skill Swap. Health is also restored after an effect is removed.

Redirection - Redirection Jewel Level 3 Lv1, Lunagaron Chest and Legs

Performing a Switch Skill Swap when you’re about to be hit will reduce damage taken based on level. Level 2 and 3 will also partially restore some of the wirebug gauge lost by performing the Switch Skill Swap.

Spiritbird’s Call - Garangolm Waist

Random spiritbirds are summoned every minute.

Tune-Up - Hermitaur Waist and Legs, Shell-Studded X Head and Chest, Mosgharl Body and Legs, Rakna-Kadaki X Head and Waist, Pyre-Kadaki Hands.

Increases the stats of custom mods attached to bowguns. Level 1 increases the stats of Silencer and Shield (or +1 reload if neither are equipped). Level 2 gives bonuses to Long Barrel and Power Barrel as well (along with Steadiness + if none of these are equipped)

Wall-Runner (Boost) - Flywall Jewel 1 lv1, Seregios Waist

Increases the rate you gain wirebug gauge while wallrunning. Only has 1 level.


That's every Sunbreak Master Rank Exclusive Skill! Check out more Monster Hunter Rise guides below!

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