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Zack talking to a Mako Scientist in Crisis Core Reunion

Zack is setting out into the world, struggling to attain his dreams of becoming a 1st Rank SOLDIER and with it becoming a Hero. For you, the player what you might be most interested in is making sure to obtain every Trophy or Achievement that Crisis Core Reunion has to offer. In this Crisis Core Reunion Missable Trophy Guide, we'll give you info on how to complete all of the missable Trophies that are in the game.

All short missable Trophies we'll try to keep condensed into this single guide but for the missable Trophies that have a lot more detail to them we'll break them out into their own guides that you can follow. Each missable Trophy will be organized by the chapter that you'll be able to obtain it earliest in.

Specific Chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10

Crisis Core Reunion Non-Chapter Specific Missable Trophies

There are a number of Trophies that are missable in Crisis Core reunion that are not specific to any Chapter but you'll obtain over the course of the game.

Crisis Core Reunion Mission Completionist Trophy Guide

This Trophy is actually made up of four different trophies that are awarded at different completion rates for the missions. There are 300 missions to complete over the course of Crisis Core Reunion. The Trophies that you obtain as you complete the missions include:

  • Missions Completed: 25%
  • Missions Completed: 50%
  • Missions Completed: 75%
  • Mission Completionist

There are certain missions starting points that you can miss as you progress through the story, be sure to check out our Crisis Core Reunion All Missions Requirements and Rewards Guide to make sure you don't miss out any of these Mission lines.


Crisis Core Reunion Shop Completionist Trophy

This trophy is for gaining access to every shop in Crisis Core. The shops can be useful for purchasing consumables, powerful attack materia, and also the Genji Helm, one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in the game.

Shops Unlocked Through Character Progression:

  • Shinra Shop - Start of the game
  • Research Dept. QMC - Near the end of Chapter 3
  • Research Dept. QMC+ - Obtained during Chapter 9 after the cutscene with Cissnei in Gongaga. Check the chests in the area.

Shops Unlocked Through Mission Completion:


Crisis Core Reunion DMW Master Trophy

In order to earn this Trophy you'll first need to unlock every Limit Break and all Summons on the DMW board. Once you have you'll need to gain 100% progress in each, you gain progress in a DMW by having certain cutscenes trigger when they activate. With each activation, the DMW might not play a cutscene or might replay a cutscene that you've already seen.

You can view the DMW you've unlocked and your progress with each by opening up your pause screen and selecting the DMW option. If you're missing a Limit Break or a Summon be sure to check out our Crisis Core Reunion Unlock All Limit Break and Summon Guide.

Each of the monster summons only needs to be triggered once in order to obtain 100% progress with it, but all of the Limit Breaks related to key story characters you need to activate a number of times. You can improve your chance of activating a certain DMW by doing some of the following:

  • Activating Cissnei's Lucky Stars Limit Break that will make Limit Breaks and Summons more likely
  • Equipping Materia related to the Limit Break/Summon you want to use to increase the chance of triggering it. Materia for Limit Breaks/Summons can be purchased at different shops that you unlock.


Crisis Core Reunion Genji Equipment Trophy Guide

The Genji Equipment is arguably the strongest set of gear in the whole game. You'll likely only be able to unlock these pieces of equipment by the very end of the game or into your New Game+. Below are all of the pieces of the Genji Gear, how to obtain them, and what benefit they bestow.


Genji Helm

How to Obtain: You can purchase the Genji Helm at the Net Shop Shade for 1,000,000 Gil. The Net Shop Shade is unlocked by completing Mission M9-5-4: Abnormal Power.

Benefits: MP and AP costs become 0 and Libra is always active


Genji Armor

How to Obtain: Get all DWM Progress up to 100%

Benefits: Your HP limit becomes 99,999 instead of 9,999, attacks will not stagger you, and regen is always active


Genji Glove

How to Obtain: From the start of Mission M9-6-4 head North and take your first left turn. Unlock the chest at the end of the dead end to obtain this item. You'll need to complete the mission in order to retain this item, you can't just quit the missions.

Benefits: Your damage limit becomes 99,999 instead of 9,999 and all attacks will be critical hits


Genji Shield

How to Obtain: After already obtaining the Magic Pot summon from mission M10-2-3 you must found the Magic Pot in M7-6-9 and impress it. It requests that you use Gil Toss, Costly Punch, an attack that deals 99,999 damage, and the Limit Break Octaslash

Benefits: Barrier and MBarrier active, Absorbs all Elemental attacks, and prevents all status effects including Death


Crisis Core Reunion SOLDIER of Legend Trophy Guide

This trophy is earned for defeating the game on Hard Mode. Crisis Core Reunion does have a New Game+ so you'll likely want to complete the game a first time, 100% all of the missions and obtain all of the most powerful gear you can, and then begin your New Game+.


