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The start of the Nibelheims Seven Wonders questline from Crisis Core Reunion

Zack's adventures take him all over the world. When he's not resting up at the Shinra Headquarters in Midgar he might be off fighting a war in Wutai, grabbing a snack in Banora, or uncovering the dark secrets of Shinra's past in Nibelheim. When in Nibelheim you'll meet a boy who tells you about the Seven Wonders and asks you to track them down. In this Crisis Core Reunion Nibelheim's Seven Wonders Expert Trophy Guide we'll go over each of the Seven Wonders and how to obtain them.


How to start the Nibelheim's Seven Wonders questline in Crisis Core Reunion?

You will reach Nibelheim at the very beginning of Chapter 8. Here Zack will arrive in this small town with Sephiroth and Cloud, who is hiding his face to avoid being noticed by Tifa. When you first gain control of Zack you'll be in the town square and have a waypoint marker to talk to Sephiroth on the second floor of the Inn. At this point head to your right and you'll find boy, speak with him and he'll tell you about the Seven Wonders, agree to look into them for him and he'll give you the first wonder.

Note: There are certain points of no return in the chapter so it's recommended to follow this guide from when Chapter 8 starts, and DO NOT progress the story until you're instructed to.


Nibelheim's First Wonder - The Red Water

The boy tells you about the first of Nibelheim's Seven Wonders. They've been having issues in the village that sometimes the drinking water comes out red. The boy questions if it's blood but asks that Zack gets to the bottom of it.

From where you speak with the boy turn around and you should immediately see the water tower. Approach the ladder and interact with it and Zack will climb up and look inside, he'll see a Red Materia that seems to be leaking into the water supply. After picking it up you can return to the boy to inform him of the true cause.

The materia causing the problem was the Phoenix Materia, this triggers the Phoenix to appear on your DMW gauge as a possible summon attack.

Talk to Sephiroth in front of the Inn and he will walk inside

The painting of the disappearing girl in Crisis Core Reunion

Nibelheim's Second Wonder - The Painting of the Disappearing Girl

The boy will next tell you about a painting on the second floor of the Inn, sometimes it shows a girl sitting in a chair, and other times it's only a painting of the chair. After you're done talking with the boy head into the inn and go upstairs.

Note: Be sure you don't interact with Sephiroth or else the plot for the chapter will continue forward.

In the room upstairs interact with the painting, then head downstairs, and go back upstairs. The painting should have changed. After you've interacted with it while the girl is present and missing head downstairs and the man who is normally behind the counter will now be in-front of it. If the man isn't in front of the counter then walk upstairs and back downstairs until he does.

Follow the man up the stairs and into the room to catch him accessing the safe behind the painting. After a cutscene, you'll receive 2000 Gil and be able to return to the boy to explain Nibelheim's Second Wonder.


Nibelheim's Third Wonder - The Strange Bomb

The next of Nibelheim's Seven Wonders has the boy telling you about a bomb with a strange face. To find the location of this Wonder you need to leave Nibelheim and head up the path to Mt Nibel. 

As you continue up Mt Nibel you'll reach a group of children at a split in the path. Talking to them will reveal some hints as to how to defeat the bomb with the strange face but it basically boils down to the fact that the bomb will continue to grow over the battle, and you need to deal damage to make them smaller. You don't want the bombs to explode.

Continue up the path that leads to the dead end and the bombs will spawn (if they don't spawn immediately then walk back and forth a bit until they do). After you've defeated them they will drop a Gold Shard, return to the boy in Nibelheim to turn in this wonder.


Nibelheim's Fourth Wonder - The Laughing Safe

For the next Wonder the boy will tell you that there's a safe in the Shinra Manor that people hear noises coming from within, but that there's no way to crack the code so no one has been able to look inside.

Leave Nibelheim and make your way to the Shinra Mansion on the outskirts of town. Inside you can head up the stairs and to the left and you'll find the safe in a room with a piece of paper next to it explaining what the hints for each of the four number combinations to the safe are.

