Phasmophobia Devs Share More Info About Upcoming Equipment Upgrades

Published: May 12, 2023 7:49 AM /


A view from the monitoring van in Phasmophobia

Kinetic Games is back with another Phasmophobia development update, and this one's all about the equipment upgrade system. Update 10 is shaping up to be a pretty seismic shift in terms of Phasmophobia's progression systems, and we've now got some more info about how those systems will work.

Over on Steam, Kinetic discusses the equipment upgrade system and how it'll work in-game. In essence, you'll start with nothing and slowly accumulate money as you play. That money will then be used to upgrade your equipment. Every tier of equipment will cost the same to bring into the contract, and once you've upgraded equipment, it's unlocked permanently until you Prestige.


The example given in Kinetic's post is EMF readers, which (in the example, at least) cost $45. They'll cost the same regardless of the tier you're bringing, and you'll be able to choose which tier you want to bring with you to a job. Each player will only be able to bring a single tier of equipment with them, but multiple players can bring their own stuff in order to bring different tiers. If it sounds confusing, don't worry; it'll be clearer once Update 10 lands.

A menu showing what equipment upgrades will look like in the upcoming Phasmophobia update
Lots is about to change in Phasmophobia.

Kinetic then gives more specific examples regarding how upgrades for the EMF reader will work. Tier I will be a simple analog meter with a short range and low accuracy, while tier II will upgrade the accuracy and add a clear sound when high EMF readings are detected. Tier III, meanwhile, can track multiple EMF spots at once and give more information on each. You can expect upgrades for other gear to work in a similar way.

Phasmophobia update 10 doesn't have a release date yet, but it's actively being worked on by the devs. It's bringing an overhaul to the game's progression and equipment systems, and Kinetic says it'll share more info about the update soon. In the meantime, you can grab Phasmophobia right now on Steam, where it's currently in Early Access.



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