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The technology giant, Intel, has recently said in an email to a concerned consumer that they will be removing their ads from the popular gaming website Gamasutra. After some controversial articles regarding GamerGate were posted on Gamasutra Intel has decided to pull their ads from the site.

The email from Intel specifically states that they decided to remove the ads due to the “recent controversial articles” published on Gamasutra regarding Gamergate. They also note:

Our ads were not a reflection of supporting certain article stances or shifts in editorial positioning. We have since decided to pull our current ad campaign off Gamasutra.

Intel is probably the most high profile company to come out and do this, which will be seen by many in the GamerGate community as a victory. Many sites rely on ad campaigns such as this one from Intel as a source of revenue so losing their support will most assuredly be noticed.

However, nowhere in this email does it say, or even imply, that Intel supports the GamerGate movement. Anyone who says so is reading more into the email than what is there. At most, this is Intel trying to stay out of the way as the controversy surrounding GamerGate seems to continue growing.

The most some can take away from this is that Intel sees this as a significant issue and controversy because they obviously looked into the issue before sending this email. Whether they agree with GamerGate or not is still up for debate, though Intel’s likely best course of action is to remain neutral to not invoke the ire of any group interested in GamerGate.

The takeaway for many consumers: plenty of companies are willing to listen to your concerns and will act on them if they believe the concern to be relevant or critical enough. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, at worst it gets ignored. At best, you can receive an email such as this that one consumer received. This is the way things change for what you see as a better future.

So, if you don’t agree with GamerGate, speak up and speak up reasonably. If you do agree with GamerGate do the exact same thing. The person that wrote the email to Intel would not have received a response if it came in the form of a rant or other jumbled mess. Think carefully in what you believe and why you believe in it. Then, don’t be afraid to speak it.

This has been confirmed by Gamasutra:



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  • “Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.”

    This is critical. Never let anyone silence your voice, in any part of your life. There are many out there who not only want to silence any stances opposite to their own but they will actively try to convince you that you don’t even have a voice.

    I think this was a key error on the part of the games journo elites. They’ve been silencing any opposition for so long in their sphere of influence that they actually believed that their voices were the only ones who would be heard. The amount of contempt that they have for their own community is staggering.

    I really hope that the #gamergate sentiment carries over into other aspects of our culture. Our voices do matter, they will be heard and we can effect change as long as we stand our ground and are no longer complacent.

  • Dehydration

    I’m really hoping for a domino effect with this freedom of expression thing going on but with other media forms. #ComicGate seems to have sprung up, hopefully it keeps going all the way to its source in academia.

  • Topgeartony

    Bravo Intel. You have probably a ton of new fans now.

  • BeholdMyPower

    For all those who needed proof that emalis weren’t being sent in vain, here it is.

  • Weeb

    Good on ya, Intel.

    Hope this encourages more people to write emails.

  • Brad Sherard

    That will depend of course on momentum, where those taking a stand feel that it will accomplish something, but my interest is in another necessary factor: direction. The focus of this pressure against corruption must be specific enough to target the industry or organizations in question, but yet they must also be far seeing enough that those who push this issue know where the problem is coming from and why.

    This requires knowledge of political motivations of these intellectuals, understanding of the psychological tricks used to manipulate and corrupt people, awareness of the social factors that make an audience ripe for such exploitation. This is a hard thing to ask of a single person let alone a group of people sufficient to push back against this narrative. The only way I see this becoming a backlash against the entire ivory tower cult of academia would be to get people really interested in the deeper topics, not just game journalists.

  • Meittimies

    Problem with ComicGate is that theres not as large an uproar over superhero comics, since DC and Marvel (or Disney rather) have not gone out their way to censor dissenting opinions, nor to release statements where they state that superhero comic fans are dead. Theres no Streisand Effect to be had if they are not trying to censor everything.

    However, DC is already struggling with a sort of passive aggressive consumer revolt resulting from its outstandingly bad decisions during the New 52 (such as canceling advertised comics with fan-favorite writers, or kicking those said writers out of those projects.)

