Phasmophobia Update Adds Insanity Difficulty And More

Published: February 27, 2023 8:43 AM /


A dingy room in Phasmophobia, with the player looking over it using the Spirit Box

Phasmophobia update has shown itself, and if you're looking for a reason to head back in and do some ghost hunting, you could do a lot worse than this update. It adds the new Insanity difficulty level, plus a new Cursed Possession, updates to the shop UI, and more.

We first got wind of this update back in January, when developer Kinetic Games showed off its progress on forthcoming Phasmophobia content. Now, update is here, and its main new feature is the Insanity difficulty level. You can learn more about that mode on the difficulty selection screen, but suffice it to say that only the best investigators need apply.

Elsewhere, custom difficulty rewards have been overhauled in order to make progression fairer if you want a game that's fairly close to the default values. Changes include a maximum reward value of 15x, as well as adjusted Apocalypse Challenge requirements and the ability to toggle sprint on or off (or even make it infinite).

The player shining a torch on an eerie green artifact in Phasmophobia
Your Phasmophobia custom difficulty runs should feel fairer after the update.

A new Cursed Possession has been added in this update in the form of the Monkey's Paw. You can find wishes scattered throughout Sunny Meadows, and they'll be added to your journal when you find them (although you don't need them to use the Monkey's Paw). Higher reward multipliers mean fewer wishes. After two weeks, Kinetic Games says the patch notes will be "updated with the details of every wish". Spooky.

In addition, you'll also find changes to the shop UI, as well as some extra tweaks to other features like UV shaders, weather particle lighting, and raindrop effects. Make sure to read through the full Phasmophobia patch notes for this update if you want to know the full extent of the changes that have been made (warning: the list is pretty long).

You can pick up Phasmophobia right now on Steam, where it's available in Early Access for $13.99 or your local equivalent. The next major content update will overhaul progression, so a wipe is incoming soon. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news about Phasmophobia.

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