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Zack, Angeal, and Genesis in Crisis Core Reunion

Welcome to our Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion Guides Hub!

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion is now available and there's a lot to do as you revisit Zack's adventure. There are all kinds of challenges for you to take on in Crisis Core Reunion from the different minigames scattered throughout the game, important items to collect, 300 missions filled with important items, and more.

In this Crisis Core Reunion Guide Hub, we'll go over some of the things that you might want to know going into Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion.

Crisis Core Reunion - All Guides

Crisis Core Reunion - Beginner Guide

What is the DMW and what does it do?

While playing Crisis Core you'll see the DMW in the top left of your screen constantly spinning. When it lands on various numbers you'll get different effects, those effects are as follows:

DMW Result

Effect of result and timeframe

Three of the same Character Icons appear

Limit Verge state activates and you can perform a Limit Burst attack


Invincible for a limited amount of time


All your damage will deal Critical Hits for a limited amount of time


No Physical Damage for a limited amount of time


AP cost will become 0 for the rest of battle


No Magic Damage for a limited amount of time


MP cost will become 0 for the rest of battle


Invincible for a limited amount of time


AP and MP cost will become 0 for a limited amount of time


No Physical Damage for a limited amount of time


No Magic Damage for a limited amount of time


AP cost will become 0 for a limited amount of time


MP cost will become 0 for a limited amount of time


You will have the Endure status for a limited amount of time

How do I add more images to the DWM?

There are two types of images that you can continue to add to the DMW and those are the images of allys that you'll encounter along the journey that become your Limit Breaks, and the faces of fearsome monsters you've defeated that become your summons.

All of the Limit Break images will be added as you progress through the story but a number of the summon images are missable or difficult to obtain so be sure to check out our How To Obtain All Limit Breaks and Summons Guide.

Bahamut Fury is one of the summons in Crisis Core Reunion

How can I equip more items and materia in Crisis Core Reunion?

At the beginning of the game Zack starts off with the ability to keep four materia and two pieces of equipment on his person. These items will increase Zack's stats and will enable him to perform a variety of special attacks. As you progress through the game you can get access to different items that will allow you to be able to use more and more Materia and Equipment pieces. Your limits will increase when you complete the following:

  • At the beginning of Chapter 3 when Zack is promoted you will not be able to equip 6 Materia at a time
  • You gain an additional inventory slot after completing Mission M7-2-2
  • You gain your final inventory slot after completing Mission M7-2-5


How to access more shops?

From the save menu you can purchase items at shops, as you continue to play through Crisis Core the shops that you have available to you will grow

Shops Unlocked Through Character Progression:

  • Shinra Shop - Start of the game
  • Research Dept. QMC - Near the end of Chapter 3
  • Research Dept. QMC+ - Obtained during Chapter 9 after the cutscene with Cissnei in Gongaga. Check the chests in the area.

Shops Unlocked Through Mission Completion:

Crisis Core Reunion - Trophy Chapter Guide

Crisis Core Reunion is a linear game with no Chapter Select, because of this it's very possible that you might miss a Trophy as you make your way through the game. Below is a list of all of the Chapters in Crisis Core Reunion and what Trophies can be found in them and links to our guides. If you want to see the full list then be sure to take a look at our Crisis Core Reunion Missable Trophy Guide.


Crisis Core Reunion - FAQ

Is the story for Reunion different from the original Crisis Core?

No, Reunion is a 1:1 remake of the Crisis Core story. Unlike Final Fantasy VII Remake which deviates from the original storyline of Final Fantasy VII the story of Crisis Core is intact.


How do I unlock Materia Fusion?

From the start of the game, the Materia Fusion option is greyed out in your menu. Once you reach the early part of Chapter 3 you'll gain access to this. It's impossible to miss but will open up big avenues for future combat. 

Materia Fusion can be upgraded to also allow the fusion of items with Materia at the start of Chapter 4 when you get the mission M7-2-1: Search and Destroy

Zack's Equipment Screen from Crisis Core Reunion

Where are the open-world areas?

Throughout the story of Crisis Core, there will be a few times that the world is open to you. This will allow you free movement between the Shinra Buildings, Sector 8, the Train Station, and the Slums. During this time a variety of sidequests and other objectives will also open up to you.

The open times in the game include Chapter 3, Chapter 5, and Chapter 7. 

During these times as you explore make sure you're frequently checking your map for orange exclamation markers. These indicate that there are side-quests that you can complete. Be sure to take the time to engage in these missions as a lot of them are missable.

By completing these side quests you'll gain access to new missions, be put on mailing lists for more story lore, and earn missable trophies/achievements.


When is the point of no return?

There are multiple points of no return in Crisis Core Reunion, these occur when you're leaving an open-world segment and continuing down the linear path of the story. You will be warned as you're about to make any of these decisions whether you won't be able to return for a while, or if you won't be able to return to certain places at all.

An example of the points of no return includes during Chapter 7 after selling flowers with Aerith for the first time, or during Chapter 8 when entering the Shinra Mansion. If you continue without completing all of the side quests, such as building all three flower wagons for Aerith, then you'll lose the opportunity to obtain certain Trophies.


Does Crisis Core Reunion have a New Game Plus?

Yes there is a New Game Plus to play after completing the game. After beating the game you'll get a notification that you can save the game and load that completed save game will start a new game with all the benefits.

The following will carry over:

  • Level
  • Experience Points
  • SP
  • Acquired Gil
  • Play Time
  • Items (Certain exceptions apply)
  • Materia
  • Equipment Status (certain exceptions apply)
  • DMW Progress
  • DMW Limit Break / Limit Verge Count
  • Buster Sword Proficiency
  • Mail (tutorials, useful tips)

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