  • 1st Digit: Knowledge Overflowing - Hint: Books?
  • 2nd Digit: Unwelcome Faces - Hint: Monsters?
  • 3rd Digit: Tasty Reminders of Home - Hint: Care Packages?
  • 4th Digit: Resting on all four feet - Hint: Chairs?

All save number locations from Crisis Core Reunion

From here you need to go to each of the locked rooms in the house, peer through the keyhole and count the number of objects in the room related to each clue. Here is each digit, the corresponding door location, and what you'll need to count in order to get the digit.

  • 1st Digit: Look through the keyhole of the room in the North-East on the second floor and count the number of books that are not on their shelves.
  • 2nd Digit: Look through the keyhole of the room in the South-East on the first floor and count the number of faces that appear and disappear.
  • 3rd Digit: Look through the Keyhole of the room to the West on the second floor and count the number of apples/apple cans.
  • 4th Digit: Look through the keyhole of the room to the West on the first floor and count the number of chairs.

The answer may be different depending on the game, in my playthrough the code was 6362.

Once you open the safe you'll see a Cactuar runaway, and you'll obtain the Vital Slash Materia. Return to the boy in order to relay your findings.


Nibelheim's Fifth Wonder - The Mansions's Secret Basement

The next Wonder that you'll be taught about is the rumored secret basement underneath the Shinra Mansion. If you explored the mansion as part of the Fourth Wonder you might have spotted a pretty obvious fake wall in one of the rooms.

It is at this point that you should talk with Sephiroth on the 2nd floor of the Inn to progress the storyline until you're directed to the Shinra Mansion to check out the basement.

As you descend into the basement you'll enter a large area where Sahagin will spawn and attack you, and there are three rooms. One to the West, one to the South, and one to the South East. DO NOT go into the one to the South with the waypoint as it will progress the chapter and you will not be able to earn this Trophy.

Defeat some Sahagin to obtain Coffin Keys which can be used to unlock the coffins in the rooms to the West and South. In the room to the South unlock the southernmost coffin to get a cutscene indicating a man is sleeping inside it. The other chests will contain a few enemies but are easy to dispatch.

After seeing what is most likely Vincent in a coffin, leave and return to the boy in Nibelheim to tell him about the Mansion's Secret Basement.

At this point return to the secret basement and follow the waypoints. Continue in the chapter until you reach the time when Nibelheim is on fire.


Nibelheim's Sixth Wonder - Treasure Within The Flames

This is when the treasures start to get a bit less specific. When you take control of Zack as Nibelheim is on fire you'll see the boy standing in front of a burning house. Talking with him he'll reveal that his mother is trapped inside on the second floor by the window. You'll be given one minute to enter the house, blindly navigate to where the boy's mother is, and then retrace your steps.

The approximate directions for your controller are:

  1. Go straight into the fire till you hit the back wall
  2. Go to the far right
  3. Walk towards the camera and slightly to the left
  4. Go away from the camera but slightly tilt to the left as Zack should go up a spiral staircase
  5. Move to the right while repeatedly pressing the action button to talk to the mother when able to

Once you've spoken with the mother retrace your steps. When you exit the burning building with the boy's mother you'll earn an ATK Up++ Materia from the boy.

Continue through the rest of the chapter, you'll then end up in Chapter 9. Play Chapter 9 until you leave the Shinra Mansion, you should get an email from the boy at this time.


Nibelheim's Seventh Wonder - The Final Reward

In Chapter 9 you'll leave the Shinra Mansion with Cloud and receive an email from Wonder Hunter with the Subject Line The Last Wonder. He will mention that there's a treasure hidden somewhere in the village which is the seventh wonder. 

Walk to the East side of the Nibelheim - Outskirts map and you'll find a Wall Materia to the right of some fences. With this you'll earn the Seven Wonders Expert trophy.

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