Crisis Core Reunion Divine Rule Broken Trophy

This trophy is earned for defeating the game's superboss Minerva. Minerva has 10,000,000 HP and will deal on average 95,000 damage per single hit so this is a battle you'll want to be prepared for.

Be sure to check out our Crisis Core Reunion How To Beat Superboss Minerva Guide to learn how to power up your Materia, obtain the best equipment, and what strategy to use in combat to ensure you have the best chance possible to beat Minerva.

Minerva Superboss fight from Crisis Core Reunion

Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 1 Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion Hero of the Wutai War? Trophy Guide

During Chapter 1 Zack will embark on a mission to invade a Wutai Fortress. Once you've beaten down the doors and gained entry to the fortress you'll explore running into groups of Wutai forces that you can take down. During this time you'll also see that each encounter will mark off a gauge in the top left corner of the screen. In order to obtain the Trophy you must defeat all 16 Wutai encounters before you enter the central area of the Wutai fortress.

If you're having difficulties finding all of the encounters against the Wutai forces then make sure you're interacting with the false spinning doors as these will trigger short cutscenes and start combat encounters.

Only 14 Wutai Encounters will be on your HUD to begin with but once you've defeated all of the ground encounters you'll be able to interact with the two large guard towers that will trigger the final two encounters.

After completing all 16 Wutai encounters continue into the central area of the Wutai Fortress and complete the rest of the chapter. Once you defeat the two boss monsters within you'll speak with Director Lazard who will tell you that you've done an exceptional job earning you the Hero fo the Wutai War? Trophy/Achievement


Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 2 Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion Banora Treasures Trophy Guide

When you first reach Banora Village you'll get a notification that there are sparkling items on the ground and that you should interact with all of them on the ground now and that you'll be able to pick them up later.

It's recommended that you make a special save in the village so if the Trophy doesn't trigger you can return to make sure you've picked up them all.

Walk around the perimeter of Banora Village and interact with each of the glowing treasures and remember their location.

Later on in the chapter, after you've had your chance to earn the Slicin' SOLDIER Trophy you'll return to Banora Village as an air raid is taking place. You'll have a limited amount of time to run around and pick up all of the treasures in the shining spots that you interacted with earlier. Once you've picked them all up and entered Angeal's house this Trophy will trigger.

There are 5 treasures - 3 in the village, and 2 further down the path after you enter Angeal's House.

Banora Map With Treasure Locations Highlighted

If the Trophy doesn't trigger then there might be one that you missed, reload your save and attempt it again.


Crisis Core Reunion Slicin' SOLDIER Trophy Guide

During Chapter 2 after meeting with Genesis in the Banora Apple Factory you'll be informed by Tseng that a raid is occurring on Banora Village. Before you leave the factory make sure you save your game.

Exit the factory (be sure to open the two chests right outside the building) and head towards Banora Village. There will be a minigame in the passage towards the village where 10 shells will be fired at you and you need to slash at them at just the right time to disarm them. To obtain the Slicin' SOLDIER Trophy you need to perfectly slash all 10 shells.

There's no option to retry from the minigame so if you miss one then reload the game and your save, or finish the minigame for practise and then reload your save by pressing Start > Options > Load and selecting the correct file.

Zack preparing to slash at a shell that is approaching him

Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 3 Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion First-Rate SOLDIER Trophy Guide

When you first gain control of Zack on the SOLDIER floor of the Shinra Building you should head towards the Training Room. Inside you'll find Professor Hojo wanting to test out some of his creations.

Complete his gauntlet of four challenges in order to obtain this Trophy. The beast enemies in the first three tests are all weak to Blizzard magic so be sure to have one equipt. The final fight will be against a powerful Behemoth variant but if you're decently leveled and have been completing side quests you should be able to make quick work of this battle.

While talking with Professor Hojo after the fight against the Behemoth you'll unlock the First-Rate SOLDIER Trophy.


