Ironfall: Invasion is a not exactly widely known shooter that was available to be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop. I say “was” because Nintendo decided to remove it from the Nintendo eShop in anticipation of the release this week of a software named “Ironhax” that is supposed to exploit the game to install and launch homebrew apps on the 3DS.

The exploit has been teased at the start of the month from Jordan Rabet, better known in the software homebrew community as “Smealum”. Rabet posted a video showing him using the game to launch a homebrew app.

Ironhax was supposed to come out this week, so Nintendo took the decision to remove the game from the eShop altogether and as of now there’s no news of if it will be made available to download again.

It’s not the first (or the tenth) time that a game is found out to be used to install homebrew apps. It happened with GTA on the PSP and with Cubic Ninja on the 3DS. But Ironfall is a free game. That means that the possible reach of this exploit would have been enormous. And that’s not considering the amount of people that promptly downloaded the game from the moment the exploit was announced until its removal.

There is as of now no further comment from Nintendo and the exploit itself is yet to be released.

Quick Take

Well, it’s always sad to see a game to be pulled from the market. Love it or hate it, a video game title is still the fruit of the work of multiple people. At the same time Nintendo has the right to protect their system since homebrew apps have been used in the past to introduce emulators or software that allows to launch games downloaded on the internet. So it’s a tricky situation. Let’s just hope Nintendo is working with the Ironfall developers to repair the problem that allows the exploit and the game gets re-released.

Were you aware of this exploit? What’s your opinion on the homebrew environment in general?

Luigi Savinelli

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