  • Red Lagoon

    Well Intel helped League of Legends to become an E-Sport so they already were on my “good guys” list. Now they are at the top!

  • Ryan Lawson

    “Yes, our partners at @intel were flooded with complaints over *a recent opinion piece*…”
    Yeah, that’s it, just one opinion piece. Everything was hunky dory until JUST THAT ONE opinion piece came out…

  • Arty McBert

    One down, more to go.

  • Mr0303

    And boom goes the dynamite.

  • They’re not your partners. They’re your boss.

  • Well, the idiots are now going after the makers of The Sarkeesian Effect, never realizing the title is a play on the Streisand Effect.

    Good luck to them. Now it’s guaranteed to be made, if not through Patreon, then through other patrons.

  • Daddy won’t buy me a pony= harassment in their world.

  • Rat

    When I heard this I burst into laughter. Thanks for the news.

  • Guest

    Incoming SJW tears.

  • Eustace2

    Wonderful decision. Bravo Intel.

    You’re next, Gawker affiliates.

  • The Wind Rises

    Awesome stuff to hear. Intel pulling out just shows the world that these bloggers gain nothing from attacking their own audience. It just doesn’t make good business sense.

  • Frank Gere

    Oh for fucks s-…
    I was finally planning on making the switch from Intel to AMD processors with my next build, now I have to stick with Intel.

  • Pablo Hernández

    Great news, just placed a green tick next to my perception of intel.

    BTW, I mailed newegg some time ago and they didn’t even bother replying. Won’t be buying anything from them again, hope they enjoy their sjw customers.

    BBC replied to me that they don’t see anything wrong with their article on “anita being death threatened”. Won’t be clicking BBC ever again, they can’t be trusted.

  • Noor

    You also don’t need a high end PC to run a choose-your-own-adventure game or any of those other horrid SJW indie games. Hipsters are not a viable market.
    I’m running fairly new Intel gear more because the AMD stuff consumed too much power for what it was doing. If they had knowingly supported editorials like that I would have reconsidered brands for future purchases.

  • Noor

    I’ve seen a similar problem with other legitimate news sites. The problem is Sarkeesian has a marketing company behind her. She has a pre-arranged, and at times fictional, story that explains what is going on, and the friends and connections to get it heard. Gamer Gate people simply do not.
    The current state of journalism is that a neatly packaged story makes them money with very little work required. Actually doing the fact checking and research that they should be doing costs them money. So much of modern journalism is simply cut and paste.
    I read Al-Jazeera mostly so I avoided most of those stories.

  • Smoky_the_Bear

    If I were Intel I’d do the same. Why would I want my product advertised on a website willing to publish completely irrelevant and unsubstantiated twaddle to further their own agenda?.

  • JenWin

    Meanwhile, these same elite closed-circle journos are screeching on Twitter right now about evil misogynists and censorship. Their hypocrisy is amazing to behold. Blanket-banning GamerGate as a topic on dozens of websites is apparently 100% A-OK, but a grassroots write-in letter campaign to Intel which pays off is “censorship”? What kind of a warped worldview do these people have, where up is down and down is up, and repeatedly insulting 80% of a multi-billion dollar industry is a totally acceptable thing to do? Actions have consequences, and in this case the consequences were HUGE.

    Karma has finally caught up to these people, and they really don’t like getting back what they’ve been dishing out for YEARS.

  • SphereEnthusiast

    It’s just a matter of trying to guilt trip people into doing what you want.

    “Wow quit complaining, you should’ve voted with your wallet”
    “Wow you voted with your wallet, gamers act so entitled all the time”
    “Wow you disagree with me, quit harassing me”

    And people eat this shit up

  • Domo

    Replace harassing with raping and you now have modern game journos

  • testicularious

    People need to stop taking everything so seriously.

  • hughmayd

    based Intel

  • Alex Ocean

    Gaming Journalism deserves to burn away into nothing. It’s a lazy and corrupt industry.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    “You’re against free speech because you are pushing for advertisements to get withdrawn” Gotta love their twisted reasoning.

