Lost Ark Gunner Guide

Last Update: February 8, 2022


Lost Ark Gunner Guide - Key Art

Like many Asian MMO titles, Lost Ark features gender-locked classes, but a couple of those classes can be either gender, and that is true of the Gunner class. While there aren’t any statistical differences between both versions of the classes, each one can only access certain advanced classes. However, that doesn’t make the abundance of advanced class choices any less confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this Lost Ark Gunner guide to help you make the most out of your chosen class. 

Lost Ark Gunner Guide - Playstyle

It should be pretty obvious just from the name that the main drive of the Gunner class is the fact that it features ranged weapons, though unintuitively not all of those weapons are guns. The point is that as a Gunner you have the advantage of being able to attack from a distance, meaning you don’t have to get stuck anywhere near as far in as other classes do. Typically a gunslinger will also feature fast movements, and a dodge ability with more range, though that does depend heavily on the advanced class choice you make as well. 

Lost Ark Gunner Guide - Sharpshooter

Lost Ark Gunner Guide - Sharpshooter
Sharpshooter sounds more like a rifle thing, but you do you game. 

The sharpshooter is a class that focuses on using bows over guns (sort of ruins the whole ‘gunner’ part) which subsequently means you have a bit of a slower rate of fire. Despite this, the sharpshooter is a great support class that is loaded with abilities that keep it away from the center of conflict, and it can even use its special ability to buff other players in your party. 

That said, there are a few abilities that can be used if you do get caught in combat, mostly as ways of clearing space and allowing you to get some breathing distance between you and the enemy. You’ll also be able to output big damage to both bosses and groups, assuming that your friends can keep the damage off of you. 

Key Early Skills: 

Claymore Mine (LVL 10): An absolute must for this class. Claymore Mine sends you spinning backward, hopefully away from your enemies unless you use it wrong. At the same time, you drop a mine that both damages enemies, and pushes them back. Effectively this is the ultimate space clearing maneuver and should allow you to pull off some more attacks to pick off enemies that you’ve aggroed. 

Charged Shot (LVL 12): Charged shot is great for dealing damage to boss enemies because it has a huge range, and once fully charged will knock back trash mobs as it shoots through them. The biggest benefit is that it does a high damage level as well, especially once pumped up a bit. 

Blade Storm (LVL 10): One of your only melee skills, Blade Storm is really useful if you find yourself surrounded. These blades should be enough to give you room for Claymore Mine, or at least to pop off a healing item before you tank one too many hits and go down in front of your guildmates. 

Special Ability: Silverhawk

As a Sharpshooter, your special ability is to summon the Silverhawk. This silvery bird will fly around attacking enemies periodically until the meter runs out again. Not only that, but it gives both you and your party members a buff to movement speed which makes moving around the field a bit better. 

The final secret of your hawk is its special abilities. One of these abilities summons the hawk to you and has it spin around you causing high damage. The other is a final flourish that deals an immense amount of damage straight ahead of you, but no matter when you use it, the hawk will disappear afterward. 

Lost Ark Gunner Guide - Deadeye/Gunslinger

Lost Ark Gunner Guide - Deadeye
Things started pretty bad, and didn't get much better form this point. 

Easily the most versatile of the Gunner classes, Deadeye/Gunslinger relies on having three different guns that can be used in a variety of situations. Unfortunately, they also have the lowest defense of any advanced class on this list, so you’re going to need to be backed up to make the most of this one. 

The biggest issue with this class is trying to get a handle on all of the different abilities you’ll have access to. Since each of your three different guns has its own abilities, you’ll need to get used to learning 3 times as many skills as once, and remembering which skills do what, as they’re typically highly situation. 

Key Early Skills: 

Sign of Apocalypse (LVL 10): This is the only shotgun skill that you start out with, but it shouldn’t be discounted as useless. On its own, this ability can take out most enemies in a single shot, even in the early game. It’s also great at keeping enemies away from you so you can easily transition back into your pistols or rifle to follow up. 

Meteor Stream (LVL 10): Yet another starting skill, this time for your pistols. While the preliminary move of the attack doesn’t actually do that much, the follow-up barrage of little explosive balls is insane. If all of those balls hit a boss, it’ll do insane damage, and if you aim it at a tight cluster of enemies, they become a pile of pulverized bones and guts in a split second. 

Hour of Judgement (LVL 14): Another shotgun skill, Hour of Judgement sprays a wide range in front of you with bullets. The first three bullets split into further bullets as they hit, making this great for a boss fight with too many trash mobs backing it up. 

Special Ability: NONE

As we said above, your special ability here is having access to three different gun styles, so instead of having a kick-ass power to pull out when you need it, you can swap freely between them instead. 

Lost Ark gunner Guide - Artillerist

Lost Ark Gunner Guide - Artillerist
Congratulations to this game for forcing me to learn how to spell artillerist. 

This advanced class is a bit different from the others, as it prioritizes attack damage and AOE range over your movement speed. With that in mind, you’re going to need to play it very carefully if you plan on soloing with this class. 

The tradeoff is that this advanced class packs more of a punch than either of the other two, but then again, what do you expect from a class that is basically carrying a cannon with them. Your focus here is going to be on DPS and Crowd control thanks to your large AOE and high damage output. 

Key Early Skills:

Flamethrower (LVL 15): You can’t discount the ability to spray flames on your enemies. Flamethrower is an attack that allows you to move while you use it, which makes it great for escaping danger while covering your retreat. It’s also great for clearing a crowd that is more widely spread out. 

Buckshot (LVL 10): A great ability for clearing a wedge of space ahead of you. It sprays out powerful shots in 5 different directions that have the added benefit of pushing foes back as well. It’ll just obliterate weaker enemies once upgraded, and even stronger ones should be staggered enough to allow for a quick follow-up once you’ve got your space back. 

Multiple Rocket Launcher (LVL 12): This attack is best saved for larger bosses, preferably once another person has drawn aggro for you. It has a long range, and because it fires multiple rockets in semi-random directions, you can be sure it’s going to melt health pretty easily. Also great for helping you clear more powerful crowds. 

Special Ability: Barrage Mode

Barrage mode takes your powers to their ultimate extreme. You get a new suite of hyper-powerful abilities that can take bosses down in an incredibly short amount of time, but as a trade-off, you cannot move at all while you have the mode active. Fortunately, you can turn it off whenever you like, but it’s still a big risk especially if you’re flying solo.  

On the plus side, these abilities are completely mental. You can shoot a huge barrage of rockets, from the get-go, and as you level up you’ll unlock even more ridiculous attacks. This special is even better when you have high-defense characters to back you up and keep you safe while you focus on damage dealing.