Nintendo Switch Online Adds Harvest Moon And More To Retro Lineup

Published: June 6, 2023 8:19 AM /


A Game Boy, two SNES controllers, and two NES controllers to represent the new games on Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has revealed four new games that have made their way to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. If you're a member, you can now enjoy two more Game Boy games, a SNES game, and a NES game at no additional cost.

Your first new Game Boy game on Switch Online is Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble, a rather unique specimen among Game Boy games due to its motion controls. You can tilt your Game Boy to make Kirby move, making this a sort of precursor to Wii games like Kororinpa and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. This is the first time Tilt 'n' Tumble has officially been re-released outside of its Game Boy Color context, too, which is pretty neat.

Next up, it's Blaster Master: Enemy Below, which isn't technically a port of the NES Blaster Master but which reuses several sprites and areas from that game. It plays pretty similarly to the original Blaster Master, too, with overhead and side-scrolling sections you'll alternate between. If you like Blaster Master (which is available on Switch Online as well) then you'll almost certainly like this.

The SNES game being added to the library today is Harvest Moon, one of the originators of the farming sim genre. It's, well, Harvest Moon (or Story of Seasons, as it's now known); you'll grow crops, sell them, tend to livestock, and get to know the residents of the sleepy little village in which you find your farm.

Finally, your sole NES game being added to the library is Mystery Tower, marking the first time this game has been available outside Japan. Known as Tower of Babel prior to its re-release, this puzzle platformer has you rearranging and moving blocks in order to reach level exits. Give it a shot if you're a fan of old-school NES platformers.

That's your lot for this update! Unlike last month, there aren't any Game Boy Advance games in this round, and there arguably aren't any heavy hitters like Pokemon Stadium either. Still, this is a solid lineup, and if you're already a Switch Online member, it can't hurt to check them out, right?


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