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Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 Titus in Power Armor

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 Shows Spectacular Tyranid Carnage in Extensive Gameplay

Today Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive presented an extensive gameplay video of Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2.  The video showcases returning hero Lieutenant Titus and his Ultramarine…

August 30, 2023 | 02:25 EDT

Redout 2 Header Image
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Redout 2

Stated to be one of the fastest racing games in the universe, Redout 2 is the sequel to Redout and is an extremely fast-paced racing arcade game. Players will traverse the dystopian wastelands of…

December 29, 2022 | 05:20 EST

Evil Dead The Game Header image
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Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game allows you to step into the shoes of one of the iconic characters from the Evil Dead franchise as you attempt to seal the breech between dimensions and escape the evil that has…

December 19, 2022 | 07:51 EST

The now indefinitely-delayed Knights of the Old Republic remake logo

Saber Interactive Apparently Working On KotOR Remake

According to Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, the development of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake has shifted from Aspyr Media, a Texas-based studio, to one of Saber Interactive's…

August 23, 2022 | 11:54 EDT

Evil Dead The Game Main Logo

Evil Dead: The Game Review

No one screamed louder than me when watching The Game Awards a few years ago when a trailer for Evil Dead: The Game from Saber Interactive was announced for next-gen consoles. I’ve been an Evil Dead…

May 26, 2022 | 11:00 EDT

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Key Art
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WWE 2k Battlegrounds

Brawl with your favorite WWE superstars in the squared circle with WWE 2K Battlegrounds.  A new, arcade-styled spinoff on the WWE 2K formula, Battlegrounds is an over-the-top throwback to the…

September 11, 2020 | 01:31 EDT

SnowRunner game page featured image
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Discovery Channel hyped you up for all these years, and now SnowRunner lets you live it. Take on a treacherous snowy mountain and the muddiest of roads and ride with friends in the 4-player co-op…

April 26, 2020 | 12:31 EDT

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered game page featured image
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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

The long-awaited remake of the 2009 classic, Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered brings you the 10-year-old spiritual "sequel to the sequel" movie Ghostbusters 2. Play as the "Rookie" who's…

October 5, 2019 | 08:44 EDT

world war z header
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World War Z

Six years after the release of the movie, Paramount is back with World War Z, developed by Saber Interactive. A third-person shooter set during and after the events of the movie, this is Saber's…

May 4, 2019 | 02:00 EDT