Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion Limit Break and Summon Unlock Guide

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Zack fighting Ifrit for the first time in Crisis Core Reunion

Final Fantasy games always have entertaining combat. Whether it's pulling off massive magic attacks, or suplexing a train there are all kinds of incredible attacks that you can use. The most powerful attacks in the world of Final Fantasy VII are the Limit Breaks and Summons. In this Crisis Core Reunion Limit Break and Summon Unlock Guide we'll go over the steps needed to unlock all of these special attacks for your DMW.

There are a grand total of eighteen special attacks that trigger when three of the same icons line up on the DMW wheel in the top left of the battle screen. Of these, there are eight different Limit Breaks and eleven summons.

Crisis Core Reunion - All Limit Breaks

All of the Limit Breaks in Crisis Core Reunion are unlocked via story progression. As you reach parts of the story where Zack befriends or have an important moment with another character they will unlock on the DMW board.


Limit Break Name: Chain Slash

Character Association: Zack
Time of Unlock: Start of the game - This is the Limit Break that is triggered when three of the same icons line up that are still silhouettes. As you fill-up the DMW you will stop being able to perform this Limit Break


Limit Break Name: Rush Assault

Character Association: Angeal
Time of Unlock: Start of the game


Limit Break Name: Octaslash

Character Association: Sephiroth
Time of Unlock: Start of the game


Limit Break Name: Air String

Character Association: Tseng
Time of Unlock: Beginning of Chapter 2


Limit Break Name: Lucky Stars

Character Association: Cissnei
Time of Unlock: Partway through Chapter 3


Limit Break Name: Healing Wave

Character Association: Aerith
Time of Unlock: Start of Chapter 4


Limit Break Name: Meteor Shots

Character Association: Cloud
Time of Unlock: Early in Chapter 5


Limit Break Name: Apocalypse

Character Association: Genesis
Time of Unlock: Near the end of Chapter 5


Crisis Core Reunion - All Summons

As the DMW is spinning it may shift away from the character faces for Limit Breaks and change to the faces of monsters and other Final Fantasy Creatures. When this occurs instead of performing a Limit Break where Zach deals a powerful attack you'll get a summoned monster attacked or producing some other effect.


Ifrit - Hellfire

How to unlock Ifrit: Complete mission M8-1-1 which is unlocked from the start of Chapter 2


Bahamut - Megaflare

How to unlock Bahamut: Complete mission M8-1-4, which is unlocked by completing the previous missions in M8-1


Bahamut Fury - Exaflare

How to unlock Bahamut Fury: Complete missions M8-5-6, which is unlocked by completing the previous missions in M8-1

Zack fighting Bahamut Fury in Crisis Core Reunion

Odin - Zantensuken

How to unlock Odin: Complete mission M8-1-6 which is unlocked by completing the "M8-1: Starting Out" mission line


Phoenix - Rebirth Flame

How to unlock Phoenix: Complete the First of Nibelheim's Seven Wonders objective in Chapter 8


Chocobo - Chocobo Stomp

How to unlock Chocobo: During Chapter 3 you'll gain an email from 'treasure princess' (who is actually yuffie) and with it Mission M8-4-1 will unlock. Complete it to obtain the Chocobo Feather and this summon.


Cactuar - 1,000 Needles

How to unlock Cactuar: Defeat the Kactuar in mission M3-1-3 to the East of the Map. This will unlock M10-1: Cactoid Secrets. Defeat all of the missions up to M10-1-3 and the Cactuar summon will unlock.


Tonberry - Murderous Thrust

How to unlock Tonberry: Complete mission M10-2-3, you can unlock M10-2 by defeating the Tonberry enemy in M6-1-5. Once you have access to M10-2 complete all to obtain the Tonberry's Knife 


Cait Sith - Courage Boost

How to unlock Cait Sith: Complete mission M8-4-3 which is unlocked by completing the previous missions in M8-4


Moogle - Moogle Power

How to unlock Moogle: Complete M8-4-4 which is unlocked by completing the previous missions in M8-4


Magic Pot - Item Mugger

How to unlock Magic Pot: Encounter the Secret Pot during M10-2-3 and appease it. Walk around on the mission until you encounter it. Once you do resist attacking it or else it will run away. It will yell out commands of Materia for you to use, do this correctly and it will be added to the DMW. In M10-2-3 the Materia that you're required to use are Jump, Fira, Gravity, or Assault Twister

NOTE: You must complete the mission to properly earn Magic Pot, if you abandon the mission you will not get this summon and have to repeat the mission



How to unlock Dud: The dud move occurs when you activate Chocobo Time but the three faces do NOT line up. This short summon will deal a light amount of damage to Zack


What do I get for getting all Summons?

For unlocking every icon on the DMW board you'll obtain a Fury Ring. This will allow you to "Answer enemy attacks with a counterattack."

When you 100% every icon on the DMW board you'll obtain the Genji Armor. This is one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in the game. When it is equipped your HP limit becomes 99,999 instead of 9,999, attacks will not stagger you, and regen is always active. It is also one of four pieces of Genji Equipment that is required to earn the Genji Equipment Trophy.

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