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Phasmophobia Beta Update Makes Ghosts Better Hunters

January 11, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


The latest Phasmophobia beta update adds a frightening new ability to the game's ghosts — they can now hunt players based on their voice.,

Phasmophobia is a game for 1–4 players that has you investigating spooky locations to confirm the existence of a Ghost. You're not trying to fight the Ghost in any way, mind — your job is simply to collect the correct evidence and then get out of there before something bad happens.


Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy — make the wrong move and the ghost will chase you down, running the risk of killing one or more players and failing the mission. It can be pretty scary (especially in VR), and now the developers are testing a new way for the Ghost to scare your pants off.

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How Does the Phasmophobia Update Change the Ghost?

The Ghost changes in the Phasmophobia beta update are pretty straightforward: it will now listen for a player's voice when it's on the hunt according to a snippet from the beta patch notes.

1. The Ghost will now listen for player voices when hunting and will search those locations. This is experimental so please let me know if there are any issues.

You won't necessarily have to worry about making no sound, either — the developers say that there will be a certain level of sensitivity for this feature.


"The voice update is based on how loud your mic is," read a follow-up tweet from the developer. "So you will be able to whisper during a hunt."

Monsters hunting players by sound isn't anything new. Aside from films like A Quiet Place, another game based on this mechanic has been on Steam roughly as long as Phasmophobia — In Silence has one player take on the role of a monster with a strong sense of hearing and comparatively weak eyesight, forcing it to hunt the other players largely on sound.

Of course, it's entirely possible to use an external voice chat program or mute your mic to dodge the Ghost, but that wouldn't really be in the spirit of things, now would it? You can play Phasmophobia on PC or in VR via Steam for $13.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the Phasmophobia beta update adding the ability for the Ghost to hunt players based on sound? Do you think this feature will launch in the live game? Let us know in the comments below!

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