Next Phasmophobia Update Adds Weekly Challenges and Map

Development Preview #2 includes news of improvements, a new map, and a new team member.

Published: May 16, 2022 11:37 AM /



For those of you who still enjoy getting spooked, there's a lot of good news contained in the latest Phasmophobia update. Basically, the Phasmophobia update has something for everyone, ranging from news of weekly challenges, an ID card update, news on the latest map, a main menu overhaul, and more. Let's hop right to it, shall we?

What's in the latest Phasmophobia update?

Probably the most exciting addition are the weekly challenges that will be added in the next update. The weekly challenges will be added with Custom Difficulty and much more will be added in the Progression Update. If players manage to complete these challenges they will be given extra funds, and in the future, other things will be added as well.

Speaking of adding, a new team member has joined the Kinetic Games team. Up until last July, the game was made by one person, but this has now been extended to a team of four. The latest hire is an artist that will allow Kinetic Games to create maps alongside other content.

While we're on the topic, the next map, Sunny Meadows, should be coming with the Custom Difficulty update that's landing soon. It's super dark due to broken or fallen lighting, which should add to the spookiness while also adding to the layer of difficulty to the map. The update will also include two new ghosts detailed last week. One might be Moroi, a vampire ghost from Romanian folklore, while the other is currently unknown. 

Sunny Meadows
Yup, that's one dark map.

What should come as a welcome surprise is the main menu overhaul that's planned, with the main goal focusing on making navigation "easier, consistent, and more aesthetically pleasing." Fair enough, and the new main menu also comes with the enhanced ID cards, which have been spruced up a bit. 

Main Menu
The brand-new main menu. The ID card is in the top-right corner.

A reporting system is finally being created for the game, which should help players deal with toxicity. Players will be able to report other players, give a reason for why they are reporting another player, and then sent directly to Kinetic Games. This should also put a dent in the number of hackers in Phasmophobia, but we'll have to see about that.

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