    As far as it goes, they have the freedom to say whatever mean-spirited garbage they want to spew, and gamers are free to express that its all BS, and advertisers are allowed to freely withdraw funding. Its how freedom works, IRL, but these people think freedom means “You don’t get to say or do anything I don’t like”

    I am proud to say that I’ve been buying exclusively intel hardware for awhile now. Go intel, and I’ll be buying some more hardware as soon as I can.

  • Gregg Braddoch


    Gonna write some MOAR!

    So effect much celebrate WOW

  • Darth Kilth

    I know I’m getting an Intell CPU for my next PC for sure.

  • Lol!

  • As effective as Emails appear to be, I still think that writting letters has a more psychological impact. I mean who writes letters these days?

  • Interesting move on Intel, wonder if Nvidia or AMD will make any changes down the road?

  • Gregg Braddoch


  • Lars Anderson

    I only hope other companies will follow suit. Don’t le these rabid SJW bullies silence opposition.

  • sprawlghost

    This is part of the reason that I try to explain concepts pertaining to social engineering and cognitive hacking. The “psychological tricks” being used by the people you are referring to are in no way new, nor are they in any way spectacular.

    The hardest thing about trying to resist such efforts is to first recognize that they are being used against you. This doesn’t mean that you are immune – to the contrary – even the most skilled social engineer can still fall victim to well executed manipulation. It does mean however that you will be able to spot such techniques being used all across the internet – which to be frank – is quite disturbing and depressing at times.

    The largest hurdle that needs to be overcome is the willingness to learn such things. By becoming educated about how people are able to trick others into buying their arguments at face value, not only can you increase the chances that you won’t fall victim, but it provides you with an excellent background with which you can begin dismantling their efforts.

  • sprawlghost

    That company is still made out of people. No reason a group of gamers can’t band together to create their own powerhouse – because in all reality all companies are essentially created by a group of people who decide to get together and do something specific. Despite the lack of a marketing company however, the current push seems to be having an effect already (as evident by this article). Just because they have managed to silence criticism on a few sites does not mean that other less biased sites won’t rise up to become major players themselves.

  • Cap’n Catpants

    In reaction to Intel’s morally correct decision to stand with honest, hard-working individuals, there are a tremendous amount of hit piece articles smearing GamerGate as “being on the wrong side of history” and “bullying people promoting equality”. A quick Google search shows many such results.

    Industry programmers and designers who enjoy bending over sideways for Leigh Alexander’s racist, misandrist abuse are gathering in droves to blindly defend her. Here is one example:

    “Former Naughty Dog designer Richard Lemarchand, tenured Associate Professor in the Interactive Media & Games Division of the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, wrote a letter to Intel voicing his concerns about the company removing its ads, and he rallied his peers on Facebook, noting “it’s crucially important that they hear from anyone who agrees with me, and others like me, in as large volume as possible and as quickly as possible.”

    I suggest everyone contact Intel in an attempt to counter these lies pushed forward by corrupt and morally bankrupt misandrists who are clearly seeking to suppress freedom of speech and true equality for their own personal profit.

    Here is the link:

  • Flowey

    Same ^^

  • Thanks C G Saturation. I have sent Intel an email and encourage everyone else to do the same.

  • SmockManPerk

    I send intel an e-mail.

  • Rational_Thought


  • Tarious


    Remember when PC Gamer was banning people for demanding that they fact check their Anita Sarkeesian article, and when they did reply it basically came down to “oh that’d be too much work”.

  • Carlos Arvelo

    I know a lot of people post stuff like this, but I have been a gamer for 25 years (i’m going to be 32 on Oct 11) This issue really bothers me, because all I want to do is play games, and be happy. I support #gamergate because #imnotyourshield

  • So I came across a podcast that addressed the whole Intel pulling its adds from Gamasutra episode from last week, interestingly enough they take the opposing side in this argument. They start talking about GG around the 50-60 minute marker in case anybody wants to listen:

  • I feel even more proud now to own an Intel processor. Bravo Intel. Even though this in no way confirms they directly support GamerGate, this will still hurt Gamasutra.