Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion Midgar Full of Flowers Trophy Guide

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Zack in front of all of the Flower Wagons you can make in Crisis Core Reunion

One of the more touching parts of the story of Zack and Crisis Core Reunion is the brief time that Zack and Aerith get to spend together in the slums. One of the early promises he makes to Aerith is to help her with operation Midgar Full of Flowers, Wallet Full of Money where they can sell flowers to make Midgar beautiful. In this Crisis Core Reunion Midgar Full of Flowers Trophy Guide we'll go over how to obtain all of the parts needed to create all Flower Wagons.

There are three Flower Wagons that you make for Aerith in Chapter 7 of Crisis Core Reunion. They are the regular Flower Wagon, this is the only one required for plot progression, and there is also the Cute Flower Wagon and the Cool Flower Wagon. All of them are built in Chapter 7 but you can begin accumulating parts as early as Chapter 5.


Where to find all Wagon Parts in Crisis Core Reunion?

Flower Wagon

You obtain all of these parts during Chapter 7 when you return to Aerit to help her build the Wagon

  • Used Tools - These tools can be found on the ground in the Church area, there are a number of orange items on the ground for you to search.
  • Worn Tires - Travel to LOVELESS Avenue and speak to the man in the North-West who is standing in front of a car. He will give you these tires.
  • Old Lumber - Interact with the pile of wood to the right of the Accessory Shop in the Slums Market. A man approaches that he's working on building a bar in the Sector 7 slums and asks you for a name, select "Seventh Heaven" as an option
  • How to Build a Wagon - After you have collected the previous three parts return to the Church area and re-examine the Shinra Helmet glowing on the ground to obtain these instructions


Cute Flower Wagon

Aside from the Mythril Tool all of these pieces can be obtained during Chapter 5

  • Walnut Wood - Catch all 6 Wutai Spies as part of the Wutai Spy questline that can be begun in LOVELESS Avenue in Chapter 5 by talking to the Soldier 1st Class. Finding the Spies will unlock the M4-3 missions but you do not need to complete any of them to obtain this item.
  • Premium Tires - To obtain this item start the Mission set '7-1: Recall Missions' Storyline by talking to the Soldier 3rd Class that is being chewed out in the Briefing room. After completing mission M7-1-6 return to the Briefing Room and talk to the Soldier 3rd Class once more to obtain these items.
  • Mythril Tool - In Chapter 7 return to the Exhibit Room in the Shinra Building and talk to the Scientist looking at the display. You'll obtain Mission M2-1-6 from this. Complete the mission and talk with him again to obtain the Mythril Tools.
  • Craftsman Monthly - Speak with the Captain in the South-East of LOVELESS Ave to be challenged and obtain the beginning of M1-2: Peacekeeping Troops. After completing M1-2-6 return to the Captain and talk to him to obtain this item.


Cool Flower Wagon

You earn all of these parts by beating the four rounds of Squat challenges that begin in the Training Room on the SOLDIER Floor at the start of Chapter 5

  • Shinra Lunch Cart Specs - Beat Infantryman (Round 1) at ~22 Squats
  • Shinra Ceramic - Beat Captain (Round 2) at ~29 Squats
  • Shinra Treads - Beat SOLDIER 3rd at ~43 Squats
  • Shinra Solder - Beat SOLDIER 2nd at ~53 Squats

Zack taking part in the squat challenged in Crisis Core Reunion

How to build the Flower Wagon in Crisis Core Reunion?

The first chance you will have to build the Flower Wagon is once you've gathered all of the parts for the standard Flower Wagon. Return to Aerith and it will be built. You'll then be whisked away through a series of cutscenes, once you regain control of Zack you'll be asked by a Soldier if you're ready to meet up with Sephiroth yet or if you want to continue exploring. At this point select that you want to keep exploring.

Return to Aerith and speak with her and you'll be able to hand over all of the rest of the parts for the other Flower Wagons. Once both have been built you'll earn the Midgar Full of Flowers Trophy.



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