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Key art for 1000xResist showing a stylish main character in a painterly art style

1000xResist Is A "Hyper-Cinematic" Adventure Coming Next Year

Fellow Traveller and first-time developer Sunset Visitor have announced 1000xResist, a "hyper-cinematic" narrative adventure set in a world without breathable air. It's coming to Steam and Nintendo…

September 20, 2022 | 11:00 EDT

Citizen Sleeper Key Art
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Citizen Sleeper

From the developer of In Other Waters comes Citizen Sleeper, a narrative-based RPG set in a futuristic, cyberpunk-esque world where death is just a minor setback. You play as a sleeper, a digitized…

May 24, 2022 | 07:39 EDT

Citizen Sleeper Main Logo

Citizen Sleeper Review

Given the exciting, bombastic noise of many sci-fi games today, Citizen Sleeper contrasts this by exploring equally meaningful ideas through smaller stakes. After their well-received first title, In…

May 19, 2022 | 11:30 EDT

Kraken Academy!! Key Art
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Kraken Academy!!

Kraken Academy!! is a brand new indie game from developer Happy Broccoli Games. You are now enrolled in the Kraken Academy, a high school that is far from ordinary. Filled with ghosts, cultists, and…

September 25, 2021 | 11:48 EDT

kraken academy techraptor review

Kraken Academy!! Review

What would you do if a gigantic magical Kraken gave you an amulet and told you to keep living the same three-day time loop to save the world? Yeah, the protagonist isn’t sure either. And with that,…

September 24, 2021 | 10:00 EDT

No Longer Home Key Art
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No Longer Home

No Longer Home is an intimate story about your living space, inspired by the real-life events of its developers Hana Lee and Cel Davison. Friends Bo and Ao are graduating from their University and…

August 8, 2021 | 08:16 EDT

genesis noir

Genesis Noir is Proof That Games Are Still Innovating

Lately, I can't go a week on Twitter or Reddit without someone loudly sighing and proclaiming "video games stagnated 10 years ago," or something to that effect. Each time I, in turn, sigh loudly and…

April 6, 2021 | 12:00 EDT

Paradise Killer

The Best Game Music of 2020 - Paradise Killer

“Paradise” might be the last thing to come to mind when you think of 2020, but in a way, that’s fitting for a game like Paradise Killer. This indie detective game might have flown under your radar…

December 4, 2020 | 12:00 EST

Paradise Killer Building

What Makes the Paradise Killer Soundtrack So Good?

Marvel’s Avengers and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater may have come out last week, but I’ve been spending my time in Paradise: the 24th sequence of it, to be exact. Paradise Killer launched on the same day as…

September 15, 2020 | 01:00 EDT

paradise killer

Paradise Killer Review

A good murder mystery has you guessing every step of the way. It's often far too easy to predict the killer nowadays, be it in TV shows, movies, or video games. I like mysteries that become far more…

September 3, 2020 | 09:00 EDT

The main logo for Paradise Killer
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Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer is a neon-noir open-world mystery game. There's been a murder on the regenerating island of Paradise, and only the exiled "investigation freak" Lady Love Dies can solve the crime. To…

June 19, 2020 | 11:01 EDT

Lady Love Dies speaks in Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer Is A Wonderfully Weird Detective Story

It's very difficult to pull off "weird" in a story convincingly. Too much weird can risk alienating an audience, but too little can come across as desperate. To see it being done right, look no…

June 23, 2020 | 12:30 EDT

Genesis Noir Header

Stop the Big Bang With Jazz in Genesis Noir

Once upon a time, the universe exploded, and that made life. Or, you know, started that process at least. I don't know the science behind the Big Bang that well. Thankfully, Genesis Noir is here to…

April 23, 2020 | 11:00 EDT

IOW Title Card
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In Other Waters

In Other Waters is a top-down point-and-click metroidvania text-based adventure game that takes place entirely on a minimalist topographical map.. an exobiologist (someone responsible for studying…