Crisis Core Reunion Master Mako Stone Miner Trophy Guide

When you first gain control of Zack on the SOLDIER floor of the Shinra Building you should head towards the Mako Room. Inside you'll find a Mako scientist who is worried about the Materia Creation room being shut down due to low production. Speaking with the Mako Scientist will unlock mission set M8-2: Mako Stones, specifically M8-2-1: SPR Mako Stone. These missions range from 1-Star all the way up to 4-Star so you 

With each mission you complete you'll unlock the next one until you've completed M8-2-6. By completing these missions you'll earn the following rewards in order:

  • 1x SPR Mako Stone
  • 1x VIT Mako Stone
  • 1x MAG Mako Stone
  • 1x HP Mako Stone
  • 1x ATK Mako Stone
  • 1x LCK Mako Stone

With each Stone you obtain return to the Mako scientist and turn it in and he'll transform it into Materia. The Materia you obtain are in the order Esuna, Poison, Silence, Silence Blade, Gravity, and Regen. Once you've handed over the final Mako Stone and had it converted the Scientist will thank you for making sure the Materia Room doesn't get shut down and you'll earn the Master Mako Stone Miner Trophy.

The rank of the missions in this quest line range from 1-Star all the way up to 4-Star so while you can begin this quest in Chapter 3 it's likely that you won't be strong enough to finish the final mission and hand it all in until you enter the free-roam section of Chapter 5

Crisis Core Reunion Everyone's Hero Trophy Guide

As you progress through the story of Chapter 3 the Shinra Building will come under attack. You'll be in the middle of a discussion with Director Lazard in the Director's office when this event kicks off. In order to obtain this Trophy you need to save everyone that's requesting help during this attack.

As you descend down the elevator in the Shinra Building you'll be prompted to get off at the Soldier Floor as you hear people cry for help. Step off at this floor and defeat the enemies that are surrounding the SOLDIER that is downed on the floor, and enter the Research Room to save the scientists.

Once this floor is saved return to the elevator to reach Sector 8.

Head north into LOVELESS Avenue and there will be a large mech directly to your left and right. Defeat both of them and you'll earn the Everyone's Hero Trophy.

Make sure you don't walk too far north towards the objective in LOVELESS Avenue otherwise you'll trigger a fight with a Genensis clone that will end the chapter.


Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 4 Missable Trophies

Good Match for Aerith Trophy Guide

When you're in the slums, you'll enter the Sector 5 Market with Aerith. You'll have to catch the kid, Bruno, who steals your wallet and get it back. It's your choice as to how you go about it, but before leaving the Sector 5 Market, make sure you poke around. There's a few things to do, all of which affect this trophy - which requires you to have 75 affection points with Aerith and must be completed during this chapter. Here's what you need to do in order to unlock this trophy:

  • Talk to all 3 shopkeepers while searching for Bruno (10 points each)
  • Talk to the girl in a blue dress, and then wait 10 times (10 points)
  • Talk to the boy in a corner, and give him 10 potions (10 points)
  • Once you find Bruno, offer to buy the medicine or fight the monsters, it doesn't matter which. (10 points)
  • After finding Bruno, you'll want to head the Materia Vendor, and pick up Materia for him in under 20 seconds. (5 points). See below for another achievement tied to this "Godlike"
  • (Save before this) After finding Bruno, head to "Shopping Paradise" and create a Perfect Blend. (15 points) See below for another achievement tied to this - "Master Blender" and note that creating anything less than "good" will prevent you from getting this achievement!

If you've done all this - after going to the Park with Aerith and then returning back to the Market to leave - Bruno will talk with you and compliment you and Aerith on being a good couple, which will make this trophy pop.

Master Blender Trophy Guide

When you're in the slums, you'll enter the Sector 5 Market with Aerith. You'll have to catch the kid, Bruno, who steals your wallet and get it back. It's your choice as to how you go about it, but before leaving the Sector 5 Market, make sure you poke around. At the shop called "Shopping Paradise" you'll have an opportunity to blend two perfumes to create the "Perfect" scent. If you do the optimal # of drops, you'll unlock the Master Blender Achievement.

To do this, you'll need to count the number of drops and match what the shopkeeper told you the "Optimal Number" was.

  • Drip = +1
  • DripDrip = +2
  • Splash! = +10

Best recommendation of this is to count out loud as it goes by - the text will move very quick. I.e. - (Drip)1, (DripDrip) 2 3, (Drip) 4. Just add 10 when you see splash, and hit the number just right and Aerith will say it smells "REALLY" good, and you'll get this achievement!

