Nintendo Switch Online September Update Brings More Obscure Games

Published: September 6, 2023 8:36 AM /


The title screen of Kirby's Star Stacker, one of the games being added in the Nintendo Switch Online September update

Nintendo has announced four more games for the Nintendo Switch Online service, three of which were never released outside of Japan.

Previous Switch Online drops have seen obscure gems like Crusader of Centy and Mystery Tower added to Switch Online's retro lineup, but you'd better hope you've got a decent command of Japanese for these new titles.

First up is the Super Famicom remake of Kirby's Star Stacker, which was only released in Japan. The Game Boy version did see a Western release, but you're getting the Super Famicom version here.

Next, on Game Boy, it's Quest for Camelot, the only game in today's drop that was previously released in the West. It's a movie tie-in, but it should be fun for a few laughs if you're a Zelda fan.

On the NES, the first game being added today is Downtown Nekketsu March: Super Awesome Field Day!, which is part of the wider Kunio-kun franchise.

You might know that franchise better as River City, and it's still going strong in the West today!

Finally, the second NES game being added to Nintendo Switch Online in today's update is Joy Mech Fight, which has been re-released a number of times on Nintendo's various Virtual Console services (but only in Japan, naturally).

You've probably seen Joy Mech Fight character Sukapon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where he appears as an Assist Trophy, flailing his limbs around and generally causing mischief.

All of these games bar Quest for Camelot appear to be in Japanese, so you won't be getting English translations of these retro classics, unfortunately. Still, most of them should hopefully be relatively simple to understand even without an advanced grasp of the language.

These games are all available right now via Nintendo Switch Online, which you can sign up for via either your Switch console or a web browser. They don't require the Expansion Pack, either, so you'll get them as part of a baseline membership.


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