Lost Ark Rapport System Guide

Last Update: February 8, 2022


Lost Ark Rapport Guide

As you complete the main story and side quests in Lost Ark, you’ll run into a number of named NPCs. Many of them will then want to spend time with you, even after you move onto future areas. This is where the rapport system comes into play, letting you increase your friendship daily to unlock new quests and rewards. In our  Lost Ark Rapport System Guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about getting close with the many characters of Lost Ark

You’ll first run into the Rapport system in Prideholme, the very first zone you have access to after the opening quests. However, while NPCs like Neria and Siera will be available to chat with from the start, many are locked until your Virtue stats are high enough.


Virtue Stats Lost ARk

Virtue stats are separate from your main combat stats, and are only required for the Rapport system. They’re split into Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness, with different levels of each needed before you can interact with most Rapport NPCs.

Increasing each one can be done in a number of ways. Some quests will offer a direct Virtue stat boost, while others have Virtue stat potions as a completion reward. The Virtue stat potions are important if you want to increase these stats quickly, with some of them locked behind Rapport quests (shown by a pink quest marker). You’ll also gain Virtue stats by collecting titles — these are applied regardless of the title you have equipped.

One you’re able to talk with an NPC, you can start to raise their Rapport Rank by performing daily tasks. The three main ways of gaining Rapport and increasing this rank are:


Giving Gifts — limited to 99 per day

Gifts are a quick way of boosting Rapport, assuming you have the right items. Each NPC has a preferred set of gifts, which can be viewed via the Rapport menu (default Alt+N, or under the Adventure tab). Gifts can be earned from a number of locations, including merchants and trade vendors.

Playing Instruments — limited to 5 per day

You can play songs to Rapport NPCs for a decent Rapport boost, with each song limited to 1 play per day. Only certain songs can be played to certain NPCs, though this can only be checked once you choose the “Play Instrument” option. Some songs, like Heart’s Melody, are unlocked via story progression, while others have more specific requirements. For example, Song of Temptation can be acquired via teaching 50% completion of the Adventurer’s Tome page in Yudia.

Emoting — limited to 5 per day

Emotes, as with instruments, are limited to 1 use per emote a day. Most of the emotes used, outside of simple ones like Greet, will need to be unlocked before then can be used.


Rapport Rank Lost Ark

Benefits of Rapport Rank in Lost Ark

Increasing your Rapport Rank with NPCs has a number of benefits. For starters, they’ll give out quests that allow you to learn more about their personality and stories. These quests also give Rapport, so you should always complete them when available.

More importantly, each Rapport NPC also gives out rewards once you reach a higher rank with them. The default ranks are Neutral (automatically unlocked once you have the right Virtue stats), Amicable, Friendly, and Trusted. Some NPCs — denoted by a heart in the Rapport menu — can also reach a higher rank called Affection. Rewards range from silver and cards, to gold and rare items.


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