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Last Update: February 8, 2022


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Lost Ark has a lot of content available to players at launch, but a lot of it is locked behind reaching combat level 50. While the speed of leveling isn’t overly slow, this will still take you more than 10 hours per character. However, by manually leveling a single character to 50, it’s possible to easily boost multiple characters to this level almost straight away. You'll be able to get 2+ free level 50 Lost Ark characters by boosting them via the methods below:

Lost Ark Character Boosting Method 1 — Power Passes

Lost Ark Power Passes are a ticket that can skip new characters to level 50. After being redeemed in game, a Power Pass can be used via the character selection screen. Once used, that character will be taken to the advanced class selection quest. Afterwards, you’ll be taken through a set of quests that summarise the story so far, before being sent to North Vern.


Both Power Passes are earned by completing the world quest Ealyn’s Gift in North Vern (you can reach this before level 50, but you likely won't be far off). After completion of the quest, a Power Pass is sent to your in-game mail. After using this pass, you’ll then receive another one in the main. Amazon Games has confirmed that there will only be 2 Power Passes able to be earned this way.

Lost Ark Character Boosting Method 2 — Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer is a service offered in your Stronghold, allowing you to boost characters to level 50. However, doing so requires gold — 600 for the skip to North Vern — and a wait time of 8 hours before that character is usable.

After leveling one character, you’ll likely only have enough gold for 1 use of Knowledge Transfer, but with more you could boost at least 2 more characters. This would leave you with 4 level 50 characters that can start earning endgame rewards.


Of course, you’ll still have to play through the story normally before being able to use either method. For a better look at the leveling process and how to speed things along, check out our Lost Ark Leveling Guide.

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