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Lost Ark Martial Artist Skills

Lost Ark has many classes which offer variety for different players’ styles. Whether you prefer to play as a DPS, a healer or a fast-and-hard fighter, there’s plenty that will suit your style of play. And with this Lost Ark Martial Artist Guide, you’ll be sure to see which advanced class will suit you best.

Lost Ark Martial Artist Guide - Playstyle 

Lost Ark’s Martial Artist Class hits hard and strikes even faster. They’re agile to a tee and fight using a variety of skills in successive combos. All four of the advanced classes to your selection offer a character which is deadly to both groups and single enemies. Some of the advanced classes offer elemental attacks, some offer heavy hits and one even offers a switch between melee and ranged attacks. It’s safe to say that, if you enjoy being the one to weave in-and-out of combat, the Martial Artist class is for you.

Lost Ark Striker Advanced Class

Lost Ark Striker
Strike Fast, Hit Harder

The Striker advanced class is limited to the Martial Artist (Male) class, while the rest of the subclasses are in the Martial Artist (Female) class. Utilizing gauntlets on their fists and showing off their powerful kicks, Strikers aim to combo on the ground as well as hitting enemies up into the air with a mix of aerial combos. Where they lack in defense, they make up with low skill cooldowns and decent damage.

Lost Ark Striker - Key Early Skills 

  • Tiger Emerges (LVL 14): The Striker gathers energy and strikes forward, dealing small damage before performing an upwards attack which causes fire to erupt from the ground, dealing medium damage. This skill is great for staggering enemies.
  • Moon Flash Kick (LVL 10): This skill allows you to push forward through a crowd of enemies by doing a flurry of kicks, dealing moderate damage per kick. This skill can also be used in quick succession once started, allowing you to deliver up to four kicks.
  • Storm Dragon Awakening (LVL 12): This skill hits enemies with a couple of kicks before the Striker flips and roundhouse kicks those poor enemies in front of you. 

Lost Ark Striker Special Ability: Esoteric Orbs

Striker’s don’t have a traditional ultimate skill, instead, they charge a resource called Esoteric Orbs which can be spent on using some of the more powerful basic skills. Like Tiger Emerges above, some of the skills which the Striker relies on for decent combos require the charge of these Esoteric Orbs. They’re charged by attacking enemies. 

Lost Ark Wardancer Advanced Class

Lost Ark Wardancer
Dance With Your Enemies

The Wardancer, like the rest of the Advanced Classes in this guide, are a part of the Martial Artist (Female) class set. The Wardancer is fairly similar to the Striker advanced class, using gauntlets as their weapon with quick-paced fighting and aerial combos. Some of the aforementioned skills, as well as their identity skill, remain close to the Striker. The Wardancer benefits by staying up close and personal with their enemies, but that also offers up their biggest weakness; their low defense. 

Lost Ark Wardancer - Key Early Skills

  • Lightning Kick (LVL 10): Landing a few normal kicks at first, the Wardancer then does a flip which causes a lighting strike at the location of landing, all in quick succession.
  • Flash Heat Fang (LVL 10): The Wardancer throws a flurry of fists doing small damage which adds up, before landing a large final punch. 
  • Swift Wind Kick (LVL 20): If you try spinning, that’s a good trick to have! This skill causes the Wardancer to spin forward in the air, landing some swiping kicks before flipping and crashing down with a final kick. 

Lost Ark Wardancer Special Ability: Esoteric Orbs

Once again, similar to the Strikers special ability, the Wardancer charges up Esoteric Orbs which grant her the ability to use powerful basic skills which are essential to destroying your enemies. They’re charged up, as before, by attacking enemies.

Lost Ark Scrapper Advanced Class

Lost Ark Scrapper
Heavily Armed

Armed with heavy gauntlets, the Scrapper is one of the most interesting classes in the game. Instead of managing their mana to use their skills, the Scrapper has to keep track of their special ability, which is split into two bars of energy. Scrappers are one of, if not the least mobile of the Martial Artist advanced classes but are the most balanced advanced class offering better defense then their counterparts. They also offer more damage to make up for their lesser agility.

Lost Ark Scrapper Key Early Skills

  • Chain Destruction Fist (LVL 20): Using their green energy bar, the Scrapper hits the ground in front of them four times, each with rising intensity and damage, with the final hit landing massive damage.
  • Death Sentence (LVL 14): As a quick note, this is one of my favorite skills in the game. The Scrapper charges an orb using both of their gauntlets, forming their energy into an outward blast which does high damage and deals knockback to enemies.
  • Crushing Smite (LVL 10): The Scrapper lands three shockwaves towards their enemies at close range dealing moderate damage in total.

Lost Ark Scrapper Special Ability: Energy Meter

The Scrappers special ability isn’t really a special skill, or an ability of any sort. Simply put, it’s two bars, yellow and green energy. Different skills, identified by their yellow or green colors, use up their associated energy. To replenish each bar, you have to use the other bar, so for example, using a green energy skill will cost green energy but charge the yellow bar and vice versa. 

Lost Ark Soulfist
Melee + Ranged = Pure Power

Lost Ark Soulfist Advanced Class

The Soulfist is certainly the most unique Martial Artist advanced class, thanks to their ability to use both melee and ranged attacks. It’s fair to say that Soulfist’s should play by getting close to their enemies and using their melee skills first before jumping back and doing a few ranged skills before their health drops to zero. 

Lost Ark Soulfist  - Key Early Skills

  • Heavenly Squash (LVL 14): Soulfist drops down a magic hand at your target of choice, crushing enemies and dealing high amounts of damage
  • Pulverizing Palm (LVL 10): Charging forward with a quick strike, Soulfist than charges energy and blasts it at the enemy dealing moderate damage, dealing higher damage to airborne enemies on the final strike. 
  • Deadly Finger (LVL 10): Soulfist dodges backwards, pointing her finger towards the sky and raining ranged magic projectiles at enemies low damage, but many strikes. 

Lost Ark Soulfist Special Ability: Hype Meter

The Hype Meter offers three levels of hype, each aptly named Hype Level 1, Hype Level 2 and surprise, Hype Level 3. You start with your hype meter fully charged at level one, with each level granting faster attack speed and lower skill cooldowns. The higher your hype level, the faster it runs out of charge. 

Lost Ark Glaivier Advanced Class

Glaivier is the latest advanced class in Lost Ark’s April 2022 update, and another part of the Martial Artist (Female) class set. However, instead of centering around punches like the other advanced classes, Glaivier instead focuses on the use of a spear and glaive. This gives its attacks better reach, while still maintaining the fast-paced playstyle you’d expect from Martial Artist.

Lost Ark Glaivier - Key Early Skills

  • Double Strike - Flurry Stance (Level 10): Solid damage on a short cooldown. Available from the start, and always available as filler between other attacks with longer cooldowns.
  • Raging Dragon Slash - Flurry Stance (Level 14): Wide 360 degree AOE with high damage that can also stagger enemies.
  • Starfall Pounce - Focus Stance (Level 20): Gives some extra mobility while using the spear, while also doing lots of damage. Can be upgraded to be more effective against both groups of mobs and bosses as well.

Lost Ark Glaivier Special Ability: Dual Meter and Stance Swapping

Glaivier's abilities are centered around its use of two weapons, each with a seperate stance: Focus for spear, and Flurry for Glaive. Having a stance active and hitting enemies with skills will slowly fill the Dual Meter, which is made of 3 segments.

When switching weapons, you gain buffs depending on the stance you’re switching to, and the amount of segments filled. Switching to Focus mainly rewards you with increased move speed, with Flurry giving attack speed.


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