Phasmophobia Ascension Update Brings Revamped Leveling, New Equipment, And More This Thursday

Published: August 15, 2023 9:29 AM /


A logo for the Phasmophobia Ascension update, as well as an ornate crucifix and book

The Phasmophobia Ascension update finally has a release date.

Having been teased and detailed by Kinetic Games for many months, the update is scheduled to launch this Thursday, August 17th, at roughly 6am Eastern.

Many of the features you can expect from this Phasmophobia update have been revealed in development diaries released by Kinetic Games over the past few months.

They include an overhaul to progression, a new equipment upgrade system, and a UV evidence system intended to make the fingerprint mechanic less frustrating.

Other new features include new equipment such as video cameras, tripods, and a revamp to the parabolic microphone.

ID cards are getting a rework, too; you'll now be able to see your prestige level as a Roman numeral ahead of your level, for instance, and you'll now have two slots to show off your badges.

Four of the new ID cards showing players' avatars and platforms in the Phasmophobia Ascension update
Phasmophobia's reworked ID cards are just one of the new features the Ascension update is bringing.

Phasmophobia is also set to launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation VR2 this month.

Kinetic Games has previously said that the first major console version of Phasmophobia will correspond to the Progression 2.0 update,but the console release isn't coming at the same time as that update.

Speaking on Twitter late last month, Kinetic said that while the Ascension update would be pushed back for "some final polish", the Phasmophobia console release date is still on track for "late August".

That means you'll have to wait a little longer to play this ghost-hunting multiplayer extravaganza on your PlayStation or your Xbox.

If you're unfamiliar with Phasmophobia, it's a first-person multiplayer horror game in which you and your colleagues must hunt ghosts.

You'll have a range of equipment at your disposal, all of which you'll need to use if you want to identify the ghost you're dealing with and trap it before it does any more harm.

The game, which is available on Steam right now via Early Access, has also been influential in the indie horror sphere, influencing games like Clapperheads' Do You See Sparky?.


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