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Zack receiving the first quest related to the Wutai Spy in Chapter 5 of Crisis Core Reunion

The world of Crisis Core is filled with strife and while a large part of the conflict revolves around the 1st Rank Soldier Genesis, his clones, and his ambition to take over the world it starts much smaller. When we first meet Zack, he's helping the Shinra Corporation fight Wutai forces, the war with Wutai Forces is over quickly, but there are plenty of Wutai Spies still around. In this Crisis Core Reunion Wutai's Nemesis Trophy Guide we'll show you how to find all the Wutai Spies in Chapter 5.

How to start the Wutai's Nemesis Questline?

The earliest you can begin to attempt this quest is during Chapter 5 of the quest after you're told to return to Aerith at the Church in the Slums, but it can also be completed in Chapter 7. You'll have the ability to freely roam the Shinra building, Sector 8, the Train Station, and the Slums themselves. During this time there are a number of quests that you'll be able to complete. One of these will be a quest to track down Wutai spies hiding around the area, each of these spies is dressed in plain clothing so you'll need to look for them with the hints given to you.

Once you leave the Shinra Building in Chapter 5 head into LOVELESS Avenue and speak to the 2nd Rank SOLDIER that will be directly in front of you as you spawn into this new area. You'll find him shortly past the parked car. Speaking with him he'll explain that there are six Wutai Spies that have been evading Shinra forces and it's up to Zack to find them.

With each Wutai Spy you find you'll unlock a piece of the mission questline M4-3: The Crescent Unit and with it a story about a number of high-ranking Wutai operatives. While completing these quests is not necessary to earn the Wutai's Nemesis Trophy you will earn a number of rewards including the address for The Happy Turtle shop address. Be sure to take a look at our Crisis Core Reunion Mission Guide to see what other items you could obtain.


Crisis Core Reunion Wutai Spy Locations

Wutai Spy #1

  • Hint: "We know that he's hiding somewhere within Sector 8. If you find anyone suspicious there, please detain him.
  • Location: Speak with the walking man in the North-East lane of LOVELESS Avenue, he will be past the parked car and cafe.

For finding this Wutai Spy you unlock mission M4-3-1: Defeat the Scout Units

Wutai Spy #2

  • Hint: "This one got a hold of a Shinra Army uniform, and had infiltrated the Shinra Building. We've been searching for him all over Sector 8, but there's no sign of him."
  • Location: From LOVELESS avenue head South into Sector 8 and then East to the Station. Keep walking until you reach the Sector 5 Slums Market. Locate the Shinra Soldier standing near the Save Point and talk with him a few times. He'll reveal himself as the spy.

For finding this Wutai Spy you unlock mission M4-3-2: Obliterate Advance Elements

Wutai Spy #3

  • Hint: "This spy managed to infiltrate the SOLDIER floor and take classified Shinra information. Judging from this brazen action, it's possible he's posing as an employee or associate."
  • Location: From the Sector 5 Slums return to Sector 8 and then even further to the Shinra Building. In the entrance hall walk up the stairs by the SOLDIER member and stand in front of the elevators. After a few moments a man will step off the elevator, talk with him to have him reveal that he's a spy.

For finding this Wutai Spy you unlock mission M4-3-3: Foes in the Wutai Base

Zack with one of the Spies for the Wutai Spy line

Wutai Spy #4

  • Hint: "This next spy, according to reports, is possibly disguised and posing as a woman. They say that this one really has an appetite for money, but that's not an awful lot to go on…"
  • Location: From the Shinra Building head back into Sector 8. Walk up the steps to the East as if you were to walk back to the Station and you'll see a man and a woman talking to one another. Speak to the woman to reveal that she's the spy.

For finding this Wutai Spy you unlock mission M4-3-4: Mobile Units

Wutai Spy #5

  • Hint: Intel says this particular spy is not from Wutai, so we surmise that it's just someone with a grudge against the company. There's reports that he is somehow tied to our space development program…
  • Location: Return to the Shinra Building, this time instead of going up the stairs head through the stairs to the left or right of the reception desk to find the Exhibit Room. Approach the man who is standing in front of the spaceship display. He will reveal his disgruntled nature with the Shinra Corporation and that he's a Wutai Spy.

For finding this Wutai Spy you unlock mission M4-3-5: The Enemy's Stronghold

Wutai Spy #6

  • Hint: This last spy…has a grudge against a SOLDIER operative who fought heroically in Wutai. Most likely, this operative…is you, Zack
  • Location: From the Shinra Building head through Sector 8, past the Train Station, and out the other side of the Slums Market. Head to your left once you leave the Slums Market and through the giant hole in the wall to reach the Slums Park. Speak with the boy wearing the camouflage cap and he too will reveal himself as a spy.

For finding this Wutai Spy you unlock mission M4-3-6: Stop the Assailants

The reward screen from the Wutai Spy Questline

Crisis Core Reunion Wutai Spy Reward

After you have caught the final Wutai spy you'll enter a cutscene with the 2nd Rank Soldier who began your quest. He will thank Zack by giving him Walnut Wood, this is an item used to create one of Aerith's Wagons for a different Trophy in Chapter 7.

After you receive the Walnut Wood the Wutai's Nemesis Trophy/Achievement will unlock. Be sure to take on those missions for some nice rewards too.


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