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A cluttered office with surveillance equipment strewn around in Phasmophobia


The latest Phasmophobia update is bringing custom difficulty modifiers and the long-awaited Asylum overhaul, plus lots more.

Phasmophobia Update v0.6.2.0 Truck Update cover


Phasmophobia Update v0.6.2.0 has arrived, adding the new ghosts Deogen, Moroi, and Thaye, an overhaul of the truck, and more.



The latest Phasmophobia update includes weekly challenges, an ID card update, news about the latest map coming to the game, and more.

New Phasmophobia Ghost Asylum Update 0.6.2 cover


A new Phasmophobia ghost has been teased for Update 0.6.2, and that's not all -- we're also getting our first look at the Asylum map rework.

Phasmophobia Christmas Update cover


Details on the Phasmophobia Christmas Update have been revealed. Four new Cursed Possessions and new Ouija Board questions are coming -- and that's

A spooky banner announcing today's new Phasmophobia update


A brand new Phasmophobia update is landing today, and it's bringing some fun stuff with it including 2 new ghost types and more.

Phasmophobia Key Art

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Phasmophobia is a 4 player online co-op psychological horror game, where you and your team of paranormal investigators enter haunted locations filled

Phasmophobia beta update ghost voice cover


The latest Phasmophobia beta update adds a frightening new ability to the game's ghosts — they can now hunt players based on their voice.,

Phasmophobia Prison Update table cover


Get ready to terrify yourself in an all-new location: the Phasmophobia Prison Update has arrived, debuting a brand-new level while also fixing some