Phasmophobia Progression 2.0 Dev Preview Reveals New Equipment And Progression Info

Published: April 25, 2023 9:33 AM /


The player looking at a spooky area through a camera in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games has released some new info on how the game's upcoming Progression 2.0 revamp will work. As the name suggests, the update is intended to overhaul progression in Phasmophobia, and the dev preview breaks down what this will mean for your level and equipment.

We first learned that Phasmophobia's developers were planning to overhaul the game's progression system back in January, and we've now got some more info on how that overhaul will work. First up, as you've probably guessed, your level will be reset to zero when the progression overhaul lands, but every player is also getting pushed to Prestige 1 to avoid a grind when unlocking maps or difficulties you've already unlocked.


You'll also get a snazzy badge to commemorate where you were at before the wipe. You can customize what kind of badge you want, and the further along you were before the progression reset, the more options you'll have for your badge. Of course, once you've locked your badge in, that's it; you won't be able to change it afterwards.

A preview of what the new badges will look like in the Phasmophobia progression rework
You'd better start thinking about what kind of badge you want when the Phasmophobia progression rework comes.

As well as the level reset, Kinetic also shared more info on how the equipment rework will change your gear. Some equipment will get more extensive and radical changes, and this dev preview focuses on the D.O.T.S. Projector, which is getting a re-evaluation. Kinetic says it's been "completely rebuilt"; you'll now see the ghost's actual position.

Upgrades will work across three tiers. In the first tier, the D.O.T.S. will operate like a flashlight or a laser grid pen. You can quickly scan locations for evidence, although the first tier has a short range and low intensity. The second tier operates similarly to how the D.O.T.S. currently works, while the third tier ratchets up the light level, giving you a much wider area in which to find ghosts.

More Phasmophobia info will be coming soon as we get nearer to the progression overhaul (which still doesn't have a release date yet). In the meantime, you can check out Phasmophobia on Steam right now, where it's currently in Early Access.



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