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Lost Ark is a big game, with a lot of options for players to choose from when it comes to class, playstyle, Lifeskills, and more. Our Lost Ark Guides Hub is aimed to help you get started, find important information about Lost Ark, or maybe learn more about the game. Read on for our guides for Lost Ark below!

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What's The Best Way to Get Started in Lost Ark?

Every player will play a bit differently, but we've put together a few guides that may help you.

Lost Ark Classes

There are 5 main classes in Lost Ark, each with a set of advanced classes and skills. Some classes require a certain gender to be chosen in order to specialize in that subclass, so we've detailed the Lost Ark Classes below:

You'll pick your main class at the start of the game, and shortly after starting the game you'll be able to choose your specialization. At this time, you'll also be able to train with the subclass to test it out.

Lost Ark Pets

Lost Ark pets are mostly cosmetic, but do have some perks to having them with you and utilizing them as you play.

Pets in Lost Ark will:

  • For all players:
    • Auto Loot
    • Provide player buffs
  • For Players with Crystalline Aura (see above)
    • Offer an additional Inventory
    • Provide remote storage, making it easy to access your storage on the go
    • Provide Market and Auction House access
    • Provide Remote Mail access
    • Offer a Repair Trade Skill tool.

There is a level of pet management, which will allow you to re-roll the effects your pet(s) have. If you'd like to be offered different perks from your preferred pet - you'll be able to re-roll them.

Our Lost Ark Pets Guide has you covered for even more detail, including how to get a free pet!

Lost Ark Trade Skills

Trade Skills are additional skills that you can acquire and work towards mastery of in Lost Ark. There are 6 total Trade Skills that are available to players, and each has different uses.

Here are the Lost Ark Trade Skills:

  • Excavating
    • Craft Secret Maps
    • Obtain Fusion Materials
  • Fishing
    • Gather materials to use for fusion
    • Foraging
    • Craft potions and bombs
  • Hunting
    • Craft dishes that provide buffs
  • Logging
    • Sell timber for currency
    • Used for Stronghold improvements
    • Required for ship parts
  • Mining
    • Acquire Iron and Heavy Iron Ores, used to improve Stronghold
    • Strong Iron Ore used for high tier tools

Want to learn more? Check out our full Lost Ark Trade Skill Guide!

Lost Ark Strongholds

One of the big shared features in Lost Ark are strongholds, which all of your characters share. You'll unlock your stronghold early on, but it's key for the endgame, boosting your other characters to 50, as well as crafting for your tradeskills, and numerous other perks.

Our Lost Ark Strongholds guide has the deeper details on what the Stronghold can do for your character (and account!)

Lost Ark Rapport

Making your way through Lost Ark's main story and side quests, you'll encounter numerous NPC's that you can interact with. Even as you level up, and move on, you'll be able to continue interacting with NPC's to unlock new daily quests as well as rewards. You can gift a limited number of times per day, as well as playing instruments, and emoting to grow rapport with NPC's.

For more details, check out our Lost Ark Rapport System Guide!

Lost Ark Cards

Beyond levelling up, improving your gear, and upgrading your Adventurer's Journal - there's one additional system that you can use to grant your character some additional buffs. Lost Ark's card system allows you to collect cards through quest completions, looting enemies and more, allowing you to build a deck that can be used to amplify your stats.

If you want to learn more, and how to farm them, check out our Lost Ark Cards Guide!

Lost Ark FAQ

Is Lost Ark Free?

Lost Ark is a fully free-to-play game, with the ability to purchase Founder's Packs for in-game perks and Crystalline Aura for buffs and bonuses.

What is the Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark?

Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark is the subscription service within the game. Players can obtain Crystalline Aura through Founder's Packs initially, or via the shop for 420 Royal Crystals to gain the aura for 30 days.

Here is the Crystalline Aura perks list:

  • Triport Cost Waiver (Reduces travel costs)
  • Liner 50% Discount (Half Price ship tickets)
  • Daily NPC Affinity Interaction +1 (Can increase affinity with NPC's one addition time per day)
  • Life Energy Recovery +10% (Recover the energy used for skills like hunting, logging, etc faster)
  • Bifrost Slot +2 (Two additional Bifrost slots, helping you quickly return places more)
  • Song of Return cooldown -50% (Make more frequent return trips to home)
  • Stronghold Research Time - 10% (Reduce your research times for your island stronghold)
  • Stronghold Craft Time - 10% (Reduce your crafting times in your stronghold)
  • Stronghold Dispatch Time -10% (Reduces the dispatch time of your followers)
  • Stronghold Action Energy Recovery Speed +10% (Replenish your project energy faster)
  • Free Ultimate Stress Buster in Stronghold (Special scarecrow that speeds up your leveling)
  • Crystal Benefactor Title (Special Title for Subscribers)

How Many Characters Can You Have in Lost Ark?

Players will be able to play with up to six characters in Lost Ark, with one of them being your "main" character. The developers intend for additional characters to be alternates that allow you to build up your main character further.

Players who want an additional character slot, can purchase the Gold or Platinum Founder's Packs for one additional slot.

Are There Level Skips in Lost Ark?

There are powerpasses in-game that can be used to boost two characters, and one additional character can be boosted using gold. We've got a guide, too! Here's how to get 3 free Level 50 Characters in Lost Ark.

Is There Housing in Lost Ark?

There isn't traditional housing in Lost Ark, but every player has a Stronghold shared across all characters. Read more about Lost Ark Strongholds.

That's it for our Lost Ark Guides Hub - hopefully our series of guides for Lost Ark helped you get what you needed to keep levelling up and making it further into the game!

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