Crisis Core Reunion Bingo! Trophy Guide

During Chapter 5 you have a chance to return to the Sector 5 slums. Once here speak with the boy in the corner to start the Number Guessing game. He will challenge you to guess how many kids will walk by and you'll have to wager money. Manage to win the game and you'll earn the Bingo! Trophy.

Easy way to get this: if your affection is high enough, you can ask Aerith her opinion and she'll give you 2 choices. If you pay the boy another 80 gil, you'll have a much better shot at guessing right!

Crisis Core Reunion Godlike Trophy Guide

During Chapter 5 you have a chance to return to the Sector 5 slums. Once here speak to the man in the Materia Shop and he'll ask you to run around the market and pick up materia quickly. You'll need to race against the clock picking up 20 pieces of Materia as quickly as possible. Complete the run in less than 14 seconds to get this trophy, and be rewarded 100 Gil!

Crisis Core Reunion Cell Raider Trophy Guide

During Chapter 4 the Shinra Building will once again come under attack. As you climb up the Shinra Building you'll encounter Professor Hojo in the cloning lab. After you first speak with him he will step away from his terminal, go up to it and press the button to trigger the release of some dangerous specemin. Professor Hojo will request that you take care of them in a timely manner otherwise gas will flood the hall killing them all, you included.

Return to the hallway you came from and defeat the six enemies in the hallway, each will drop a key. Once you have all six keys head to the cells in the side room and open each of them one by one. Make sure you look inside as you'll find plenty of great loot including 5k Gil, consumable items, and powerful Materia including ATK Up and Soma.

Once the final cell has been opened and you return to Professor Hojo the Cell Raider Trophy will unlock.

Zack preparing to fight enemies for their cell keys in Crisis Core Reunion

Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 5 Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion Shinra's Squats Champion Trophy Guide

When you first gain control of Zack on the SOLDIER floor of the Shinra Building you should head towards the Training Room. Inside approach the scientist in front of the computer directly in front of you and you'll be able to start a squat competition against four increasingly difficult opponents. In order to win you need to score higher than these approximate scores:

  1. Vs Trooper - 15 Squats
  2. Vs Captain - 21 Squats
  3. Vs SOLDIER 3rd Class - 45 Squats
  4. Vs SOLDIER 2nd Class - 54 Squats

If you fail at any of these challenges you can just repeat it so you can keep practising until you complete them all.

Here are some tips for squatting

  • With each squat you'll progressively get faster and faster so be sure to be speeding up your squats incrementally
  • Try to time your button presses for when Zack reaches the bottom of his squat, it helped me to focus on the lowest arc of his butt
  • After your seventh successful squat there's a small cutscene transition that's slightly off time with your squatting rate, wait back a fraction of a second to ensure you keep correct timing
  • During this cutscene it doesn't matter if you press the squat button or not but it's recommended that you do so that you can keep mental pace

Once you have squatted more than the SOLDIER 2nd Class you'll earn yourself the Shinra's Squats Champion Trophy. On top of earning a Trophy each opponent you defeat will earn you a different piece for one of the Flower Wagons that you can build in Chapter 7 to earn the Midgar Full of Flowers Trophy, be sure to check out our full guide to get the rest of the Wagon parts as there are three to build.

Crisis Core Reunion Master Infiltrator Trophy Guide

Continue in Chapter 5 until you reach the Shinra Facility near Modeoheim. You will be challenged to get through the Mako Excavation Facility without being discovered once.

Before you begin be sure to make a safety save at the save point nearby.

The entrance to the facility is to the right and counter-clockwise around the building from the entrance. At the beginning of the mission head forward and hide behind the barrier to Zack's 11 o'clock. Once the Shinra Soldier that's patrolling to the East walks past you headed West walk behind him. Once you turn the corner to the left there will be no one else to look out for. Just walk up to the top of the platform, and down into the facility to earn the Master Infiltrator Trophy.


Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 6 Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion Immovable Object Trophy

Shortly into the attack of Junon you will be brought into a minigame where you need to defeat a certain number of enemies that are attacking the border. This minigame is almost like a wave assault game where enemies will spawn and slowly move toward the city.

In order to obtain the Immovable Object Trophy you need to defeat all 30 enemies that appear.

