Lost Ark Assassin Guide

Last Update: February 8, 2022


Lost Ark Assassin Guide - Key Art

Like so many MMOs, Lost Ark is based around the use of several different classes, in this case, 7 different classes. Each of these classes has advanced classes that add further choices to the mix. Well, if you want to know more about the Assassin class then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this Lost Ark Assassin guide to make things a little bit easier on you when it comes to making your very necessary decision. 

Lost Ark Assassin Guide - Playstyle

The key factor about the Assassin class as a whole is pure speed. Both of the advanced classes feature incredibly quick attacks that are useful for peppering your enemies and doing insane amounts of damage at higher levels. Of course, being a melee-focus class means that you’re going to need to be able to get stuck right in, and they don’t have the longest dodge range to get you back out again.


Lost Ark Assassin Guide - Deathblade

Lost Ark Assassin Guide - Spin Cutter Ability
As a Deathblade you have a lot of crowd-control moves at your disposal. 

One Piece fans are going to have a field day with this one. The Deathblade advanced class leans very heavily into the Assassin’s penchant for fast attacks by utilizing three swords at the same time. Subsequently, most of this advanced class’s attacks rely on even more rapid strikes than the base class and are more adept at staggering tight-packed groups of enemies rather than dealing huge damage to a single powerful boss. 

That’s not to say that they don’t have some strong attacks to fall back on. When faced with strong enemies, those chip-damage attacks can melt health away like a hot knife through butter. Plus there are at least a few high-damage attacks that are aimed more at damaging bosses or small amounts of enemies rather than being 100% focused on crowd control. 

Key Early Skills:

Blade Dance (LVL 10): This starting skill is great for both staggering crowds of enemies, as well as melting away boss health if you can use it well. You’ll also need to ensure it's suitably leveled up because at lower levels it works best as a crowd control maneuver. 

Soul Absorber (LVL 14): If you’re looking for a boss-killing skill early on this is a great choice. When fully charged it can do insane amounts of damage, especially when leveled up, and most bosses usually give you a decent opportunity to get off a full charge attack. 

Dark Axel (LVL 12): When it comes to mobility, Dark Axel is a must-have. Not only does it let you shoot forward to clear some space around your enemies, but it also pushed enemies back and does a decent bit of damage to boot.

Special Ability: Death Orb

Death Orb is a special ability that builds up as you perform attacks. You have 3 charges but can activate it as soon as your first orb is filled, meaning it’s got a lot of versatility and can be relied on more frequently than most special abilities. 


Once activated, your character becomes buffed in a number of ways, including an increase to your attack strength, attack speed, ability cooldown, movement speed, and MP recovery. This means that you retain access to the skills you’re familiar with whenever you activate the ability rather than having to get used to a whole new set of controls. 

Lost Ark Assassin Guide - Shadowhunter

Lost Ark Assassin Guide - Demon Clone Ability
Demon clone turns enemies into a think paste. 

The Shadowhunter is great when it comes to pure DPS output. Most of this class's attacks have a pretty wide area of effect, whether that’s a direct AOE around the character or a straight line that cuts through columns of enemies all at once. There’s also slightly more of a range capability with this class, as the basic attack involves throwing your spinning blades away from you, and several of your attacks have a considerable range of their own. 


Another great feature of this class is crowd-clearing, with a few abilities designed to push enemies away and clear the space immediately around your character. This is especially important as it allows you to drop a healing item without taking chain damage that can completely drain your health bar in seconds, especially thanks to the severely limited dodge mechanic that can be your downfall in a tight moment. 

Key Early Skills: 

Demonic Vision (LVL 14): This is a great line attack that does high damage and can be upgraded to last for an extended period of time. Perfect for both melting away boss health and completely vaporizing columns of enemies.

Demonic Clone (LVL 10): This is a combo skill that is great if leveled up early on. It has a high damage output and can also stun-lock certain mobs meaning that 99% of the time an enemy isn’t going to get up again after this one. Can be upgraded to add more chains to the combo, stun enemies and even become a ranged version of the attack. 

Cruel Cutter (LVL 12): Another high damage output attack but with the added advantage of having more range than Demonic Clone. Can sweep quite far and because it’s wider than demonic vision is more useful if your targets are scattered instead of tightly packed together. 

Special Ability: Shadowburst/Demonic Mode

This special ability relies on a meter that fills up as you perform attacks, and can only be activated once filled. Once activated, you enter your demon form and gain access to a whole slew of new attacks, with more being unlocked as your character levels up. 


You also output higher damage during this mode, but you’re far from immortal. Luckily, you also have increased movement and attack speed so at least you can get out of the way of enemy attacks a bit more reliably.



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