April 14, 2020 | 07:04 EDT

In Other Waters Review

In Other Waters Review

In Other Waters is perhaps one of the most unique games I've come across in my twenty-something years of gaming. The debut title from developer Jump Over the Age has players taking control of an AI…

April 15, 2020 | 12:00 EDT

Neo Cab Review Header

Neo Cab Review

When I look back on all the Lyft and Uber rides I’ve taken in my life, not even the best ones come close to reflecting my experience playing Neo Cab. You play as a ride-share service driver in the…

October 9, 2019 | 06:44 EDT

Neo Cab
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Neo Cab

Neo Cab takes place in the near future in the city of Los Ojos, California. A megacorporation called Capra has taken over most of the modern world, with its technology taking over most of everyone's…

October 6, 2019 | 08:10 EDT

Neo Cab Map
TR Originals

Bullet Points: Neo Cab's Ride-sharing Management

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where one megacorporation controls almost everything in your life? Same here. That’s why I played Neo Cab, a near-future cyberpunk…

October 6, 2019 | 08:05 EDT

genesis noir game page featured image
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Genesis Noir

Genesis Noir is a Noir styled Cosmic Adventure where you must stop the universe from expanding in order to save your loved one. Travel through a Noir styled world and universe rife with Jazz Clubs…

September 27, 2019 | 01:03 EDT

neo cab header

Neo Cab Launching on October 3rd, Free Demo Available Now

Are you ready to drive a cab? More specifically, the last cab operated by a human instead of a robot? Neo Cab offers this to you, and you don't have to wait long to play it. Neo Cab is a mystery…

September 19, 2019 | 10:00 EDT

the church in the darkness review

The Church in the Darkness Review - The Darkness is No Fun

I didn’t have fun playing The Church in the Darkness. That’s not to say that I don’t commend what it tries to do, or that moments of the game aren't worthwhile, but it wasn’t fun. I also don’t…

August 2, 2019 | 04:00 EDT

the church in the darkness main church
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The Church in the Darkness

The Church in the Darkness lets players take control of Vic, a former police officer who infiltrates a cult in South America. They search for their nephew, Alex, and tries to bring him back home. The…

July 31, 2019 | 08:42 EDT

the church in the darkness main church

The Church in the Darkness Champions Player Agency and Infiltration

Nowadays, elements of stealth-based gameplay can be found in many games. From Assassin’s Creed to Metal Gear Solid, from Far Cry to Dishonored, stealth mechanics have been implemented in various ways…

July 31, 2019 | 01:00 EDT

the church in the darkness

Infiltrate a Cult in The Church in the Darkness, Releasing This August

Games taking the idea of a cult seriously are pretty rare. Generally, we see takes more on the parody end, in Lovecraftian horror, or used a term for religion in certain settings. The Church in the…

July 23, 2019 | 12:00 EDT

neo cab lina

Neo Cab Captures a Life with Anxiety

Ride-share services have become a prominent part of everyday life, to the point where “taxi” sounds like a foreign word. Neo Cab latched onto that concept and put a unique twist on it. You play as…

July 9, 2019 | 12:00 EDT

genesis noir pcg e3 2019

PC Gaming Show E3 2019 - Genesis Noir Announcement Trailer

Feral Cat Den is next up to show off their new title Genesis Noir, this game takes place during the Big Bang. This title is meant to be "a cosmic tale of romance, black holes, and jazz music."…

June 10, 2019 | 03:48 EDT

neo cab switch

Nintendo Direct - Neo Cab

Coming this summer to Nintendo Switch is Neo Cab, an "emotional survival game." The protagonist, Lina, is a rideshare driver. Lina is the last human driver on the bright neon streets of Los Ojos,…

March 20, 2019 | 01:09 EDT

neocab pc gaming show e3

PC Gaming Show E3 2018: Neo Cab

Indie studio Chance Agency released a trailer for their first game, a narrative game called Neo Cab in the PC Gaming Show at E3 2018. Neo Cab has a cyberpunk art style and atmosphere. You play as an…

June 11, 2018 | 07:16 EDT