If you're having issues killing all of the enemies in time then here are a few tips:

  • Ensure you have your strongest Thunder materia equipped as all enemies in this minigame are weak to it
  • Thunder materia pierces through enemies so try to dodge around to line up a few enemies to hit multiple at once and not waste as much MP


Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 7 Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion Fan Club Savior Trophy Guide

This trophy is for helping every Fan Club continue their activity. There is a Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal fanclub in Midgar that after the disappearance and desertion of each of the 1st Rank Soldiers begin to have their faith in their idols waver. You'll need to complete the following objectives during your free-roam time in Chapter 7 to earn this Trophy.


Saving the Angeal Fan Club

Travel to Sector 8, where the fountain is, and head south. You'll see a boy standing on his own, speak with him and he'll tell you that his mother has abandoned him.

After talking with the boy head to the train station to speak with his mother. She will explain to you that she's given up on being a mother and running the Angeal fan club and is going to leave to search for him. 

You'll have a chance to respond to her about what Angeal would say about her decision, choose the option "A mother without honor is nothing but a monster."

The mother will see the error of her ways and return to her son, head back to Sector 8 yourself and talk with the mother and son and they'll let you know that they're going to keep running the club together.

The mother who is an Angeal Fan being told to return to her son by Zack

Saving the Genesis Fan Club

Travel to Sector 8, where the fountain is, and head south. Talk to the woman standing on her own, she'll let you know she runs one of the Genesis Fan Clubs but without funding there's a chance they go under. You'll get a few options to suggest to her about how to remain a club but it doesn't matter which option you pick, I picked that she should find a club with a lot of money.

After speaking with her travel North to LOVELESS Avenue, continue north and talk with the woman in the alley who runs a different Genesis Fan Club. Zack will explain that the two clubs should merge.

Both women will agree to merge their clubs so that they can continue to show their fandom of Genesis.


Saving the Sephiroth Fan Club (This may not be necessary for the Trophy)

Head to the Slums Park and interact with the woman standing behind the playground equipment and she will ask you questions about your devotion to Sephiroth. The answers are as follows:

  • What is the name of Sephiroth's beloved sword? - Masamune
  • What is Sephiroth's ultimate attack? - Super Nova
  • Which is Sephiroth's dominant hand? - Left Hand

With that you'll be a member and the club will want to go on.

After saving all of the clubs the Fan Club Saviour Trophy will unlock.


Crisis Core Reunion Midgar Full of Flowers Trophy

The Midgar Full of Flowers Trophy requires Zack to gather together all of the parts to build three different Flower Wagons for Aerith. Parts are collected through main story objectives, side quests, and as rewards for completing certain missions. You'll need to create three Flower Wagons in total; the Flower Wagon, the Cute Flower Wagon, and the Cool Flower Wagon.

If you want to learn more about where to obtain all of the parts to create the three Flower Wagons then be sure to check out our Crisis Core Reuinion Midgar Full of Flowers Trophy Guide.


Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 8 Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion Seven Wonders Expert Trophy

The Seven Wonders side-quest is a series of riddles/questions posed to you by a boy in the village center of Nibelheim. This questline begins in Chapter 8 but has it's final part in Chapter 9. It's recommended that you complete as many of the Seven Wonders as you can before completing the main story objective and progressing the game forward so that you don't miss any.

Be sure to check out our Crisis Core Reunion Seven Wonders Expert Trophy Guide to make sure you know all of the answers.


Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 9 Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion Zack the Sniper Trophy Guide

When escaping from Nibelheim you'll end up on a pathway with a series of Gun Bull Head enemies. Zack will be prompted to use sniper rifles that he finds along the road to kill all of the enemies. You'll obtain this Trophy by killing all of the Gun Bull Heads and reaching the beach at the end.

This Trophy is fairly straight forward but here are a few tips if you're having any issues with it:

  • Always aim for the Gun Bull Head's head
  • Whenever you get the chance increase the damage that the Sniper does through upgrades
  • Shooting the grey barrels will cause them to explode killing Gun Bull Heads around them
  • There's no ammo limit and no reloading so shoot as much as you want to ensure the kill
  • Explore every area of the map including any dead ends

Zack looking down the scope of a sniper rifle to earn the Zack the Sniper Trophy in Crisis Core Reunion

Crisis Core Reunion Chapter 10 Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion Cage Opener Trophy

In the final dungeon of the game, underneath Banaba, you'll end up in a location called the Depths of Judgement that has a hidden extra dungeon that you can gain access to by reading four stone slabs in the surrounding area.

Be sure to check out our Crisis Core Reunion Cage Opener Trophy Guide to learn how to access this additional dungeon, and what the ultimate prize at the end is.


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