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Saber Interactive
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June 16, 2022 (Calendar)
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Stated to be one of the fastest racing games in the universe, Redout 2 is the sequel to Redout and is an extremely fast-paced racing arcade game. Players will traverse the dystopian wastelands of Earth that have almost been completely abandoned by human life. Since the Earth is now basically barren and cold, it is the perfect place to host races the world has never seen before. 

The single-player campaign features a vast amount of races to complete, 36 different courses to be exact, at breakneck speeds, and the multiplayer modes make for an exhilarating night with friends. With detailed control systems, a massive amount of hovership customization to choose from, and a soundtrack that will keep your spirits high and mighty, there really is something for everyone in Redout 2. 

When the devs said fast-paced, they meant it, as players will come across some of the most intense loops, bends, and swoops at speeds they never thought possible. 

Developer Quote

Featuring superstar electronic artists, including the legendary Giorgio Moroder and acclaimed talents like Zardonic and Dance with the Dead. Our music-master algorithms seamlessly and dynamically mix tracks based on real-time race data.