The Light Bridge from the Cage of Binding in Crisis Core Reunion

Crisis Core Reunion Cage of Binding Trophy Guide

Published: December 12, 2022 9:04 PM



By the time you reach Chapter 10 of Crisis Core Reuinion with Zack you'll have gone through the ringer, but you're here at the end and you've just got one fight ahead of you, or at least that's what you thought. Deep under Banaba you'll find a system of caverns and while you can continue on to face the final boss of the game there's another secret and a new side-dungeon you get gain access to. In this Crisis Core Reunion Cage of Binding Trophy Guide I'll explain how to open the Cage of Binding and gain access to the prison where Genesis clones were created.

The Depths of Judgement area of Crisis Core Reunion


How do I get access to the Cage of Binding in Crisis Core Reunion?

Gaining access to the Cage of Binding requires you to complete the following steps:

  1. Progress through Chapter 10 until you reach the Depths of Judgement
  2. Read all of the stone slabs with the different LOVELESS verses that are in the surrounding area
  3. Defeat the powerful Judecca enemy in the Lake of Oblivion
  4. Enter the Cage of Binding



Where to find the LOVELESS slabs in the Depths of Judgement?

Progress through Chapter 10 and dive into the hole underneath. Continue through the cave system until you get to the save point in the Depths of Judgement. This area is filled with blue shining rock-like surfaces and is on the edge of an ethereal lake. It's here and in the three adjoining areas that you'll find the LOVELESS slabs. All you need to do is read each of them.

The LOVELESS slabs can be found in the following locations:


  • Prologue - This is directly next to the save point in the Depths of Judgement
  • Chapter I - Head south from the Depths of Judgement and this one will be directly before the transition to the Lake of Oblivion
  • Chapter II - Exit East from the Depths of Judgement to reach Howling Fang, a prison room, unlock each of the doors using the valves and read the Slab at the back of the room
  • Chapter III - Through the west exit of the Depths of Judgement (following your quest marker) you'll find this slab immediately in front of you.


Once you have read all head to the Lake of Oblivion and walk around interacting with each of the streams of Mako light coming from the ceiling. Each one that you interact with will spawn a Judecca enemy. These enemies are fast and will dodge a lot of your physical attacks. Let them dodge without you attacking them and then follow them to catch them as they're coming out of their invincibility.

If you interact with a streak of light and Zack just comments that it's Mako then that means you're missing one of the LOVELESS slabs.

After defeating every Judecca a cutscene will play where a bridge of light extends from the North area of the Lake of Oblivion. At this point you'll earn the Cage of Binding Trophy.

Zack fighting the King Behemoth in Crisis Core Reunion


What is inside the Cage of Binding?

The Cage of Binding is a unique prison that is the location where all of the Genesis clones were being created. By entering through the Lake of Oblivion you'll find yourself at the back of the prison from where you initially found the LOVELESS Chapter II Slab. The purpose of this dungeon is to deliver the players a bit more story in relation to where the Genesis clones have been created and how. Now the prison is filled with monsters and a lot of empty cells. Keep an eye out as you make your way through the prison as a lot of these cells do have treasure chests inside them that will earn you a variety of valuable material and items.

The end of this dungeon will lead you to the starting area where you first read the LOVELESS Chapter II slab. Once you've reached back here you might have in your possession the item Iron Bar Keys which will let you fight the powerful King Behemoth which will reward you with a Flare Materia upon completion. The Behemoth was one of the first bosses you faced at the start of your adventure, and now the King Behemoth will be one of the final bosses that you take on. If you've made it this far you shouldn't have too much difficulty defeating him.


The location of the Iron Bars Keys in Crisis Core Reunion


How to find the Iron Bar Keys?

The Iron Bar Keys can be found in Cell #31. Cell #31 is to the left just before you go down 4 flights of stairs to the cell that leads you back to the start of this area. Each Cell in the Cage of Binding is numbered in a linear order so if you get lost or think you've gone too far then take a look at the numbers on the cages around you and whether you're heading towards Cell #31 or not.


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