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Humble Grove
Fellow Traveller
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July 30, 2021 (Calendar)
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No Longer Home is an intimate story about your living space, inspired by the real-life events of its developers Hana Lee and Cel Davison.

Friends Bo and Ao are graduating from their University and preparing the leave the flat they’ve been living in together for a year. Forced to come to terms with their uncertain futures, their London flat eventually gets a new roommate in Lu, a multi-eyed, animal-like creature as the two re-evaluate their lives. 

No Longer Home is a game about saying goodbye to the place you live. Based on the real-life experiences of the developers, who also left their home after finishing University, it becomes a small, introspective journey where you examine the belongings of Bo and Ao, and live life while you still can. 

No Longer Home is available for the PC and Mac.


Developer Quote

Wander through an intimate flat and examine the everyday belongings of Bo and Ao. Have BBQs, play video games, and stay up late just talking in bed. Follow the day-to-day activities and conversations of two queer, non-binary students and their friends. Get to know Lu, the multi-eyed, animal-like new flatmate.

No Longer Home was born when the developers were similarly forced apart after university, and decided to stay in touch by working on a game together. Development duo Hana and Cel chose this project as a way to explore and express the emotions that came with saying goodbye.