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Like many MMOs, Lost Ark features a range of classes that suit different approaches and playstyles. While some of the classes are gender-locked, and some classes feature numerous genders, there’s a range of advanced classes that you select very early in-game which you are then locked into from then on. It can be a bit daunting selecting your first class, which is why we’ve put together a Lost Ark Warrior class guide to help you understand the tank of Arkesia.

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Lost Ark Warrior Guide - Playstyle 

Lost Ark’s Warrior class is a DPS beast. Mostly encouraging melee damage or close-ranged combat, this class offers high defensive capabilities as well as high damage attacks and skills which devastate any unfortunate soul who crosses their paths. The Warrior class also features one of the easiest advanced classes for newcomers, making it a well-rounded option for players who are new to the game. 

Lost Ark Berserker
The Beast is Here

Lost Ark Warrior Guide - Berserker Advanced Class

Fitted with a greatsword and the ability to decimate foes with AoE-based skills, the Berserker is one of the easiest classes to break into and for newcomers, but it’s a fun and interesting class for any player regardless. While the Berserker has one of the highest damage outputs of the entire game, it’s long wind-up time when using skills and some longer cooldown skills makes it a bit harder to manage in the PvP. 

The berserker also lacks any decent support offering, making it a fairly bad option for cooperative play. It’s mainly recommended for solo players or in a party with other support characters, or even simply characters with some level of support abilities. 

Key Early Skills 

  • Finish Strike (LVL 10): Slamming his greatsword onto the ground in front, the Berserker delivers extremely high damage and high stagger with this ability. 
  • Power Break (LVL 12): Winding up with the greatsword, the Berserker lands a large slash with his weapon, knocking back enemies and dealing high damage to all in his way
  • Tempest Slash (LVL 14): Charging forward with a large AoE slash, before launching enemies into the air, this skill allows for moments of invincibility alongside a decent stagger on any enemies left alive. 

Special Ability: Burst

The Berserker's special ability, Burst, turns this class into a force of destructive nature. In this extreme state of power, the Berserker gains increased attack speed and movement speed, delivering their AoE skills faster and harder. It also makes their simple attack more effective thanks to the added attack speed.

This ability is charged by attacking enemies using your normal attack, as well as your skills. Using this ability when faced with a boss or a large horde of enemies, you’ll devastated anything in your way. 

Lost Ark Paladin
Friendly, but also kind of MEAN!

Lost Ark Warrior Guide - Paladin 

The Paladin boils down to a support tank, offering high damage alongside supporting their party with defensive help and buffing their teammates. Unlike the Berserker, the Paladin is not recommended for any newcomers as they require further knowledge of the game, as you need to know about better skill placements, awareness of when to use your abilities and general knowledge of how the game works. It’s also not recommended for someone solely focused on solo playing. 

That being said, Paladins are one of the most balanced advanced classes in the game, due to their ability to deliver high damage as well as support themselves and other players. If you’ve experienced the game before, or plan to play through with friends, the Paladin is a good contender. 

Key Early Skills

  • Flash Shash (LVL 12): Slowly moving towards the enemy, the Paladin slashes seven times, dealing increased damage after each attack. 
  • Law of God (LVL 14): Creates a ring of magic, causing heavy damage to all enemies inside the ring for two seconds
  • Wrath of God (LVL 18): Holding his sword high above his head, the Paladin summons thunder into his weapon, damaging those around him 

Special Ability: Piety Meter

The Paladin’s special ability, the Piety Meter, is filled using your skills. Once charged, the Paladin has the choice between two ultimates: Holy Aura and Sacred Executioner. The Holy Aura buffs party members' damage while the Sacred Executioner enhances the Paladin’s own damage. During the solo content, it’s safe to say that Sacred Executioner will be your best bet. But in any party and endgame content, Holy Aura should be your go-to ultimate.

Lost Ark GunlancerLost Ark Warrior Guide - Gunlancer Advanced Class

The Gunlacer specializes in defense, absorbing and holding firm against enemy attacks. Their strong defense comes at the cost of their mobility, making them the slowest Warrior advanced class. Also, compared to the other Warrior subclasses, the Gunlancer is the closest to a traditional tank-hero, offering high HP, armor and some great defensive skills. 

If you typically play the tank in other games, and love to be in the front of the battle, then the Gunlancer could be the perfect choice for you! 

Key Early Skills

  • Leap Attack (LVL 12): Pretty much doing what it says on the tin, the leap attack launches the Gunlancer to a target location, causing him to smash into the ground and cause decent stun and decent damage
  • Hook Chain (LVL 16): The Gunlancer launches some long chains, dealing damage to enemies caught in their path, and then deals further damage once they’re pulled in. It also allows for enemies to be grouped together, offering the opportunity for skill combos or other party members to land AoE attacks. 
  • Shout of Hatred (LVL 24): The Gunlancer casts a roar out, dealing damage to enemies in a large radius. It also taunts non-player enemies, disabling some of their skills for a short time.

Special Ability: Shield Meter 

The Gunlancer, like the Paladin, has two skills using their special abilities. The Gunlancer earns charge in their meter in combat as well as by landing hits on enemies. The first of the two skills is Defensive Stance, which places a bubble shield around the Gunlancer, slowing his mobility down in exchange for higher defense against staggering. 

His second special skill is Battlefield Shield, which is a targeted skill. When you select the target location, the Gunlancer jumps and lands, forming a protective shield around the area. He also causes knockback and damage to any enemies when he lands.

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