Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Chevalier's Sleepy Solution Request Guide

Last Update: June 29, 2022


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Chevalier's Sleepy Solution Request Guide

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak throws a number of requests at you not long after your arrival in Elgado. One of these is Chevalier's Sleepy Solution, which requires materials that you might not already have. In our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Chevalier's Sleepy Solution Request Guide, we’ll detail how to obtain the materials needed to complete this request.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Chevalier's Sleepy Solution

This request can be recieved from Selva the Chevalier after completing the M1 urgent quest “Tetranadon Blockade”. You’ll be tasked with getting 1 Torpor Sac and Great Baggi Thickhide, with the reward being the ability to craft the Master Rank Dual Blades “Stealth Dango Supreme”. Some Heavy Armor Spheres are thrown in as a bonus, if you need to upgrade a few early-game armor pieces.


Despite only one of these items giving the name of the monster, both can be obtained from Master Rank Great Baggis. One of these can be found in the M1 quest “BRRRR Plus ZZZzzz Equeals?”, though they also have a chance of showing up during most Master Rank quests, including Expedition Tours.

Great Baggi Thickhides are a common drop from both capturing and carving, with the drop rate from quest rewards being relatively high too. However, you’ll want to kill any Great Baggi you come across — capturing gives no extra chances for Torpor Sacs, with carves being a reasonable 32% chance each time.

Either way, having a gathering Palico will give some extra chances for materials via the ability Pilfer, though you likely won't have much trouble getting both items to drop.

That's it for our short and sweet Chevalier's Sleepy Solution guide! Check out more Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak guides below!



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