1000xResist Is A "Hyper-Cinematic" Adventure Coming Next Year

Published: September 20, 2022 11:00 AM /


Key art for 1000xResist showing a stylish main character in a painterly art style

Fellow Traveller and first-time developer Sunset Visitor have announced 1000xResist, a "hyper-cinematic" narrative adventure set in a world without breathable air. It's coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in mid-2023 and promises an exciting post-apocalyptic narrative to unravel.

What is 1000xResist all about?

1000xResist takes place in a world that has stopped marking time. The air is unbreathable, and the only remaining sentient beings are a group of clones who worship the last surviving human, who they call "the Allmother". You play as one of these clones, and it's your job to sift through the Allmother's memories in order to discover what happened to the world and what comes next.


You can check out the announcement trailer for 1000xResist, which has a rather striking art style, right here.

Sunset Visitor, which is based in Vancouver, is promising an "emotionally complex" narrative with plenty of threads to pull on. The team is made up of first- and second-generation immigrants, and as such, the narrative of 1000xResist will be "awash in the Asian diasporic psyche", according to creative director Remy Siu.

1000xResist will unfold over "multiple chapters", according to the devs, and will shift its style and feel based on which chapter you're currently playing. The game will also be fully voiced by a cast of Asian-Canadian actors, enhancing the feel of diaspora. If you're tired of waiting for N1RV Ann-A and the fast pace of Midautumn looks like it might be a bit much, then Sunset Visitor's debut title looks like it'll be right up your street.


A character praying and saying "there is an us with a pattern we are threading" in the narrative adventure game 1000xResist
1000xResist promises to be an emotionally affecting narrative adventure when it launches in mid-2023.

You can wishlist 1000xResist right now on Steam. The game will launch for both PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in mid-2023. Fellow Traveller's past successes include the rather excellent capitalism-critiquing Citizen Sleeper, so it's safe to say the studio is a trusted name when it comes to cyberpunk storytelling. Stay tuned for more on this one.

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